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Envy Spectre 14-3000 Envy Spectre 14-3000eg  Envy Spectre 14-3000ex
Envy Spectre 14-3001tu Envy Spectre 14-3001xx Envy Spectre 14-3005tu
Envy Spectre 14-3006tu Envy Spectre 14-3007tu Envy Spectre 14-3008tu
Envy Spectre 14-3009tu Envy Spectre 14-3010nr Envy Spectre 14-3010tu
Envy Spectre 14-3011tu Envy Spectre 14-3012tu Envy Spectre 14-3013tu
Envy Spectre 14-3014tu Envy Spectre 14-3015tu Envy Spectre 14-3017nr
Envy Spectre 14-3017tu Envy Spectre 14-3018tu Envy Spectre 14-3070ez
Envy Spectre 14-3090ca Envy Spectre 14-3100ea Envy Spectre 14-3100eb
Envy Spectre 14-3100ed Envy Spectre 14-3100ee Envy Spectre 14-3100ef
Envy Spectre 14-3100eg Envy Spectre 14-3100el Envy Spectre 14-3100en
Envy Spectre 14-3100eo Envy Spectre 14-3100er Envy Spectre 14-3100es
Envy Spectre 14-3100et Envy Spectre 14-3100ew Envy Spectre 14-3100ex
Envy Spectre 14-3190la Envy Spectre 14-3200ef  Spectre 13-3000
Spectre 13-3000EA Spectre 13-3000ED Spectre 13-3000EE
Spectre 13-3001EE Spectre 13-3001EL Spectre 13-3001EN
Spectre 13-3001TU Spectre 13-3002EL Spectre 13-3002EO
Spectre 13-3002TU Spectre 13-3003ES Spectre 13-3003EX
Spectre 13-3003TU Spectre 13-3004TU Spectre 13-3010EA
Spectre 13-3010EG Spectre 13-3010LA Spectre 13-3012TU
Spectre 13-3017TU Spectre 13-3090EZ Spectre 13-3092EF
Spectre 13-af000 Spectre 13-AF000NC Spectre 13-AF000ND
Spectre 13-AF000NF Spectre 13-af000ng Spectre 13-AF000NH
Spectre 13-AF000NJ Spectre 13-AF000NK Spectre 13-AF000NN
Spectre 13-AF000NS Spectre 13-AF000NT Spectre 13-AF000NW
Spectre 13-AF000NX Spectre 13-af000TU Spectre 13-AF000UR
Spectre 13-AF001LA Spectre 13-AF001NB Spectre 13-AF001ND
Spectre 13-AF001NE Spectre 13-AF001NF Spectre 13-AF001NH
Spectre 13-AF001NJ Spectre 13-AF001NK Spectre 13-AF001NN
Spectre 13-AF001NP Spectre 13-AF001NW Spectre 13-AF001NX
Spectre 13-AF001TU Spectre 13-AF001UR Spectre 13-AF002NB
Spectre 13-AF002NE Spectre 13-AF002NF Spectre 13-af002ng
Spectre 13-AF002NJ Spectre 13-AF002NO Spectre 13-AF002NT
Spectre 13-AF002UR Spectre 13-AF003NA Spectre 13-AF003NB
Spectre 13-AF003NC Spectre 13-af003TU Spectre 13-AF003UR
Spectre 13-AF004NA Spectre 13-AF004NE Spectre 13-AF004NI
Spectre 13-AF004NO Spectre 13-AF004UR Spectre 13-AF005ND
Spectre 13-AF005NE Spectre 13-AF005NF Spectre 13-AF005NG
Spectre 13-AF005NN Spectre 13-AF005TU Spectre 13-AF005UR
Spectre 13-AF006NE Spectre 13-af006nf Spectre 13-AF006NN
Spectre 13-AF006UR Spectre 13-AF007NE Spectre 13-AF007NF
Spectre 13-AF007NI Spectre 13-AF007NIA Spectre 13-AF007TU
Spectre 13-AF008NC Spectre 13-AF008NE Spectre 13-AF008NF
Spectre 13-AF008NI Spectre 13-AF008NN Spectre 13-AF008UR
Spectre 13-AF009NN Spectre 13-AF009TU Spectre 13-AF009UR
Spectre 13-AF010CA Spectre 13-AF010NN Spectre 13-AF010UR
Spectre 13-AF011NF Spectre 13-AF011NI Spectre 13-AF011NN
Spectre 13-AF011UR Spectre 13-AF012TU Spectre 13-AF013NF
Spectre 13-AF013NN Spectre 13-AF013TU Spectre 13-AF013UR
