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Recycle Laptop Batteries

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1. Choose your new replacement battery from and add it to the shopping cart.

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Here's what we trust you will then do to recycle laptop batteries...
The most economical way to recycle laptop batteries is to drop off your spent battery at any cell phone store or office supply store where it will be recycled. All of these types of retail stores have recycle bins for collection of spent batteries.

Another way to recycle laptop batteries is to mail yours to our recycle center. The $5.00 Instant Rebate will greatly help defray the shipping cost you'll incur.
Recycle Laptop Batteries
Box 103
Grafton, OH 44044

Why Recycle Laptop Batteries?

We need to recycle laptop batteries because their widespread use has created many environmental concerns, mainly, toxic, heavy-metal pollution from discarded batteries in landfills. You can do your part to prevent these toxic products from going into landfills by recycling your old laptop battery. provides a collection center for spent laptop batteries. They can be sent to:
Recycle Laptop Batteries
Box 103
Grafton, OH 44044

Recycle Laptop Batteries FAQs

What kind of batteries can be recycled?
Only rechargeable laptop batteries are recycled by Laptop Battery Express through the RBRC (Recycled Battery Recovery Center). These kinds of batteries are also referred to as dry cell batteries. Wet cell batteries such as car and motorcycle batteries can be recycled at your local automobile battery retailer or service shop.

Alkaline Batteries
Alkaline batteries cannot be recycled and cannot be returned for recycling.

Nickel Cadmium Batteries (Ni-Cd)
Rechargeable batteries with this chemistry can be recycled. Cadmium is poisonous and toxic to the environment and should be recycled.

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries (Ni-MH)
Batteries with this chemistry are rechargeable and can be recycled.

Lithium-Ion Batteries (Li-ion)
Batteries with this chemistry are rechargeable and can be recycled.

Wet Lead Acid Batteries
Automobile, motorcycle and lawn tractor batteries cannot be recycled through Laptop Battery Express nor the RBRC (Recycled Battery Recovery Center), but can be recycled at local automobile battery retailers.

Where should my old laptop battery be shipped for recycling?
To recycle laptop batteries, send them to:
Recycle Laptop Batteries
Box 103
Grafton, OH 44044

How are rechargeable laptop batteries recycled?
Laptop Battery Express sends the collected laptop batteries to a battery recycling facility for processing. A thermal recovery process reclaims the metals (nickel, iron, cadmium, lead and cobalt) from the laptop batteries and prepares them for use in new products such as new notebook computer batteries and stainless steel.

How many rechargeable laptop batteries have been recycled?
Last year, Recycled Battery Recovery Center (RBRC) recycled over 5.6 million pounds of rechargeable laptop batteries and other rechargeable batteries, diverting them from our nation's landfills. Since 1996, RBRC has recycled over 36 million pounds of rechargeable batteries.

Recycling Organizations is a participating recycling center in association with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC). RBRC is a non-profit public service organization that recycles laptop batteries and other types of batteries as well.