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Hi Folks,
Thanks for your helpful notes. They seem to have saved us both a battery swap.
My battery test was successful. I started with 98% power remaining, and, with the computer on Spotify (Internet radio) I was down to 7% the last time I checked, five hours later. Since the display goes out automatically, that's unrealistic for "normal" use, but it probably equates to a healthy three-hour charge.
It is 15 minutes after I was at the 7% mark, I checked again and the computer had shut down.
The meter seems pretty accurate.
My only remaining test: Can I charge the battery fully, turn the computer fully off and then use the computer in the field a few days later? So far, that looks good, too.
I've learned from your tips. I think (1) I wasn't getting true power-down off a few times, and (2) it's okay to leave the charger plugged in.
Thanks for your help. For now, consider my problem solved. And please consider me a (twice) satisfied customer.

Brent Boynton

I received my new battery today and wanted to let you know how absolutely pleased I am. Your recommendation after doing the research proved to be correct and the battery is the perfect match. Thank you so much for taking the time to make sure I ordered the correct replacement. You have made my day and I will be sure to recommend you and your company to my friends, family, and staff!!
Best wishes,
David Horine

I needed a new Dell laptop battery in 3 days for a trip. Dell's delivery time was 48 days compared to Laptop Battery Express' next day delivery and it was also at a savings of over 20% even with next the day delivery charge. The PC recognized the new battery immediately with absolutely no problems. I highly recommend this company.
Bob Crye, Knoxville, Tennessee

Dear Sirs,
Just want to tell you that even though i have had this battery for only 1 week now, your 9 cell battery for my Dell E 1505 is preforming excellent, even better than i hope for. So i will highly recommend your company to others who are looking for a replacement battery.
Thank you,
Johnny Palmisano

I wanted to thank you for all your help with my recent laptop battery purchase. I must say that my total experience with your company has been very positive. After having placed my order on-line I noticed that I had made a mistake in the shipping address. I called your 800 number and the mistake was corrected immediately and my battery shipped that same day. When I had a question about the battery I was able to reach someone on the phone and my questions were answered promptly and completely. I am always a little concerned the first time I do business with an on-line company but it was a pleasure doing business with your company. I would highly recommend your company.
J McMichael

Dear Sirs,
I want to thank you for all the trouble you went through to find a battery that would fit my computer. It's companies like yours with great customer service that keep customers for life. I am an assistant manager at a Home Depot here in peachtree city Ga. and I help customer each and everyday. I know how challenging it can be. You went above and beyond to take care of me. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE
Mike Booker
An extremely satisfied customer
I will tell everyone about your company

Just a quick note to thank you for the fast delivery of a new laptop battery. Arrived when it was supposed to. The instructions for getting the maximum life out of the battery are easy to understand. My son is very grateful. First time I have used your site, but will use and recommend it in the future.
Thanks again.
Dave Murphy

I just wanted to thank you for the good advice you gave me earlier this week. I bought an adapter from you Ė it didnít work so I called you and was told the most common problem with laptops was the receptacle. You suggested I take it to a computer repair shop to find out.

You were right, and the repair bill was much less than expected. The adapter I bought works now, and so does the computer.
After several months of trying adapters and batteries, and not getting any help from suppliers, I was happily surprised to talk to you.
Thank you again Ė if I ever need computer parts, youíre the one Iíll contact.

"As a doctor, I depend on three laptops in my practice to keep the patients healthy and happy. When my batteries were not holding a charge after about two years of use, I decided to purchase replacements online because the prices from retailers were just too high in my opinion. I thought when it comes to laptop batteries that if cheap is good, then cheapest is best. I always try to do everything the best I can, so, I was on a mission to find the cheapest batteries online which I did and purchased two of them. That didn't turn out to be such a good idea. The batteries failed after a few months and replacing them was difficult. I didn't realize then what I have come to believe about the laptop battery business: that the cheapest batteries either have poor quality control, poor customer service, or there is something tricky in the fine print.
I decided to give Laptop Battery Express a try even though the prices were a little higher than the cheapest ones (they are still much lower than retail.) I realized, because of my own experience, that I would have to pay a little more to get the quality I was seeking. I have liked everything about my experience with Laptop Battery Express from the unbelieveable 1 year warranty and prompt shipping to the personal customer service I have received. I heartily endorse Laptop Battery Express. If you have any problems, the company will return your call- quickly. WOW!"
Mark Anema, D.M.D.
Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Thank you the battery is wonderful, fits and works great! Will recommend your company for the excellent service.
B K Jefferson


