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Pavilion dv3 Series Pavilion dv3-1000 Series Pavilion dv3-1001tx
Pavilion dv3-1051xx Pavilion dv3-1052xx Pavilion dv3-1073ca
Pavilion dv3-1073cl Pavilion dv3-1075ca Pavilion dv3-1075us
Pavilion dv3-1077ca Pavilion dv3-1124ca Pavilion dv3-1253nr
Pavilion dv3-2000 Series Pavilion dv3-2001TU Pavilion dv3-2001TX
Pavilion dv3-2001xx Pavilion dv3-2002TU Pavilion dv3-2002tx
Pavilion dv3-2003TU Pavilion dv3-2003tx Pavilion dv3-2004TU
Pavilion dv3-2004tx Pavilion dv3-2005ee Pavilion dv3-2005TU
Pavilion dv3-2005tx Pavilion dv3-2006TU Pavilion dv3-2006tx
Pavilion dv3-2007ee Pavilion dv3-2007TU Pavilion dv3-2007TX
Pavilion dv3-2008TU Pavilion dv3-2008TX Pavilion dv3-2009TX
Pavilion dv3-2010el Pavilion dv3-2010et Pavilion dv3-2010TX
Pavilion dv3-2011TX Pavilion dv3-2012TX Pavilion dv3-2013TX
Pavilion dv3-2014TX Pavilion dv3-2015ee Pavilion dv3-2015TX
Pavilion dv3-2016TX Pavilion dv3-2017ee Pavilion dv3-2017TX
Pavilion dv3-2018TX Pavilion dv3-2019TX Pavilion dv3-2020ei
Pavilion dv3-2020el Pavilion dv3-2020et Pavilion dv3-2020TX
Pavilion dv3-2021TX Pavilion dv3-2022TX Pavilion dv3-2023TX
Pavilion dv3-2024TX Pavilion dv3-2025ee Pavilion dv3-2025eg
Pavilion dv3-2025TX Pavilion dv3-2026TX Pavilion dv3-2027ee
Pavilion dv3-2027TX Pavilion dv3-2028TX Pavilion dv3-2029TX
Pavilion dv3-2030ef Pavilion dv3-2030ei Pavilion dv3-2030ek
Pavilion dv3-2030eo Pavilion dv3-2030ez Pavilion dv3-2030TX
Pavilion dv3-2031TX Pavilion dv3-2032TX Pavilion dv3-2033eg
Pavilion dv3-2033TX Pavilion dv3-2034TX Pavilion dv3-2035TX
Pavilion dv3-2036TX Pavilion dv3-2050 Pavilion dv3-2050ea
Pavilion dv3-2050ec Pavilion dv3-2050eo Pavilion dv3-2050ep
Pavilion dv3-2050es Pavilion dv3-2050ev Pavilion dv3-2050ew
Pavilion dv3-2051 Pavilion dv3-2051ea Pavilion dv3-2055
Pavilion dv3-2055ea Pavilion dv3-2060 Pavilion dv3-2060ea
Pavilion dv3-2060ek Pavilion dv3-2070 Pavilion dv3-2070es
Pavilion dv3-2080 Pavilion dv3-2080eo Pavilion dv3-2090
Pavilion dv3-2090ej Pavilion dv3-2090en Pavilion dv3-2100
Pavilion dv3-2101TU Pavilion dv3-2101TU Pavilion dv3-2101TX
Pavilion dv3-2101TX Pavilion dv3-2102TU Pavilion dv3-2102TU
Pavilion dv3-2102TX Pavilion dv3-2102TX Pavilion dv3-2103TU
Pavilion dv3-2103TX Pavilion dv3-2104TX Pavilion dv3-2105ee
Pavilion dv3-2105TU Pavilion dv3-2105TX Pavilion dv3-2106TU
Pavilion dv3-2106TX Pavilion dv3-2107TU Pavilion dv3-2107TX
Pavilion dv3-2108TU Pavilion dv3-2108TX Pavilion dv3-2109TX
Pavilion dv3-2110eg Pavilion dv3-2110er Pavilion dv3-2110es
Pavilion dv3-2110TX Pavilion dv3-2111TX Pavilion dv3-2112TX
Pavilion dv3-2113TX Pavilion dv3-2114TX Pavilion dv3-2115ea
Pavilion dv3-2115ee Pavilion dv3-2115TX Pavilion dv3-2116TX
Pavilion dv3-2117TX Pavilion dv3-2118TX Pavilion dv3-2119TX
Pavilion dv3-2120ea Pavilion dv3-2120ss Pavilion dv3-2120TX
Pavilion dv3-2121TX Pavilion dv3-2122TX Pavilion dv3-2123TX
Pavilion dv3-2124TX Pavilion dv3-2125ee Pavilion dv3-2125TX
Pavilion dv3-2126TX Pavilion dv3-2127TX Pavilion dv3-2128TX
Pavilion dv3-2129TX Pavilion dv3-2130ea Pavilion dv3-2130ef
Pavilion dv3-2130ei Pavilion dv3-2130el Pavilion dv3-2130es
Pavilion dv3-2130ez Pavilion dv3-2130TX Pavilion dv3-2131TX
Pavilion dv3-2133mx Pavilion dv3-2133tx Pavilion dv3-2135tx
Pavilion dv3-2136tx Pavilion dv3-2137TX Pavilion dv3-2138TX
Pavilion dv3-2139TX Pavilion dv3-2140ei Pavilion dv3-2140eo
Pavilion dv3-2140TX Pavilion dv3-2141TX Pavilion dv3-2142TX
Pavilion dv3-2143TX Pavilion dv3-2144TX Pavilion dv3-2145TX
Pavilion dv3-2146TX Pavilion dv3-2147TX Pavilion dv3-2148TX
Pavilion dv3-2149TX Pavilion dv3-2150ec Pavilion dv3-2150ej
Pavilion dv3-2150el Pavilion dv3-2150ep Pavilion dv3-2150es
Pavilion dv3-2150ev Pavilion dv3-2150TX Pavilion dv3-2150US