Spectre 13-AF014UR Spectre 13-AF015TU Spectre 13-AF016NF
Spectre 13-AF016TU Spectre 13-AF017TU Spectre 13-AF018TU
Spectre 13-AF020ND Spectre 13-AF021NF Spectre 13-AF022NF
Spectre 13-AF022TU Spectre 13-AF023TU Spectre 13-AF024TU
Spectre 13-AF025NF Spectre 13-AF025TU Spectre 13-AF026NF
Spectre 13-AF027TU Spectre 13-AF029TU Spectre 13-AF030TU
Spectre 13-af031ng Spectre 13-AF031TU Spectre 13-af032ng
Spectre 13-af033ng Spectre 13-af034ng Spectre 13-AF034TU
Spectre 13-af035ng Spectre 13-AF035TU Spectre 13-AF036TU
Spectre 13-AF037TU Spectre 13-AF039TU Spectre 13-AF041TU
Spectre 13-AF042TU Spectre 13-AF043TU Spectre 13-AF044TU
Spectre 13-AF046TU Spectre 13-AF048TU Spectre 13-AF049TU
Spectre 13-AF050TU Spectre 13-AF051NR Spectre 13-AF051TU
Spectre 13-AF052NA Spectre 13-AF053TU Spectre 13-AF054TU
Spectre 13-AF055TU Spectre 13-AF056TU Spectre 13-AF057TU
Spectre 13-AF059TU Spectre 13-AF060TU Spectre 13-AF061NZ
Spectre 13-AF061TU Spectre 13-AF062TU Spectre 13-AF064TU
Spectre 13-AF066TU Spectre 13-AF068TU Spectre 13-AF069TU
Spectre 13-AF070TU Spectre 13-AF071TU Spectre 13-AF073TU
Spectre 13-AF075TU Spectre 13-AF076TU Spectre 13-AF077TU
Spectre 13-AF078TU Spectre 13-AF080TU Spectre 13-AF081TU
Spectre 13-AF083TU Spectre 13-AF084TU Spectre 13-AF085TU
Spectre 13-AF086TU Spectre 13-AF088TU Spectre 13-AF090NZ
Spectre 13-AF090TU Spectre 13-AF091TU Spectre 13-AF092TU
Spectre 13-AF094TU Spectre 13-AF096TU Spectre 13-AF097TU
Spectre 13-AF098NP Spectre 13-AF098TU Spectre 13-AF099NP
Spectre 13-AF100TU Spectre 13-AF102TU Spectre 13-AF103TU
Spectre 13-AF104TU Spectre 13-AF106TU Spectre 13-AF108TU
Spectre 13-AF109TU Spectre 13-AF110TU Spectre 13-AF112TU
Spectre 13-AF114TU Spectre 13-AF116TU Spectre 13-AF117TU
Spectre 13-AF118TU Spectre 13-AF119TU Spectre 13-AF121TU
Spectre 13-AF123TU Spectre 13-AF124TU Spectre 13-AF125TU
Spectre 13-AF126TU Spectre 13-AF127TU Spectre 13-AF128TU
Spectre 13-AF130TU Spectre 13-AF131TU Spectre 13-AF132TU
Spectre 13-AF133TU Spectre 13-AF134TU Spectre 13-AF136TU
Spectre 13-AF137TU Spectre 13-AF139TU Spectre 13-AF140TU
Spectre 13-AF141TU Spectre 13-AF142TU Spectre 13-AF143TU
Spectre 13-AF146TU Spectre 13-AF148TU Spectre 13-AF149TU
Spectre 13-AF150TU Spectre 13-AF151TU Spectre 13-AF153TU
Spectre 13-AF500 Spectre 13-AF501TU Spectre 13-AF502TU
Spectre 13-AF503TU Spectre 13-AF504TU Spectre 13-AF506TU
Spectre 13-AF508TU Spectre 13-AF510TU Spectre 13-AF511TU
Spectre 13-AF512TU Spectre 13-AF513TU Spectre 13-AF515TU
Spectre 13-AF517TU Spectre 13-AF518TU Spectre 13-AF519TU
Spectre 13-AF520TU Spectre 13-AF522TU Spectre 13-AF524TU
Spectre 13-AF525TU Spectre 13-AF526TU Spectre 13-AF527TU
Spectre 13-v000 Spectre 13-v000na Spectre 13-v000nc
Spectre 13-v000nd Spectre 13-v000ne Spectre 13-v000nf
Spectre 13-v000ng Spectre 13-v000ni Spectre 13-v000nia
Spectre 13-v000nl Spectre 13-v000nm Spectre 13-v000no
Spectre 13-v000nq Spectre 13-v000ns Spectre 13-v000nt
Spectre 13-v000nu Spectre 13-v000nv Spectre 13-v000nx