Thank you for your assistance in resolving my battery issue. I have just place the first battery you sent in the mail to you. I used all of my Comp- Tia A+ training to think out a resolution prior to placing the next battery into the Laptop. There is another resident living here who is an old school geek. As you underlined in your instructions, I allowed the battery to discharge to 0 instead of 3%.
You can be assured that I have passed your company info to the IT Professionals I know.
God bless you and your company and provide it with nothing but the success you deserve.
Thank you
Joseph T. Bates

Dear Sirs,
I want to say thank you for your product and your service. I ordered a laptop battery on March 3 and it was shipped March 4. It did not arrive by the 10th, so I called your company and talked to a very helpful person (I'm sorry I did not remember his name). He checked into my order and called me back a half hour later and explained that FedEx had lost the order. He then agreed to ship another battery to me overnight so I could have it for my travel next week. The battery arrived today, March 11th. Oh, and it was the correct battery and it is working.
Even though it took a week for delivery, I appreciate your company taking prompt action to get the battery to me. Because of the low cost, free shipping, and great customer service, I will be telling all my friends and relatives about your company and encouraging them to buy your products.
Donald Passer

I don't usually write reviews, but I am so pleased by the exceptional service and reliability of this company. My battery was useless and I had an upcoming business trip. I contacted Laptop Battery Express on a Thursday and the new battery was overnighted to me by Saturday. The people are a pleasure to deal with, removes the virtual, uncertainty and isolation commonly experienced with Internet vendors.
Laura Newman, MA
New York

Dear LBE, got the Sony battery and all works well. Thanks for the help. If you need a good reference, please feel free to use my name.
Robert Stroud

Thank you for your response! I've been busy with work and have been unable to locate the cd that came with the battery. However, the battery was working, then suddenly stopped,so I fear there really is a problem. But I really appreciate you guys sending me a new one. I have been very pleased with my business from you thus far and continue to be impressed. I will certainly use you for all my future battery needs as well as recommend you to others. Thank you.
Kristen Newsom

Received the battery Saturday. Working like a champ. Thanks for the timely turn around.

Phil Stobaugh

Thank You for keeping your word and informing me that it was not the battery, but the Power Adapter, I received the Adapter instead of a new battery within 48 hours plugged it in and my computer came to life. Thanks a Zillion for your expertise.
Delores Patrick

Received your replacement battery. Works fine. I am returning the battery that did not work. I am very pleased with your service. Anyone I can recommend to your company, I will be more than happy to.
Bill MC - Costa Mesa, CA

The battery I ordered yesterday got here today about noon-3 hours before you said it would. It's very nice to know there is still someone out there who believes in honesty and customer service. THANK YOU!
Best wishes,
Lawrence Kittell

Great job thanks
Chris Stanton
Chain Drug Review

The batteries arrived next day as promised. Thanks very much for your quick action to meet our needs!
I received the replacement battery. This one looks great. Thanks for the great customer service. I have returned the first battery. They should arrive tomorrow (Tues.) or Wednesday. Thanks again.

Great service, prompt delivery.
Thank You
W.B. Howard, Consulting Oxnard, CA

Your package arrived yesterday. The computer worked perfectly using the charger only. The battery began charging and the level was increasing. I let it charge overnight. It is fully charged this morning. And, it is running perfectly using the battery alone.
Overall Results: Excellent
Many Thanks !

I am expecting another battery (ordered at same time) for my other son's Dell XPS today. That may be the other one you see.
By the way, I saw write-ups on your site from CNET, if I recall. Your prices are the best I found (and believed); some other replacement battery sites were "too good to be true" and I found not-so-good reviews on them.
It is nice to be able to easily reach someone you order online from if needed, and, see a response so quickly. I appreciate your customer service and hope your batteries match this quality.
Thank you again.