Pavilion dv3-2154ca Pavilion dv3-2155ee Pavilion dv3-2155mx
Pavilion dv3-2157cl Pavilion dv3-2160eo Pavilion dv3-2165ee
Pavilion dv3-2175ee Pavilion dv3-2201TX Pavilion dv3-2202TX
Pavilion dv3-2203TX Pavilion dv3-2204TX Pavilion dv3-2205TX
Pavilion dv3-2300 Pavilion dv3-2301tu Pavilion dv3-2301tx
Pavilion dv3-2302tx Pavilion dv3-2303tx Pavilion dv3-2304tx
Pavilion dv3-2305tx Pavilion dv3-2306tx Pavilion dv3-2307tx
Pavilion dv3-2308tx Pavilion dv3-2309tx Pavilion dv3-2310ea
Pavilion dv3-2310er Pavilion dv3-2310sw Pavilion dv3-2310tx
Pavilion dv3-2311tx Pavilion dv3-2312tx Pavilion dv3-2313tx
Pavilion dv3-2314tx Pavilion dv3-2315tx Pavilion dv3-2316tx
Pavilion dv3-2317tx Pavilion dv3-2318tx Pavilion dv3-2319tx
Pavilion dv3-2320ep Pavilion dv3-2320es Pavilion dv3-2320tx
Pavilion dv3-2321tx Pavilion dv3-2322tx Pavilion dv3-2323tx
Pavilion dv3-2324tx Pavilion dv3-2325tx Pavilion dv3-2326tx
Pavilion dv3-2327tx Pavilion dv3-2328tx Pavilion dv3-2329tx
Pavilion dv3-2330tx Pavilion dv3-2340ez Pavilion dv3-2350ed
Pavilion dv3-2350ee Pavilion dv3-2350el Pavilion dv3-2355ee
Pavilion dv3-2360ee Pavilion dv3-2380eg Pavilion dv3-2390eg
Pavilion dv3-2390eo Pavilion dv3-4000 Series Pavilion dv3-4000sb
Pavilion dv3-4001tx Pavilion dv3-4002tx Pavilion dv3-4002tx
Pavilion dv3-4003tx Pavilion dv3-4004tx Pavilion dv3-4005tx
Pavilion dv3-4006tx Pavilion dv3-4007tx Pavilion dv3-4009ee
Pavilion dv3-4010ee Pavilion dv3-4010em Pavilion dv3-4010sg
Pavilion dv3-4010sl Pavilion dv3-4010tx Pavilion dv3-4010tx
Pavilion dv3-4016tx Pavilion dv3-4019tx Pavilion dv3-4020sp
Pavilion dv3-4020tx Pavilion dv3-4025er Pavilion dv3-4026tx
Pavilion dv3-4027tx Pavilion dv3-4028tx Pavilion dv3-4029tx
Pavilion dv3-4030er Pavilion dv3-4030tx Pavilion dv3-4031tx
Pavilion dv3-4034tx Pavilion dv3-4035tx Pavilion dv3-4036tx
Pavilion dv3-4037ee Pavilion dv3-4037tx Pavilion dv3-4038ee
Pavilion dv3-4038tx Pavilion dv3-4039tx Pavilion dv3-4040eo
Pavilion dv3-4042tx Pavilion dv3-4043tx Pavilion dv3-4044tx
Pavilion dv3-4045eo Pavilion dv3-4045tx Pavilion dv3-4046tx
Pavilion dv3-4047tx Pavilion dv3-4048tx Pavilion dv3-4049tx
Pavilion dv3-4050ea Pavilion dv3-4050ec Pavilion dv3-4050ez
Pavilion dv3-4060ee Pavilion dv3-4060eo Pavilion dv3-4060es
Pavilion dv3-4061ee Pavilion dv3-4063se Pavilion dv3-4064se
Pavilion dv3-4065tx Pavilion dv3-4070ee Pavilion dv3-4070ss
Pavilion dv3-4071ee Pavilion dv3-4080ss Pavilion dv3000 Series
Pavilion dv3001tx Pavilion dv3002tx Pavilion dv3003tx
Pavilion dv3004tx Pavilion dv3005tx Pavilion dv3006tx
Pavilion dv3007tx Pavilion dv3008tx Pavilion dv3009tx
Pavilion dv3010tx Pavilion dv3011tx Pavilion dv3012tx
Pavilion dv3013tx Pavilion dv3014tx Pavilion dv3015tx
Pavilion dv3016tx Pavilion dv3017tx Pavilion dv3018tx
Pavilion dv3019tx Pavilion dv3020tx Pavilion dv3021tx
Pavilion dv3022tx Pavilion dv3023tx Pavilion dv3024tx
Pavilion dv3025tx Pavilion dv3026tx Pavilion dv3027tx
Pavilion dv3028tx Pavilion dv3029tx Pavilion dv3030tx
Pavilion dv3100 Pavilion dv3101tx Pavilion dv3102tx
Pavilion dv3103tx Pavilion dv3104tx Pavilion dv3105tx
Pavilion dv3106tx Pavilion dv3107tx Pavilion dv3108tx
Pavilion dv3109tx Pavilion dv3110tx Pavilion dv3111tx
Pavilion dv3112tx Pavilion dv3113tx Pavilion dv3114tx
Pavilion dv3115tx Pavilion dv3116tx Pavilion dv3500
Pavilion dv3500ea Pavilion dv3500en Pavilion dv3500er
Pavilion dv3500t Pavilion dv3501tx Pavilion dv3502tx
Pavilion dv3503tx Pavilion dv3504tx Pavilion dv3505ea
Pavilion dv3505tx Pavilion dv3505xx Pavilion dv3506la
Pavilion dv3506tx Pavilion dv3507ea Pavilion dv3507tx
Pavilion dv3508br Pavilion dv3508tx Pavilion dv3509tx
Pavilion dv3510er Pavilion dv3510nr Pavilion dv3510tx
Pavilion dv3t Series Pavilion dv3z Series

