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Product Warranties
Laptop Battery Warranty offers a full 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your brand new laptop battery for any reason. Each laptop battery is tested at the factory prior to shipping and meets or exceeds the original specifications for every laptop computer it is designed for. Consequently a full 1-year warranty is confidently offered.  
After 30 days and up to one year from your date of purchase,, will repair or replace a defective battery with a new or remanufactured battery.
The Laptop Battery warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship only. Gradual loss of charge capacity is normal for rechargeable batteries and is not considered a defect.
The following conditions are not covered under the battery warranty:
          Batteries ordered from other merchants
          The battery is only discharged and can be recharged and can still be serviceable
          Batteries damaged from abuse, overcharging, improper installation, freezing, or improper conditioning
          Removal of warranty stickers or tampering with internal battery components
          The battery is improperly sized for the laptop computer power requirements
          An 80% charge capacity remaining after 1 year is considered normal and is not a defect and subject to a warranty replacement

 Warranty Claims should be initiated by emailing us at: for a warranty replacement return authorization number. We will need the order number, date, part number and details about the battery defect. Your return must also include a $10.00 check to cover the costs of testing and handling. Your check will be returned in the event the battery is verified to be defective. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges back to Laptop Battery Express and for return shipping charges.