I just want to express my appreciation for the superior customer support from you.
I called at about 7:50pm Central time regarding an issue where a power adapter was overheating and I wondered whether or not I needed a new battery.
The information I received was above and beyond what I expected.
I will return to your website for my laptop part needs.

One of the fastest orders ever received. I recommend all
to just give them a try. I will always come to Laptop Battery Express
first. Well run company.

The battery you sent this week works. I received it early Thursday morning.
I really appreciate the effort you made to help me with this non-typical problem. Also the fast delivery was great!
I will recommend your company to everyone I talk to about Laptops and replacement batteries.
Thanks again,
Greg Palmer

I received my new battery on Friday and installed it and tested it on Saturday night and found that it wouldn't operate properly. On Sunday evening I sent an email to you describing my problem. Before 9:00 AM on Monday I received an email from you saying that you were shipping another battery to me that day and that you would credit my debit card $8.00 for the return shipping. I have received the 2nd battery and it works properly.
I was a little disappointed that the first battery didn't charge, but I am very impressed with your costumer service and I thank you for your help. I use several laptops, power inverters etc. in my business and you can count on me to order from you for my future needs.
I shipped the 1st battery back to you today.
Gary Allen
Premier Building Inspections

Hi I would like to thank you for your great service on replace my battery do you need the old one returned? Will refer you to all contacts
Thanks again

Wow, it really came the next day. Thank you so much!
David Keane

Thank you very much for your time. To date, this has been one of the best experiences I have had ordering an item over the phone/on the internet ... both in terms of timeliness and information.
Colin Gomez.

"I needed a new laptop battery quickly, since I had a business trip coming up in a few days. I placed an order with Laptop Battery Express because their price was much lower than the manufacturer's. That afternoon, I got a phone call letting me know the battery was on backorder. Much to my surprise, they suggested a lower-priced battery with similar performance and shipped it out that day. I received it quickly and saved $70, thanks to the proactive customer service from Laptop Battery Express. I strongly recommend this company."

- Lesley D., Mansfield, TX

Thank you very much!
You have responsive with a solution that exceeded my expectations.

I am so impressed with the selection of batteries that you have and with the quickness that I received my order!
William R., Santa Fe, TN. Thanks!

LaptopBatteryExpress.com had the Dell battery I needed for my old laptop (Dell didn't), at a fair price; made finding & ordering easy and delivered promptly. Excellent job.

I was ordering computer battery as a gift for our daughter. Representative was patient with me, an older mother, in explaining the capacities of two batteries and the cosmetic effect within the computer. In addition, I saved $40 over ordering same merchandise from Lenovo. Battery was sent UPS same day as order was placed and arrived in two days. I was very impressed and will definitely order from this site again. Thank you.

All of my questions were answered when I called to place the order and the battery arrived sooner than expected. It is working fine.

The battery was defective. Laptop Battery Express promptly sent out a replacement.

John T., Toms River, NJ

Laptop Battery Express had the battery I needed for an obscure laptop and got to me at a fair price and in a short period of time. The battery was top quality and works great

Albert, Arlington Heights, IL

LaptopBatteryExpress is your one-stop shopping experience for a quality replacement battery, at an honest price, from a domestic source with options to purchase online or via an 800 number, and with access to fast shipping options. All the variables have been covered.
Dave A.

Your site is comprehensive and easy to navigate. Your prices and service are outstanding. I would not shop anywhere else.
Chris C.

Six year old lap top and Laptop Battery Express had what I needed.
Atlanta, GA

Your service over the phone has been courteous and helpful.

