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Dewalt 280K Series Dewalt BS 18-A Series
Dewalt CL3.C18S Dewalt DC528
DCK210S2 DCK211S2
Dewalt 0700104X Dewalt 0700114X
Dewalt Bs 14-A Dewalt DC020
Dewalt DC212 Series Dewalt DC213KB
Dewalt DC330 Series Dewalt DC380 Series
Dewalt DC385 Series Dewalt DC390 Series
Dewalt DC410 Series Dewalt DC411 Series
Dewalt DC490 Series Dewalt DC495 Series
Dewalt DC515 Series Dewalt DC520KA
Dewalt DC527 (Flashlight) Dewalt DC528 (Flashlight)
Dewalt DC530KA Dewalt DC540 Series
Dewalt DC545K Dewalt DC546K
Dewalt DC550 Series Dewalt DC551KA
Dewalt DC608 Series Dewalt DC612KA
Dewalt DC612KA Dewalt DC613KA
Dewalt DC614KA Dewalt DC614KA
Dewalt DC615KA Dewalt DC616K
Dewalt DC618 Series Dewalt DC628K
Dewalt DC668KA Dewalt DC720KA
Dewalt DC721 Series Dewalt DC725 Series
Dewalt DC727 Series Dewalt DC728KA
Dewalt DC729KA Dewalt DC730KA
Dewalt DC731KA Dewalt DC731KB
Dewalt DC732KL Dewalt DC733KA
Dewalt DC733KL Dewalt DC735KA
Dewalt DC735KB Dewalt DC740K Series
Dewalt DC756KA Dewalt DC756KB
Dewalt DC757KA Dewalt DC757KB
Dewalt DC759 Series Dewalt DC820 Series
Dewalt DC821KA Dewalt DC823B
Dewalt DC823KA Dewalt DC825 Series
Dewalt DC830KA Dewalt DC830KB
Dewalt DC833KA Dewalt DC835KA
Dewalt DC835KB Dewalt DC840 Series
Dewalt DC920KA Dewalt DC925 Series
Dewalt DC926KA Dewalt DC926VA
Dewalt DC930KA Dewalt DC935KA
Dewalt DC935KB Dewalt DC935VA
Dewalt DC936KA Dewalt DC936VA
Dewalt DC940KA Dewalt DC945KB
Dewalt DC980 Series Dewalt DC983KA
Dewalt DC983SA Dewalt DC984
Dewalt DC984KA Dewalt DC984KB
Dewalt DC984SA Dewalt DC984VA
Dewalt DC985KA Dewalt DC985VA
Dewalt DC987 Series Dewalt DC988 Series
Dewalt DC989 Series Dewalt DC998KB
Dewalt DCD Series Dewalt DCD910KX
Dewalt DCD920KX Dewalt DCD930
Dewalt DCD930B2 Dewalt DCD930KX
Dewalt DCD930L2 Dewalt DCD930VX
Dewalt DCD935 Dewalt DCD935B2
Dewalt DCD940B2 Dewalt DCD945B2
Dewalt DCDK12 Dewalt DCF Series
Dewalt DCF830L2 Dewalt DCG Series
Dewalt DCH Series Dewalt DCL040
Dewalt DCN690 Dewalt DCR006
Dewalt DCS300 Series Dewalt DCT Series
Dewalt DE9071 Dewalt DW051K
Dewalt DW051K-2 Dewalt DW052 Series
Dewalt DW053 Series Dewalt DW054K-2
Dewalt DW055K-2 Dewalt DW056 Series
Dewalt DW057K Series Dewalt DW059 Series
Dewalt DW904 (Flashlight) Dewalt DW906
Dewalt DW907 Series Dewalt DW908 (FlashLight)
Dewalt DW911 Dewalt DW912
Dewalt DW915 (Flashlight) Dewalt DW917 (Flashlight)
Dewalt DW918 Dewalt DW919 (FlashLight)
Dewalt DW924 Series Dewalt DW927 Series
Dewalt DW928K Dewalt DW928K-2
Dewalt DW930 Dewalt DW930K
Dewalt DW931K Dewalt DW931K-2
Dewalt DW932 Dewalt DW933 Series
Dewalt DW934 Series Dewalt DW935
Dewalt DW935K Dewalt DW936 Series
Dewalt DW937K Dewalt DW938 Series
Dewalt DW940K Dewalt DW940K-2
Dewalt DW941K Dewalt DW941K-2
Dewalt DW953 Series Dewalt DW954
Dewalt DW954K-2 Dewalt DW957
Dewalt DW957K Dewalt DW957K2
Dewalt DW960 Series Dewalt DW965 Series
Dewalt DW966K Dewalt DW966K-2
Dewalt DW968K-2 Dewalt DW969K
Dewalt DW969K-2 Dewalt DW970 Series
Dewalt DW980 Series Dewalt DW983K
Dewalt DW983K-2 Dewalt DW984
Dewalt DW984K-2 Dewalt DW984KS-2
Dewalt DW985 Dewalt DW985K-2
Dewalt DW985KV-2 Dewalt DW987 Series
Dewalt DW988 Series Dewalt DW990K-2
Dewalt DW991B Dewalt DW991K-2
Dewalt DW991KC-2 Dewalt DW991KQ-2
Dewalt DW991KS-2 Dewalt DW992K-2
Dewalt DW994KQ Dewalt DW996K-2
Dewalt DW996KQ Dewalt DW996KV-2
Dewalt DW997 Series Dewalt DW999 Series
Dewalt HL 18E Dewalt SBS 18-A

Dewalt Tool Batteries

Get longer battery life with a new Dewalt power tool battery from Laptop Battery Express. We carry dozens of batteries for Dewalt drills, saws, vacuums, lights, radios and more.

Our batteries use the highest quality lithium-ion cells that charge faster, last longer and weigh less than cheaper, lower quality batteries. Cheaper batteries can wear out in as little as 6 months. Our batteries last between 3 and 5 years.

All our Dewalt batteries are individually tested, inspected and backed by a 2 year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Laptop Battery Express is a family-owned and operated business based in the USA. Our friendly and tech savvy team is here to help with any questions on Dewalt power tool batteries. Get the best service, price and advice from Laptop Battery Express.

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Battery for Dewalt DCB183 Power Tool Battery for Dewalt DWCB12 Power Tool Dewalt DWCB14 Power Tool Battery
List Price: $169.00
Our Price: $60.00
List Price: $169.00
Our Price: $60.00
List Price: $169.00
Our Price: $60.00
Dewalt DCB183 Power Tool Battery Dewalt DWCB12 Power Tool Battery Dewalt DWCB14 Power Tool Battery
Dewalt DCB183 18 Volt Power Tool Battery Dewalt DWCB12 12 Volt Power Tool Battery Dewalt DWCB14 14.4 Volt Power Tool Battery
Dewalt DE9098 Power Tool Battery Xtend Battery for Dewalt DC9091 14.4 Volt Drill Battery Xtend Battery for Dewalt DCF803L2 Power Tool Battery
List Price: $169.00
Our Price: $60.00
List Price: $169.00
Our Price: $60.00
List Price: $169.00
Our Price: $60.00
Dewalt DE9098 Power Tool Battery Dewalt DC9091 Battery Dewalt B140 Power Tool Battery
Dewalt DE9098 18V Battery Dewalt DC9091 14.4 volt Battery Dewalt B140 Power Tool Battery