HP Pavilion DV3 Series Batteries and Chargers

Get longer battery life and improved laptop performance with a replacement HP Pavilion DV3 Series battery and charger. We use the highest quality lithium-ion battery cells and components that charge faster, last longer, and weigh less. Our batteries are manufactured specifically to replace the original battery or charger that came with your HP laptop.

All our HP Pavilion DV3 Series batteries and chargers are tested, inspected, and backed by a 2 year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Get the best service, price and advice on HP Pavilion DV3 Series batteries and chargers from Laptop Battery Express.

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AC Power Adapter for HP dv3-2000 AC Power Adapter HP Pavilion dv3 DV3000 Series 19 volts 4.74A 90 watts

AC Power Adapter HP dv3-2000

List Price: $73.99
Our Price: $65.50
HP Pavilion dv3-2000 Presario Battery HP Pavilion dv3-2000 series Battery

HP Pavilion dv3-2000 series 6 Cell Laptop Battery

List Price: $133.99
Our Price: $85.90
HP RT06 Battery HP RT06 Battery for Pavilion dv3-2000 series

HP RT06 Battery

List Price: $133.99
Our Price: $85.90
HP HSTNN-LB93 battery HP HSTNN-LB93 Battery for Pavilion dv3-2000

HP HSTNN-LB93 battery

List Price: $133.99
Our Price: $85.90
HP Pavilion G Series Battery HP Pavilion g4 g6 g7 g32 g42 g56 g62 g72 Battery

HP Pavilion G Series Laptop Battery

List Price: $173.99
Our Price: $92.90