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Can You Revive a Dead Laptop Battery?

The simple answer is no. Just like a car battery, your laptop battery is a component that is guaranteed to wear out over time. If your laptop battery is not working after charging or is more than 2 years old it may have already experienced its life of 300-500 recharges.

Do not try to disassemble the laptop battery or try the DIY methods listed out there. If your laptop battery is less than 2 years old but doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to, you can calibrate your laptop battery to regain the full power capacity.

If your laptop does not power on even while plugged into the wall, you may need to replace your AC Adapter. There may also be other issues with your laptop, such as a faulty power connector or fried motherboard. Our friendly and tech savvy support team is here to help with any laptop power or compatibility questions.