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Top 10 reasons a Laptop Battery Will Not Charge

    1. Worn-out or Defective laptop charger

    Laptop power adapters can wear-out over time from kinks in the cord or from other wear and tear.

    2. Underpowered Laptop Charger

    Often times a laptop charger does not have enough power to charge the battery while also running the laptop. This is common with extended run and universal laptop batteries and chargers. Be sure the power ratings on your laptop, battery and power cord all match up.

    3. Defective or worn-out power socket on laptop chassis

    This is one of the most common reasons why a laptop does not charge properly. Do you try to position your charger cord "just-right" until the charger light comes on? Chances are you need to replace the laptop power socket. This can be an easy fix with a little bit of research and the right tools.

    4. Laptop was not properly restarted when new battery was installed

    Some laptops need to be powered-down in order for them to recognize the new battery. Closing the laptop screen or using the on/off switch may only put your laptop into hibernate or sleep mode. Be sure to properly restart or power-down your laptop after installing the new battery.

    5. Battery was run all the way to zero percent

    If a battery was run all the way to zero percent, sometimes the battery will not have enough energy to power on. This battery is likely beyond repair and will need to be replaced.

    6. Battery was not charged 100% before first use

    When batteries are new, they are not at 100% capacity yet. They need a little bit of exercise for them to hold their full charge. Charge the battery overnight and use until 20% then recharge the battery again. Repeat this 5 times and your battery will be fully conditioned.

    7. Laptop was recently upgraded to a new version of Windows

    Changing the operating system on your laptop (especially Windows 7) may result in mixed communication between the laptop and the battery

    8. Battery management software is incorrectly calibrated.

    Sometimes the battery may be charged but the power gauge is not reading accurately. This is common on extended run batteries. You may need to condition your laptop battery. Go to our calibrate a laptop battery page.

    9. Battery is defective

    All laptop batteries and power cords from Laptop Battery Express carry a full 2 year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

    10. Recharging circuit on motherboard is defective.

    This is the least likely reason but can still happen. This requires the replacement of the motherboard. This repair can cost up to $500.