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XPS 12-9Q23 XPS 14Z Ultrabook Series XPS 10
XPS 12 XPS 12-L221x XPS 12D-1708
XPS 13 XPS 13-0015SLV XPS 13-1500sLV
XPS 13-2501sLV XPS 13-40002sLV XPS 13-4040SLV
XPS 13-6928sLV XPS 13-7000sLV XPS 13-9001sLV
XPS 13-925sLV XPS 13-L321X XPS 13-L321X
XPS 13-L322X XPS 1340 XPS 13D-128
XPS 13D-138 XPS 13D-148 XPS 13D-2501
XPS 13D-2508 XPS 13D-2608 XPS 13D-2701
XPS 13D-2708 XPS 13R XPS 13R2-1050sLV
XPS 13R2-1250sLV XPS 13Z XPS 14
XPS 14 (L421X) XPS 14 (L421Z) XPS 14 - L401X
XPS 14z XPS 14z (L412X) XPS 14z (L412Z)
XPS 14z-L212X XPS 14z-L212Z XPS 15
XPS 15 ( 9560 ) XPS 15 (9530) XPS 15 (9550)
XPS 15 - L501X XPS 15 - L502X XPS 15 - L521X
XPS 15z XPS 15z L511z XPS 16
XPS 17 XPS 17 - L701X XPS 17 - L702X
XPS L702X XPS M1210 XPS M1330
XPS M1350 XPS M140 XPS M1530
XPS M170 XPS M1710 XPS M1730
XPS M2010 XPS X14Z-2308ELS XPS X14Z-3846SLV

Dell XPS Batteries and Chargers

Get longer battery run times and improved laptop performance with a replacement Dell XPS laptop battery. We have batteries for nearly every Dell XPS laptop model, including the Dell XPS 10 series to the Dell XPS M17 series. Don't see your model listed? Go back to our Dell laptop battery page for the full listing or call our customer support for help. Chances are we have it!

We use the highest quality rechargeable lithium-ion cells that charge faster and last longer. Each battery is inspected and backed by 2 year warranty and 30 day money back return.