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Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1 Gen 5 Battery (2017)

Lenovo 01AV494 Battery
Lenovo 01AV494 Battery

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Lenovo 01AV494 battery for ThinkPad X1 Carbon 5th Gen 2017 Models

This Lenovo 01AV494 battery is the 5th generation and fits laptops made in 2017. There are 5 different laptops in the Lenovo X1 family. If you have a laptop older than this, this is not the correct battery. This internal battery is used on all laptops that begin with type 20FB 20HR or 20K as the initial portion of the model type number found on the bottom of the laptop.

For Example, this Lenovo 01AV494 battery fits these laptop models:







This laptop was originally announced on Jan 7, 2017. You can find your "laptop type number" on the bottom of your laptop. The type number will precede your laptop's serial number which is abbreviated as S/N. There are three different batteries used inside the five Lenovo X1 models that Lenovo has released. Each one uses a different battery and it can be confusing since the batteries are internally mounted. There are many different internal batteries designed for the Lenovo X1 carbon series. To confirm which battery you have, we advise that you check the model type numbers printed directly on the battery.

The laptop case will need to be opened in order to change the battery. This is a user replaceable task if you have a small phillips head screw driver. There are 7 phillips head screws that need to be removed to pop off the keyboard cover. The keyboard will come off and expose the battery. The battery has a ribbon cable that inserts into the main circuit board. This ribbon cable will be removed and the wiring harness on your new battery will plug into the motherboard in the same opening.

We use the highest quality lithium-ion batteries that charge fast, last longer and weigh less than cheaper, lower quality batteries. This 01AV494 battery is 100% compatible with the original battery specifications and is individually tested and backed by a 1 Year warranty.

Tech Specs

  • Lenovo brand
  • 11.52 Volts
  • 57 Whr
  • 6 Cell Li-ion
  • Samsung (South Korea)
  • Black
  • Assembled in China
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30 day full satisfaction guarantee
  • 300-500 recharge cycles

You can expect about 4 hours to 8+ hours of run time with this 01AV494 battery when new, depending on your energy use.

Replaces these Lenovo X1 carbon Gen 5 battery part numbers:


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