Spectre 13-v014tu Spectre 13-v015tu Spectre 13-v016tu
Spectre 13t-3000 Series Spectre 15-Ap000Na Spectre 15-Ap000Nf
Spectre 15-Ap000Nx Spectre 15-Ap001Nf Spectre 15-Ap001Nx
Spectre 15-Ap002Nf Spectre 15-Ap002Ng Spectre 15-Ap003Nf
Spectre 15-Ap003Ng Spectre 15-Ap004Na Spectre 15-Ap004Nf
Spectre 15-Ap004Ng Spectre 15-Ap005Na Spectre 15-Ap005Nf
Spectre 15-Ap006Ng Spectre 15-Ap007Na Spectre 15-Ap007Nd
Spectre 15-Ap010Na Spectre 15-Ap070Nz Spectre 15-Ap090Nz
Spectre Ultrabook 13-3010dx Spectre Ultrabook 13-3018ca Spectre Ultrabook 13-h210dx
Spectre Ultrabook 13-h211nr Spectre Ultrabook 13t-h200 Spectre X2
Spectre x2 12-a000 Spectre x2 12-a001dx Spectre x2 12-a001ng
Spectre x2 12-a001tu Spectre x2 12-a002dx Spectre x2 12-a002tu
Spectre x2 12-a003ng Spectre x2 12-a003tu Spectre x2 12-a004tu
Spectre x2 12-a005tu Spectre x2 12-a006tu Spectre x2 12-a007tu
Spectre x2 12-a008tu Spectre x2 12-a009tu Spectre x2 12-a010ca
Spectre x2 12-a010tu Spectre x2 12-a011nr Spectre x2 12-a011tu
Spectre x2 12-a012nr Spectre x2 12-a012tu Spectre x2 12-a013tu
Spectre x2 12-a014tu Spectre x2 12-a015tu Spectre x2 12-a016tu
Spectre x2 12-a017tu Spectre x2 12-a018tu Spectre x2 12-a019tu
Spectre x2 12-c000 Spectre X2 12-C000 CTO Spectre x2 12-c000nf
Spectre X2 12-C001LA Spectre X2 12-C001NA Spectre x2 12-c001nf
Spectre X2 12-C001TU Spectre X2 12-C002TU Spectre X2 12-C003TU
Spectre X2 12-C004TU Spectre X2 12-C005TU Spectre X2 12-C006TU
Spectre X2 12-C007TU Spectre x2 12-c008tu Spectre X2 12-C009TU
Spectre X2 12-C010TU Spectre X2 12-C011TU Spectre x2 12-c012dx
Spectre X2 12-C012TU Spectre X2 12-C013TU Spectre X2 12-C014TU
Spectre X2 12-C015TU Spectre X2 12-C016TU Spectre X2 12-C018TU
Spectre X2 12-C019TU Spectre X2 12-C020TU Spectre X2 12-C021TU
Spectre X2 12-C022TU Spectre X2 12-C023TU Spectre X2 12-C024TU
Spectre X2 12-C025TU Spectre X2 12-C026TU Spectre X2 12-C027TU
Spectre X2 12-c052nr Spectre x2 12-c080no Spectre X2 12T-C000
Spectre X2 13 Pro PC Spectre X2 13-H200ED Spectre X2 13-H200EE
Spectre X2 13-H200EO Spectre X2 13-H200EP Spectre X2 13-H200ES
Spectre X2 13-H200SE Spectre X2 13-H210DX Spectre X2 13-H211NR
Spectre X2 13-H240SE Spectre X2 13-H251SA Spectre X2 13-H255SA
Spectre X2 13-H270EZ Spectre X2 13-H275EO Spectre X2 13-H281NR
Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4000ea Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4000ed Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4000ee
Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4000eg Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4000eg Ultrabook Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4000ew
Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4000sg Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4001xx Spectre XT TouchSmart 15-4010NR
Spectre XT TouchSmart 15t-4000 697231-171
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HP BP02XL Battery HP BP02XL Battery for Pavilion 15-aw004

