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Earn up to 15% commission on every sale you generate for replacement computer laptop notebook batteries, power tools batteries, Roomba batteries and AC power adapters.

Join a dynamic and insatiable consumer, business and government market.
A laptop battery will wear out after 1-3 years of use.
6 million new laptops sold each month.
72% of 18-29 year old adults own a laptop.
61% of 31-49 year old adults own a laptop.
44% of 50-64 year old adults own a laptop.
39% of 65+ year old adults own a laptop.
Worldwide estimated laptop units shipped in 2021: 277 million. They're all going to need replacement batteries.
Average order size for laptop batteries is $90.

Higher than industry average conversion rates.
Customers can quickly find the exact replacement laptop battery needed.
Fast and free shipment of laptop batteries is our specialty.
98% of orders ship on the same day.
LaptopBatteryExpress.com features a full assortment of laptop batteries and AC power adapters for over 10,000 laptop models.
Plus, replacement batteries for major power tool brands and iRobot Roomba models.
We are constantly updating our database to provide quality power products for the newest devices as well as legacy models.

LaptopBatteryExpress.com offers several great ways to earn cash. The basic commission structure is outlined below.

Level 1: Publishers and influencers with sales of up to $499 in any month 8% commission on every verified completed sale.

Level 2: Publishers and influencers with sales $500+ in any month earn a commission bonus of 10% on every verified completed sale.

(Keep in mind: it can take just 6 sales to to qualify for Level 2.)

We offer periodic incentives to affiliates who demonstrate outstanding performances as well as contests and other seasonal incentives which are available to all affiliates.

Also available are a variety of text ads, display ads and occasional consumer coupon discount codes to help you generate revenue.

Exclusive consumer coupons / offers just for affiliates
Free data feeds
30-day cookie duration
Commissions paid monthly
Direct deposit
Terrific affiliate support

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