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Universal External Battery Packs

Whether you use your laptop for business or entertainment purposes, universal external battery packs feature among the most practical and essential accessories to take on a trip. A battery pack will give you a bit of extra power, even if your battery is nearly 100 percent drained.

The pack will charge any device that’s plugged in it and depending on its specifications, it can be used for laptops, smartphones and tablets. If an extension cord is highly impractical at your workplace or location, the pack will be a great solution for you.

Innovative universal external battery packs like the ones available in the Laptop Battery Express store come with a sleek design and a range of important features. These devices are universal, meaning that they’ll be compatible with a vast range of laptop models. Depending on the make of the external battery, you’ll get anywhere between four and eight hours of additional functioning.

Using an external battery is a very simple task. Plug the battery in to charge it. A cable will be supplied, enabling you to connect the battery to your laptop. A universal pack may also be suitable for charging smartphones and tablets. The procedures will be similar, just make sure that the model you’ve picked can work with different types of electronics.

The Laptop Battery Express clients get access to all of the information they need to make an informed selection. Each product page provides details about universal external battery packs and their technical characteristics. You’ll learn about the types of devices that can be charged, the laptop models external batteries work with, the weight, charging voltage, output voltage, capacity, running time, charging time and cycle life.

Since we’re committed to giving our clients access to the best market conditions, many of our products are provided with a 12-month guarantee. Take a look at individual product pages to figure out whether it applies. In addition, some of the products in our catalog qualify for free, same-day shipping. You can find this information at the top of the product page.