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Benefits of an Xtend Dell Laptop Battery

The Secret To Not Having Nightmares About Your Laptop Dying When You Need It Most

Do you have a Dell laptop? If you live your life in a fast lane, the answer is ‘yes’. You need a reliable Dell Laptop Battery by Xtend from Laptop Battery Express to keep it running.
dell laptop battery
Advantages of buying a Dell Laptop Battery from LaptopBatteryExpress.com
• Find your Dell Laptop Battery fast, and get it fast. Each is manufactured especially for Dell brand laptops and are of the highest quality.

• Questions or problems? There is a technician available online to help you in real time, M-F 8AM-5PM ET.

• Increased runtime
An extended run Dell Laptop Battery will provide 30% to 300% longer run time between charges. That could translate into 5 to 6 extra run hours and peace of mind. You will never worry about operating your laptop away from power source.

• Dell Laptop Batteries have an Express Charge feature.
Charge up to 80% capacity of the battery in one hour and up to 100% in 2 hours. Turn off your computer to charge the battery. A Dell Laptop Battery cannot be overcharged if it has Express Charge feature.

How To Increase Lifespan Of Your Dell Laptop Battery
Try your best to keep the system cool. Check the inflow and outflow air vents; make sure they are not blocked. When the vents are blocked, the system fans will be running using the power of your Dell Laptop Battery.

Leaving the computer running in hot car is not the best idea. Keeping your Dell Laptop Battery in a very cold place is not recommended.

Regular defragmenting of your hard drive will contribute to longer life of your Dell Laptop Battery.

Control the quantity of applications you use at the same time. Multitasking causes your system to use CPU (Control Processing Unit) and your Dell Laptop Battery more vigorously. Besides, it is a known fact that multitasking can have adverse effects on brain development as explained in Teens Can Multitask, But What Are Costs? by Lori Aratani of The Washington Post. Multitasking is non-efficient method of working for people and computers. Try to keep one application at a time working on your system. Your Dell Laptop Battery will thank you.

Using external devices such as USB and PC cards increases Dell Laptop Battery usage and decreases its lifetime. Use common sense to determine which devices should be disabled to save your Dell Laptop Battery.

Dell Laptop Battery Replacement and Lifespan
People often ask about using non-Dell batteries on Dell brand laptops. It is strongly recommended that only a Dell Laptop Battery manufactured especially for Dell brand laptops be used, such as those sold be LaptopBatteryExpress.com. They are tested and validated for best performance and safety.

It is easy to install a Dell Laptop Battery. Save all files. Shut off or ‘hibernate’ the system for best results. All you need to do now is to release the latch and to install the replacement Dell Laptop Battery.

The lifespan of any Dell Laptop Battery is hard to predict. It depends on many things. A Dell Laptop Battery wears out with time and use. You will notice decline in the runtime of Dell Laptop Battery as it approaches the end of its life.