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3 Reasons to Recycle Computer Batteries

Why do we need to think about recycling computer batteries? It seems like everything that you hear about these days is recycling, especially when it comes to glass, plastic, and paper. With the quantity of laptops sold every day and battery life being what it is, recycling batteries is absolutely necessary in this day and age. That being said, there are some really great environmental incentives and things to consider when it comes to recycling computer batteries.

1. Environmental Benefits of Recycling Computer Batteries

Recycling computer batteries is vital because itís something that will have a positive effect on the environment in both the short and long term. Recycling computer batteries helps reduce the amount of space used in the landfills. Toxic, heavy-metal pollution from discarded computer batteries in landfills is greatly reduced as well.

Laptops are a lot more popular than personal computers and since laptops are a mobile form of computing, there are a lot more people who will be disposing of their computer batteries much more frequently as the trend continues. Computer batteries donít last forever, and recycling computer batteries is the better option compared to simply throwing them in the trash.

2. Recycling Computer Batteries Feels Good

Recycling your computer batteries will help make you feel good!

Yes, it can be an inconvenience. Yes, there may be some steps involved. But, isn't it worth the time and effort to collectively help keep the planet green?

Not every one can buy an electric car, or add solar or geothermal energy sources to their home. Computer batteries, however, are something so many people have due to the proliferation of laptops. And, when those batteries inevitably die, recycling them not only makes sense, but, also feels great.

One way to recycle your spent computer battery is to take it to your town dump. Departments of Public Works have a special area especially for batteries of all types.

3. Economic Benefits of Recycling Computer Batteries

Think about the overhead costs of your business. Many companies that offer services for recycling computer batteries offer a rebate or discount on the purchase of the next computer batteries you buy. These costs can easily multiply when you think of how many computer batteries you could be recycling on a yearly basis. The same premise applies to companies that provide desktop support services to their clients.

Tech consultants often manage the replacement of computer batteries for their client accounts, and their service costs reflect this overhead. By recycling computer batteries for their client accounts, technology consultants have the option of taking advantage of the discounts or rebates applicable for recycling computer batteries in lieu of just disposing of them, and they can save money on the rates they paid to their waste management company by reducing their trash volume recycling computer batteries.

The fact that laptop and mobile computers are quickly replacing the desktop computer, even in corporate settings, means that hundreds of thousands of laptop computer batteries will need to be replaced every year. Take action and promote recycling computer batteries in your neighborhood, your schools and your office to support a better environment.