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Makita 100 Series Makita 9600 Makita 1051D
Makita 1051DWD Makita 1051DWDE Makita 1051DWF
Makita 1051DWFE Makita 1051DZ Makita 1433
Makita 1434 Makita 1434 193158-3 Makita 1434 193159
Makita 1435 Makita 192699-A Makita 193060-0
Makita 193101-2 Makita 193157-5 Makita 193158-3
Makita 193781-4 Makita 194172-2 Makita 3700D
Makita 3700DW Makita 4000 Series Makita 4033D
Makita 4033DZ Makita 4191DWD Makita 4332D
Makita 4333D Makita 4333DWD Makita 4333DWDE
Makita 5090D Makita 5090DW Makita 5094DWD
Makita 5630DWD Makita 6000 Series Makita 6228D
Makita 6228DW Makita 6228DWBE Makita 6233D
Makita 6233DWBE Makita 6236DW Makita 6236DWBE
Makita 6236DWDE Makita 6237D Makita 6237DW
Makita 6237DWDE Makita 6237DWDLE Makita 6280D
Makita 6281D Makita 6281DWPE Makita 6333D
Makita 6333DWBE Makita 6336D Makita 6336DW
Makita 6336DWB Makita 6336DWBE Makita 6336DWDE
Makita 6337D Makita 6337DW Makita 6337DWDE
Makita 6337DWDLE Makita 6337DWFE Makita 6339DWDE
Makita 6381D Makita 6932FD Makita 6932FDWDE
Makita 6933FD Makita 6934FD Makita 6934FDWFE
Makita 6935FD Makita 6935FDWDE Makita 6935FDWDEX
Makita 6935FDWFE Makita 6935FDZ Makita 8280D
Makita 8400 Series Makita 8433D Makita 8433DW
Makita 8433DWDE Makita 8433DWFE Makita 9000 Series
Makita 903D Makita 903DW Makita BBO140
Makita BBO180 Makita BBO180Z Makita BCF050
Makita BCF200 18V Series Makita BCF201ZW Makita BCL140 Series
Makita BCL180 Series Makita BCS550 Series Makita BDA340 Series
Makita BDA350 Series Makita BDF343 Series Makita BDF440 Series
Makita BDF450 Series Makita BFL201RZ Makita BFL301RZ
Makita BFL402RZ Makita BFR440 Series Makita BFR540 Series
Makita BFR550 Series Makita BFR750 Series Makita BFS440 Series
Makita BFS450 Series Makita BFT041RZ Makita BFT082RZ
Makita BFT124RZ Makita BGA400 Series Makita BGA450RFE
Makita BGA450Z Makita BGD800 Series Makita BHP343Z
Makita BHP440 Series Makita BHP450 Series Makita BHR162 Series
Makita BHR200 Series Makita BHS630RFE Makita BHS630Z
Makita BJN160 Makita BJN161 Makita BJR141Z
Makita BJR180 Series Makita BJS100 Series Makita BJV140 Series
Makita BJV180 Series Makita BKP180 Series Makita BLS713RFE
Makita BML145 Makita BML180 18V Series Makita BML184
Makita BML800 18V Makita BML800 Series Makita BML801 18V
Makita BMR050 Makita BMR050 18V Makita BMR100
Makita BO180 Series Makita BPB180 Series Makita BPJ140
Makita BPJ180 Makita BPT350RFE Makita BPT350Z
Makita BPT351 Series Makita BSS500RFE Makita BSS500Z
Makita BSS501 Series Makita BSS610 Series Makita BSS611 Series
Makita BST110RFE Makita BST220RFE Makita BST221 Series
Makita BTD129 Series Makita BTD130 Series Makita BTD140 Series
Makita BTDW251Z Makita BTL060RFE Makita BTL060Z
Makita BTM50 Series Makita BTP130 Series Makita BTP140 Series
Makita BTS130 Series Makita BTW150 Series Makita BTW250 Series
Makita BTW450 Series Makita BUB182 Series Makita BUC121
Makita BUC121RFE Makita BUC122RFE Makita BVC340
Makita BVC340Z Makita BVC350Z Makita BVF154RF
Makita BVR340 Makita BVR350 Series Makita BVR440
Makita BVR450 Series Makita BVR850 Series Makita CC300D Wet Cutter
Makita CF201DZ Makita CF201DZ 18V Makita CF201DZW
Makita CF201DZW 18V Makita CL070D Series Makita CL180 Series
Makita D145DRFX Makita DA3000 Series Makita DA340DRF
Makita DA350DRF Makita DA390 Series Makita DC10SB
Makita DDF343RFE Makita DF010D Series Makita DF030D Drill
Makita DF031D Makita DF0331D Makita DF330D Drill Driver
Makita DF440DRFX Makita DF440DRFXW Makita DF454D Series
Makita DHP446RFE Makita DT01 Impact Driver Makita FD01 and FD02 Drill
Makita FS440D Makita GA400D Makita GA402DRF
Makita GA402DZ Makita GD800DRF Makita GD800DZ
Makita GN900S Series Makita HP330D Hammer Drill Makita HP332D
Makita HP440DRFX Makita HP450 Series Makita HR162DRFXW
Makita HR200 Series Makita HS300D Circular Saw Makita HS630 Series
Makita HSS01D Makita HU01 Hedge Trimmer Makita JR100D Recipricating Saw
Makita JR103D Makita JR105D Makita JR120 Series
Makita JR140D Makita JR140DWB Makita JR140DWBE
Makita JR140DWD Makita JR182DRF Makita JR182DZK
Makita JV100D Jigsaw Makita JV180DRF Makita KP140DRF
Makita KP140DZ Makita KP180DRF Makita KP180DZ
Makita LC01 Vacuum Makita LCT303 Drill Makita LM Light
Makita LXCU01 Makita LXCU01Z Makita LXCV02Z
Makita LXCV02Z1 Makita LXDG01 Series Makita LXDT0 Series
Makita LXDT03 Makita LXDT03Z Makita LXFD01
Makita LXFD01CW Makita LXFD01Z Makita LXHU02Z
Makita LXJP02 Makita LXLC01 Series Makita LXLM01W
Makita LXLM03 Makita LXMU02Z Makita LXNJ01
Makita LXPH0 Series Makita LXPH02 Makita LXPK01 Series
Makita LXRM01 Makita LXRU01 Makita LXRU02
Makita LXSF01 Makita LXSF01Z1 Makita LXSL01 Series
Makita LXTP01 Series Makita LXWT01 Makita LXWT01Z
Makita ML100 Light Makita ML140 Makita ML143
Makita ML145 Makita ML180 Series Makita ML700 Series
Makita ML704 (FlashLight) Makita ML800 Makita ML801
Makita ML900 (Flashlight) Makita ML902 (Flashlight) Makita MR050
Makita MR050 18V Makita MR051 Radio Makita MR100
Makita MR100W Makita MU01 Shear Makita MUH260D Hedge Clipper
Makita MUH263DRF Makita MUH263DZ Makita MUH300 Series
Makita MUH400 Series Makita MUM164D Makita MUM168DRF
Makita MUM168DZ Makita MUR181DRF Makita MUR181DZ
Makita MUS052D Makita MUS103D Makita MUS104DSH
Makita MUS104DZ Makita MUS153D Makita MUS154DSH
Makita MUS154DZ Makita PB108D Series Makita PB180DRFX
Makita PJ180DRF Makita PT350 Series Makita RJ01W
Makita SC162DRF Makita SH01 Makita SH01Z
Makita ST120D Makita ST420D Makita T220D
Makita T220DW Makita TD010DSE Makita TD020D Series
Makita TD021D Series Makita TD070D Makita TD090D
Makita TD110D Makita TD130 Series Makita TD140 Series
Makita TD251DRFX Makita TD251DZ Makita TL060DRF
Makita TL061DRF Makita TM50DRF Makita TP140 Series
Makita TPP130 Series Makita TS130DRFX Makita TW100DWE
Makita TW150 Series Makita TW251D Makita TW251DRFX
Makita TW450DRFX Makita UB140D Makita UB140DWB
Makita UB142D Makita UB143D Makita UB180 Series
Makita UC120DWDE Makita UC121D Makita UC121DRF
Makita UC122D Makita UC122DRF Makita UH1070DW
Makita UH200DWEX Makita UH3000 Series Makita UM1000D
Makita UM1200DW Makita UM1270DW Makita UM164D
Makita UM1690D Makita UM1691D Makita VC350 Series
Makita VR250DWDE Makita VR340D Makita VR350 Series
Makita VR440D Makita VR450 Series Makita WT01
Makita XPH06Z Maktia BTL060 Series

