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Alienware Battery Part Number Identification

Alienware and Dell are the same company. Alienware part numbers can be a little strange but typically they are clearly marked. Dell part numbers are easy to find. They are called “Type” numbers. The “Type” is almost always listed near the Alienware logo.

Please note that the serial number or S/N is not the same as the battery part number. The serial number is unique to only your battery and will not help with finding your replacement battery.

Once you find your Alienware part number just search our site and it will give a list of correct batteries. If you don't see yours listed go to our Alienware battery page and look for your model number. Still can't find your battery? Just give us a call at 866-514-2590. Chances are we have your battery in stock!

Examples of Alienware part numbers:

  • 191YH
  • 2F3W1
  • AKKU
  • 5046J

Examples of Dell Type Part Numbers:

  • J70W7
  • P09E
  • P09E001
  • P09E002