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MacBook Pro 15 Inch Battery

Revive your battery life and improve performance with a new replacement MacBook Pro 15" battery. We carry nearly every MacBook Pro 15 inch battery from 2008 to Late 2013.

You can be sure you order the correct battery by cross referencing your model number (found on the bottom of your MacBook) with the model year. The model year can be found by going to the Apple Icon and click on About This Mac (Click on More Info on the older macOS).

We use the highest quality lithium-polymer cells from Xtend that charge faster and last longer than cheaper, lower quality batteries. Lower quality batteries can wear out in as little as 6 months. Ours can run up to 5 years. Our batteries are made with the same level of quality as the Apple OEM batteries.

The higher quality battery cells can store more power and run more efficiently. Additionally, our batteries are made with premium battery components from Texas Instruments, which allow for faster charging and longer run time.

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