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Fujitsu FPB0340S Battery for LifeBook U9311X and U939

Fujitsu FPB0340S Battery for LifeBook U9311X and U939 Models
Fujitsu FPCBP536 Battery for LifeBook U9311X and U939 Models

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Fujitsu FPB0340S Battery for LifeBook U9311X and U939 Models

Get longer battery life and improved performance with a new Fujitsu FPB0340S battery. This Fujitsu FPB0340S battery is compatible with the LifeBook U9311X and U9390, U9310, U937, and U939 models. Additional compatible models and battery part numbers are listed below.

This FPB0340S battery is rated 14.4 volts and 40 Whr and will normally last 5-7 hours on a full charge. This FPCBP536 battery features the highest quality lithium-ion cells and components that charge faster and last longer than cheaper, lower quality batteries.

This Fujitsu FPB0340S battery is 100% compatible with the original battery specifications and is individually tested and backed by a 1 year warranty.

Tech Specs

  • Fujitsu
  • 14.4 volts
  • 40 Whr
  • made with 4 cells or 6 Cells Li-ion
  • Samsung (South Korea)
  • Black
  • Assembled in China
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30 day full satisfaction guarantee
  • 300-500 recharge cycles

Replaces these Fujitsu battery part numbers


Compatible with these Fujitsu Models

    LifeBook U9310X
    LifeBook U9310X VFY FJINTU9310XA01
    LifeBook U9310X VFY FJINTU9310XA03
    LifeBook U9310X VFY FJINTU9310XA04
    LifeBook U9310X VFY FJINTU9310XV01
    LifeBook U9310X VFY FJINTU9310XV02
    LifeBook U9310X VFY FJINTU9310XV03
    LifeBook U9310X VFY FJINTU9310XV05
    LifeBook U9310X VFY FJINTU9310XV06
    LifeBook U9310X VFY FJSTRU9310XV05
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM0002RU
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM0003RU
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM0004RU
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM0005RU
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM0007FR
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM0008FR
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM15A0IT
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM15A0NL
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM15A0PT
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM15A1NL
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM15A1PT
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM172TBA
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM176TBA
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM17A0IT
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM17A0PT
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM17A1PT
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM17A2BE
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM17A3BE
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM17A3LU
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM471TGB
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XM472TGB
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC5AMCH
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC5AMDE
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC5DMCH
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC5DMDE
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC5DMPL
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC5HNNC
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC5JNNC
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC5LMDE
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC5MMDE
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC7BMCH
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC7BMDE
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC7FMFR
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC7GNNC
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC7INNC
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC7KMDE
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC7OMCH
    LifeBook U9310X VFY U931XMC7OMDE
    LifeBook U9311X
    LifeBook U9311X VFY FJINTU9311XV01
    LifeBook U9311X VFY FJINTU9311XV02
    LifeBook U9311X VFY FJINTU9311XV03
    LifeBook U9311X VFY FJINTU9311XV04
    LifeBook U9311X VFY FJINTU9311XV05
    LifeBook U9311X VFY FJINTU9311XV06
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U931XM15BMNL
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U931XM15CMNL
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11M0010RU
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11M17AMGB
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11M17BMGB
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MF5AMDE
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MF5BMDE
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MF7AMDE
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MF7BMES
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MF7BMIT
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MF7BMPL
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MF7CMES
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MF7DMBE
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MF7DMIT
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MF7DMLU
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MP5DMES
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MP5DNNC
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MP5EMIT
    LifeBook U9311X VFY U9X11MP7DMIT
    LifeBook U937 VFY U9370MP580DE
    LifeBook U937 VFY U9370MP760DE
    LifeBook U937-P580DE
    LifeBook U937-P760DE
    LifeBook U938 VFY U9380MP580CH
    LifeBook U938 VFY U9380MP580DE
    LifeBook U938 VFY U9380MP780DE
    LifeBook U938 VFY U9380MP78RDE
    LifeBook U939 i5
    LifeBook U939 VFY FJINTU939A11
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M0001RU
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M0002RU
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M0003RU
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M0017RU
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M150SGB
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M150SNL
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M151FFR
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M151SGB
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M151SIT
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M151SNL
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M151TPT
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M152FFR
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M152TPT
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M170SGB
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M171FFR
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M171SGB
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M171SIT
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M171TPT
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M172FFR
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M172SGB
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M172TPT
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M251FES
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M251TBE
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M251TLU
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M251TNC
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M252TBE
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M252TLU
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M271TES
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M450SIT
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M450SNC
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M451SIT
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M451SNC
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M452SNC
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M470SIT
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M470SNC
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390M471SNC
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390MP590CH
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390MP590DE
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390MP59RCH
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390MP59RDE
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390MP790CH
    LifeBook U939 VFY U9390MP790DE
    LifeBook U939 VFY U939XMP790DE
    LifeBook U939X
    LifeBook U939X VFY U939XMP590DE
    LifeBook U939X VFY U939XMP59RDE
    LifeBook U939X VFY U939XMP790DE
    LifeBook U939X VFY U939XMP79RDE
    LifeBook U939X VFY U939XMPB77DE
    LifeBook U939X VFY U939XMPR77DE

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AC adapter for Fujitsu Laptops 19V-6.3 5.5mm-2.5mm connector Portable Phone Charger Power Bank Battery for Phones and Tablets 10,000 mAh White Case Power Bank Battery for Phones and Tablets Black Case
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Our Price: $25.00

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