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Laptop Power Inverters

A laptop power inverter is a device capable of converting a direct current into an alternating current. It’s a kind of adapter that you can, for example, use in your car. It converts the low voltage in the cigarette lighter to AC power, enabling you to charge a laptop or any other kind of electronic on the go.

Laptop Battery Express is the premium distributor and seller of quality laptop and computer accessories. We have premium laptop power inverters, giving you access to one of the most practical gadgets on the computer market.

A power inverter is compatible with many kinds of devices, including smartphones. If you’re going on a family vacation and you want to keep your kids engaged during the trip, you’ll find the power inverter to be a lifesaving device.

Quality inverters can continuously supply up to 150 watts of 120V AC power by using solely the electrical current of the vehicle lighter.

All of the inverters included in our catalog are lightweight, durable and heavy duty. You can choose among a single outlet and multiple AC outlet options, depending on your needs and the number of devices you plan to charge.

The individual product pages contain additional information about the technical characteristics and specification of our laptop power inverters. You’ll get information about the input voltage, the output voltage, frequency and load capacity. Since we sell solely the best items on the market, most of our inverters come with a one-year warranty.

In addition, each of the product pages features customer comments and feedback that you can use to determine whether the particular item is the right one for you.

Since we’re committed to giving customers access to both quality and convenience, some of our products will qualify for free, same-day delivery. You can figure out whether the power inverter you want to buy qualifies by exploring the product page.
Do you have any questions about laptop power inverters? Wondering how to use such gadgets or whether you need them at all? We’ll be glad to help you pick the perfect laptop accessories. Contact us today to have all of your questions answered.