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How to find Acer, Emachine or Gateway Battery Part Numbers

Acer, eMachines, and Gateway are all the same company. The part numbers are tricky because the format can be very different from one battery to the next. But often times they share the same battery part numbers.

Please note that the battery part number is different than the Serial Number or S/N. The Serial Number is unique to only your battery. An Acer part number will sometimes start with an "AS" followed by several alpha numeric characters.

Once you find your part number just search our website and it will produce a list of compatible batteries. If you don't see yours listed go to one of the following pages and look for your model number:

Acer laptop batteries
Gateway laptop batteries
eMachine laptop batteries

If you still cannot find your battery just give us call at 866-514-2590. Chances are we have your battery in stock!

Examples of Gateway part numbers:

  • A3226-H13
  • A3222-H23
  • L0690E1
  • L0690L1
Examples of Acer or eMachines part numbers:

  • 916C4820F
  • 916C4890F
  • AHA44122909
  • BT.00403.004
  • BT.00403.009
  • BT.00404.004
  • AS10D31