HP BP02XL Battery for Pavilion 15-aw004

List Price: $133.90
Our Price: $55.00
HP 849909-855 Battery HP 849909-855 Battery

HP 849909-855 Battery

List Price: $133.90
Our Price: $55.00
HP Pavilion 15-au003tx battery HP Pavilion 15-au003tx Battery

HP Pavilion 15-au003tx battery

List Price: $133.90
Our Price: $55.00
AC adapter for select Acer Laptops AC adapter for Acer laptops 19v, 3.42A, 4.8mm-1.7mm

AC power adapter for Acer laptops.

List Price: $73.00
Our Price: $57.00
45 Watt AC adapter for HP Laptops 19V-2.31A 4.5mm-3.0mm HP 19V 45W 2.31A 4.5mm-3.0mm Charger

AC adapter for HP Laptops 19V-2.31A 4.5mm-3.0mm 45 Watts

List Price: $93.90
Our Price: $64.50
USB-C AC adapter for Lenovo 20V 3.25A 65 Watts 20V 65W 3.25A USB-C Charger for Various Laptops

AC Adaptor for Lenovo 20v, 3.25A, USB-C

List Price: $103.00
Our Price: $68.50
HP HD04XL TPN-C104 battery for Envy Spectre XT 13-2000eg Envy Spectre XT 13-2021tu Spectre XT 13-2120tu HP HD04XL Battery for Envy Spectre XT 13-2000eg

HP HD04XL Battery for Envy Spectre XT 13-2000eg

List Price: $133.90
Our Price: $112.90
HP HD04XL battery Envy Spectre XT 13-2000eg Battery HP HSTNN-IB3V HD04XL

Replaces Battery HD04XL

List Price: $133.90
Our Price: $112.90
HP SH03XL Battery for Spectre x360 13 HP SH03XL Battery for Select Spectre x360 13" models

HP SH03XL Battery for Spectre x360 13

List Price: $133.90
Our Price: $112.90
SL04XL Battery HP SL04XL Battery for Envy 14-3000 Spectre Series

HP SL04XL Battery for Envy 14-3000 Spectre Series

List Price: $133.90
Our Price: $122.90
HP 665054-171 Battery HP 665054-171 Battery for Envy 14-3000

HP 665054-171 Battery

List Price: $133.90
Our Price: $122.90

HP Spectre Series Batteries and Chargers

Get longer battery life and improved laptop performance with a replacement HP Spectre Series battery and charger. We use the highest quality lithium-ion battery cells and components that charge faster, last longer, and weigh less. Our batteries are manufactured specifically to replace the original battery or charger that came with your HP laptop.

All our HP Spectre Series batteries and chargers are tested, inspected, and backed by a 2 year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Get the best service, price and advice on HP Spectre Series batteries and chargers from Laptop Battery Express.