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AC Power Adapter for HP HDX9000 Series ac-26,391173-001,PPP012L-S,PPP012S-S,PPP014L-S,PPP014H-S,PA-1900-08H2,PA-1900-18H2,HP-AP091F13LF,SE,384020-003,384020-001,384021-001,382021-002,ED495AA,CO1922 HP HDX9000 Series 19 volts 4.74A 90 watts AC Power Adapter

This AC Power Adapter is designed for HP HDX9000 Series.
90 watt charger
19 volts
4.74 amps
Barrel connector with center pin
The laptop connector tip features a pin in the center of the barrel connector. The ac charger unit also ships with 3 prong grounded cord that runs from the wall to the ac adapter even though it is not pictured in the photograph.

This AC adapter fits more units than these listed. Check your current adapter for output power ratings compatibility with similar watts, amps and voltage ratings as well as the center pin barrel connector pictured here. This adapter is also compatible with lower wattage rated adapters as well. A higher wattage adapter like this one will recharge your battery faster than a lower wattage ac adapter.
This adapter complies with all CE safety certifications and carries a full 1 year warranty

List Price: $69.99
Our Price: $59.00
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HP HDX9000 Battery

List Price: $169.90
Our Price: $129.90