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AC power adapter for select Compaq laptops
AC adapter for Compaq Laptops 19V-6.3 5.5mm-2.5mm connector
List Price: $69.99
Our Price: $59.00

AC power adapter for Compaq laptops. 19 Volts 6.3 Amps 5.5mm-2.5mm connector Fits Compaq Presario 3000, R3000, 3050, ZD7000
Fits The many laptop models listed at the bottom of this web page plus many more.
dv8 dv8-1000 dv8-1000eb dv8-1001tx dv8-1001xx dv8-1002tx dv8-1003tx dv8-1005tx dv8-1007tx dv8-1009tx dv8-1010el
dv8-1010er dv8-1050eg dv8-1050ep dv8-1050es dv8-1080ea dv8-1080ed dv8-1080ez dv8-1090ef dv8-1090ev dv8-1090ez dv8-1093ca dv8-1099eo dv8t
HP Pavilion dv8 dv8t dv8-1000 Series Laptop Battery 14 Volts 8 Cells
List Price: $139.99
Our Price: $79.90

Replaces Battery No. 464058-121 464058-141 464058-161 464059-121 464059-122 464059-141 464059-142 464059-161 464059-221 464059-361 480385-001 497705-001 DYNA-CHA-LOC HSTNN-C50C HSTNN-DB75 HSTNN-IB74 HSTNN-IB75 HSTNN-OB75 HSTNN-Q34C HSTNN-Q35C HSTNN-W50C KS525AA KS525AA#ABA STL-CHA-SON