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Samsung Battery only Charging To 80%?

If the battery on your computer is only charging to 80% this is likely because Battery Life Extender is turned on. Battery Life Extender sets the maximum battery charge level to 80% in order to extend the life of your battery. To turn this function off and charge your Samsung laptop battery to 100% follow the steps below.

Windows 8

1. Open Settings from the Start Screen or your desktop. If you do not have Settings installed click here for instructions on installing it.

2. In the Settings window, go to Power Management.

3. Click the Battery Life Extender tab.

4. On the Battery Life Extender window, slide the slider to Off. Battery Life Extender is now turned off.

Windows 7

In order to turn Battery Life Extender off in Windows 7, you will need to access the BIOS. To access the BIOS and turn this function off, follow the steps below.

1. Turn your computer on

2. When you see the Samsung logo appear, press the F2 key repeatedly and the BIOS screen will appear

3. Use the right arrow key on your keyboard to move to the Advanced tab in the BIOS

4. Use the down arrow key to highlight Battery Life Cycle Extension, then press Enter

5. Use the up/down arrow keys to select Disabled and then press Enter

6. Press the F10 key to save and exit. Your computer will now start up and Battery Life Extender is disabled