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BX501UX-DM175R B01 B05
B06 B1 B1000
B1000A B12 B1A
B43 B43A B43A-CU007X
B43A-CU047X B43A-CU070G B43A-VO055X
B43AV B43E B43E-V0035X
B43E-V0097X B43E-V0106X B43E-V0112X
B43E-V066X B43E-VO037X B43F
B43F-A1B B43F-V0028X B43F-VO093X
B43F-VO121X B43J B43J-A1B
B43J-B1B B43JB B43JC
B43S B43S-XH51 B43S-XH71
B43V B43V-CU024X B43V-CU025G
B43VC B50A B50A-A1
B50A-B1 B50A-B2 B50A-C2
B53 B53F B53J
B53JC B551LA-CN018G B551LA-CR026G
B9440FA B9440FA-GV0002R B9440FA-GV0018R
B9440FA-GV0019R B9440FA-GV0061R B9440FA-GV0095R
B9440FA-GV0096R B9440FA-GV0097R B9440FA-GV0098R
B9440FA-GV0101R B9440FA-GV0112R B9440FA-GV7150T
B9440UA B9440UA-0251A7200U B9440UA-0271A7500U
B9440UA-0451A8650U B9440UA-0471A8350U B9440UA-0511A8550U
B9440UA-0541A8550U B9440UA-0561A8250U B9440UA-0631A8250U
B9440UA-GV0005R B9440UA-GV0006R B9440UA-GV0028R
B9440UA-GV0046R B9440UA-GV0048R B9440UA-GV0050R
B9440UA-GV0056R B9440UA-GV0076R B9440UA-GV0081R
B9440UA-GV0094R B9440UA-GV0100R B9440UA-GV0100T
B9440UA-GV0101T B9440UA-GV0128R B9440UA-GV0132R
B9440UA-GV0143R B9440UA-GV0144R B9440UA-GV0177R
B9440UA-GV0188R B9440UA-GV0204R B9440UA-GV0210R
B9440UA-GV0210T B9440UA-GV0211T B9440UA-GV0215R
B9440UA-GV0218R B9440UA-GV0230R B9440UA-GV0274T
B9440UA-GV0279R B9440UA-GV0303R B9440UA-GV0342T
B9440UA-GV0361R B9440UA-GV0389R B9440UA-GV0407T
B9440UA-GV0409R B9440UA-GV0432R B9440UA-GV0432T
B9440UA-GV0433R B9440UA-GV0443R B9440UA-GV0450R
B9440UA-GV0474R B9440UA-GV0475R B9440UA-GV9103T
B9440UA-XS51 B9440UA-XS51 B9440UA-XS74
B9440UA-XS77 B9440UA7200 B9440UA7500
B9440UAV B9450 B9450F
B9450FA BX333FN BX431FA
BX510UW-DM097R BX510UX BX510UX-CN118R
BX510UX-CN258T BX510UX-CN261R BX510UX-CN261T
BX510UX-DM122R BX510UX-DM198R BX510UX-DM260R
Pro B551 Pro B551LA-CR015G Pro B551LG
Pro B551LG-CN009G ROG B551 ROG B551L

Asus B Series Model Batteries and Chargers

Get longer battery life and improved laptop performance with a new Asus B series battery. Each Asus B series battery uses the highest quality lithium-ion cells and component chip-set. Each Asus B model battery is tested and inspected and backed by a 2 year warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.

We stock dozens of Asus batteries. You can find your model number by looking at near the screen of your opened laptop. If you have any questions on fit or compatibility don't hesitate to call us.