Makita Tool Batteries

Replace your worn-down Makita power tool battery with a brand new replacement Makita power tool battery from Laptop Battery Express. We carry batteries for Makita brand cordless drills, drivers, saws, lights, radios and more. See below for the complete list of compatible Makita models and battery part numbers.

Our batteries use the highest quality lithium-ion cells and components that charge faster, last longer and weigh less than cheaper, lower quality batteries. Cheaper batteries can wear out in as little as 6 months. Our batteries last between 3 and 5 years.

All our Makita batteries are individually tested, inspected and backed by a 2 year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Laptop Battery Express is a family-owned and operated business based in the USA. Our friendly and tech savvy team is here to help with any questions on Makita power tool batteries. Get the best service, price and advice from Laptop Battery Express.

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Makita 9000 9.6 Volt Power Tool Battery Makita 9.6V 3.0Ah NiMh Battery

Makita 9000 9.6 Volt Power Tool Battery

List Price: $173.00
Our Price: $51.00
Makita 12V Max Lithium-ion 2.0Ah Battery Makita 12V Max Lithium-ion 2.0Ah Battery

Makita 12V Max Lithium-ion 2.0Ah Battery

List Price: $173.00
Our Price: $54.50
Makita 18V 3.0 Ah Battery Makita 18V 3.0Ah Li-ion Battery

Makita 18V 3.0 Ah Battery

List Price: $173.00
Our Price: $77.20
Makita 14.4V 3.0Ah Battery (BL1430) Makita 14.4V 3.0Ah Li-ion Battery

Makita 14.4V 3.0Ah Battery (BL1430)

List Price: $173.00
Our Price: $77.20
Makita BL1013 10.8 Volt Battery Makita 10.8V 3.5Ah Li-ion Battery

Makita BL1013 10.8 Volt Battery

List Price: $173.00
Our Price: $77.20
Makita 7.2V 1.5Ah Battery Makita 7.2V 1.5Ah Li-ion Battery

Makita 7.2V 1.5Ah Battery

List Price: $173.00
Our Price: $77.20
Makita 7.2V 1.5Ah Battery Makita 7.2V 1.5Ah Li-ion Battery

Makita 7.2V 1.5Ah Battery

List Price: $173.00
Our Price: $77.20
Makita 14 volt 3.0 Ah 1420 Battery Makita 14 volt 3.0 Ah NiMh Battery

Makita 14 volt 3.0 Ah 1420 Battery

List Price: $173.00
Our Price: $77.20
Makita 12V Max Lithium-ion 4.0Ah Battery Makita 12V Max Lithium-ion 4.0Ah Battery

Makita 12V Max Lithium-ion 4.0Ah Battery

List Price: $173.00
Our Price: $78.50