LaptopBatteryExpress.com did exactly what I needed from them. That was to have the right battery we needed and get it to us fast. They lived up to their name. Thanks.
C Spencer, Kingsford, MI

Excellent service and no hidden costs. Talked with the person directly; I had some questions. Made me feel part of something and did not just say things to try and convince me to purchase the item. Would I use them again? Yes. Customer friendly.
Terry Campbell, Okeechobee, Fl

My experience with LaptopBatteryExpress.com was an overall good one.
D.Davis, Tucson Arizona

I was extremely pleased with the great prices and super fast service. Laptop battery express has laid to rest my worries about purchasing certain things on the Internet, I would highly recommend them.
D. Stevens, St. Louis, Mo.

I was looking for an extra battery for my Dell laptop for travel. I didn't find what I was looking for on the site and the ad said call if you need assistance. Fred answered the phone at something like 7 PM. He explained the benefits of the universal battery backup, I bought it on his recommendation. I have never been happier with a product.

When DELL was giving me the run-around, without being able to deliver a simple lap-top battery, you not only had the correct battery in stock, I received it within 2 days, and you were less expensive. You are the best and I already recommended you to my friends! In addition, I didn't have to deal with voice-mail for 30 minutes, I immediately was connected to "a real person", who was knowledgeable in addition.
M. Spillmann, Forest Hills, NY

I inadvertently put my p.o. box address as my ""ship to"" address, I received an almost immediate phone call for f/u so the battery could ship almost at that very moment... if you had simply sent me an email, I would not have received the battery as soon as I did, and I needed it bad! Thanks! I'll be back!
David E., Forest Falls, CA

LaptopBatteryExpress.com is the real deal! Competent, courteous!
V. Morozov, Apex, NC

Great Website! Great Product! Quick Ship! 11 on scale 1-10. Thanks!
G. Heyboer, Zeeland, MI

I needed a replacement battery for my son's laptop before he went out-of-state to college. He only brought this to my attention days before he was leaving. I found LaptopBatteryExpress and found a great price and free shipping. I figured 7-10 days for shipping- but my battery was on my doorstep in 2 DAYS! Thanks.
D. Hoerst, Eaton, Ohio

Mid July of this year I was desperately looking for a Dell battery. Dell was out of stock and couldn't deliver until early Sept (crazy!). After a frantic search I found LaptopBatteryExpress, and called to make sure the battery was available. Indeed it was and at a much better price then anyplace else. I get good solid information about various batteries for my laptop, hints on how to care for and extend the life of the battery, and received the battery in five days.
Adrienne B., Havana, Florida

Called Fred before placing my order. When it arrived and was not the battery I needed, he took care of it and sent another immediately. I value great customer service. Most of the time, everything works fine. But when there is a problem, great to know there's a "person" who cares! I've found my new battery supplier.
Paul B., Shreveport, LA

Fast delivery. Great follow up service. Remarkable concern about me getting the proper product.

I found laptopbatteryexpress.com after much frustration and misinformation trying to locate a battery for my Dell laptop. After multiple phone calls to Dell which got nowhere, it was a great relief to be able to buy the replacement battery so smoothly just a few days before a two-week trip.
DV, Ann Arbor. MI

LaptopBatteryExpress.com took care of my needs quickly, with excellent, caring customer service. I'd do business with them again in a heartbeat.
Bill V., Elyria, OH

LaptopBatterExpress gave me the best service at the best price. I highly recommend it.
N. Parent Alexandria, VA

The first battery failed, but as soon as I e-mailed them about the problem a replacement was sent right away. When I sent the bad battery back I was reimbursed for the cost of shipping. Over all I am very satisfied with how everything was handled.

I am very happy with the battery I purchased from your web-site. Customer service to clear up a problem was very good and the price was the best I found and shipping was free! Thank you.
T. Duffy, Pasco, WA

I like this site. Easy to use and easy to navigate. I searched and found my battery in less than 30 seconds.
John M., Strongsville, OH

I needed a new laptop battery quickly, since I had a business trip coming up in a few days. I placed an order with Laptop Battery Express because their price was much lower than the manufacturer's. That afternoon, I got a phone call letting me know the battery was on back order. Much to my surprise, they suggested a lower-priced battery with similar performance and shipped it out that day. I received it quickly and saved $70, thanks to the proactive customer service from Laptop Battery Express. I strongly recommend this company.
Lesley D., Mansfield, TX