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AC adapter for HP 15T Laptops 19.5V-3.33A 4.5 mm-3.0 mm connector AC adapter for HP laptops 19.5v, 3.33A, 4.5mm - 3.0mm

AC adapter for HP laptops 19.5v, 3.33A, 4.5mm - 3.0mm

List Price: $73.99
Our Price: $64.50

HP Pavilion 15 Series Laptop Batteries

The HP Pavilion 15 series of laptops are competing for supremacy in the small business sector by providing the absolute essentials with no frills at a reasonable price. In the many sub-series’ of HP Pavilion laptops lies one of the most well known, the HP Pavilion 15 series. This series provides some of the best support for small business owners. Because it is such an integral part of small businesses, it’s imperative that each one has a proper HP Pavilion 15 series laptop battery to keep businesses running as fast as necessary.

At Laptop Battery Express, our HP Pavilion 15 series laptop battery is made with the most care and best materials on the market today. We bring you batteries that are made with strict manufacturing guidelines in mind to ensure that every battery that leaves the line is just as amazing as the ones before and all subsequent batteries that leave the line.

Our 11.1 volt HP Pavilion 15 series laptop battery is made with premium battery cells that meet or exceed Samsung’s high technological standards and are sourced directly from them. Each of the six cells in the HP Pavilion 15 series laptop batteries will put out the most mAh possible, giving you a whopping 58 Whr in just one six-cell unit. Additionally, the lithium-ion inside prevents the battery from having “memory” problems, allowing you to continue working and not worrying about false alarms about early degradation.

This assurance is only increased by the incredible chipset technology brought to you by a leader in technology, Texas Instruments. With their chipsets installed, you can be assured that your battery utility software is getting accurate readings on not only the percentage and time remaining on the battery, but continuous updates on the full carrying capacity of the batteries. This will let you know when it’s time to change your batteries, which shouldn’t be for a while with our batteries.

We promise you 300 to 500 full recharges, easily. This promise is backed up by Laptop Battery Express’ 30-day satisfaction guarantee and the two-year warranty that we put behind every battery we sell.