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New Roomba Battery is not Charging

To swap your old battery out you will need to unscrew the main screws underneath the Roomba and remove the plate that held them down. After that just pull out the old battery and insert the new one. Then reattach the plate the same way it was removed. See the first image below for an example.

If you are experiencing issues with your new Roomba battery not charging or not holding a charge please read the information below. We use a Roomba in our office and are able to test batteries sent back to us as “defective.” To date, 100% of the batteries returned to us because they would not work with the user’s Roomba have functioned perfectly in ours.

To verify if your Roomba is docked and charging check the color of the LED light around the “CLEAN” button. It should flash orange when charging properly.

If it is not charging, the most common reason is dirt build-up on the contacts underneath your Roomba. Make sure these are cleaned regularly to prevent slow charging or failure to charge.

The other problem area is the contacts on your dock. These can dirty just like your Roomba’s contacts. In their case though, it can also get underneath and clog up the springs that push them up towards the contacts on the Roomba, reducing the pressure and preventing a good connection. If cleaning alone does not fix the poor contact, you can use something to lift the rear of the Roomba (opposite the dock) to help the Roomba push down against the contacts and
improve connectivity. Of course, if you still have issues with your new battery feel free to contact us.