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ENVY 13 ENVY 13-1000 ENVY 13-1001tx
ENVY 13-1002tx ENVY 13-1003xx ENVY 13-1004tx
ENVY 13-1005tx ENVY 13-1006tx ENVY 13-1007ev
ENVY 13-1007la ENVY 13-1007tx ENVY 13-1008tx
ENVY 13-1010er ENVY 13-1015er ENVY 13-1030ca
ENVY 13-1030nr ENVY 13-1050ea ENVY 13-1050ef
ENVY 13-1050eg ENVY 13-1050es ENVY 13-1099eo
ENVY 13-1099xl ENVY 13-1100 ENVY 13-1100ea
ENVY 13-1101tx ENVY 13-1102tx ENVY 13-1103tx
ENVY 13-1104tx ENVY 13-1113tx ENVY 13-1130nr
ENVY 13-1140ez ENVY 13-1150ef ENVY 13-1150es
ENVY 13-1190eg ENVY 13-1190eo ENVY 13-1195eo
ENVY 13-1200 ENVY 13-1940ez ENVY 13t-1000
ENVY 13t-1100 ENVY 13t-1200 ENVY 14 Sleekbook
ENVY 14 UltraBook ENVY 14 VX778AV ENVY 14-1000 (all models)
ENVY 14-1002tx ENVY 14-1003tx ENVY 14-1004tx
ENVY 14-1006tx ENVY 14-1009tx ENVY 14-1011tx
ENVY 14-1012tx ENVY 14-1014tx ENVY 14-1015tx
ENVY 14-1050ea ENVY 14-1050et ENVY 14-1070ez
ENVY 14-1090ee ENVY 14-1090eo ENVY 14-1099br
ENVY 14-1100 ENVY 14-1100el ENVY 14-1101eg
ENVY 14-1101tx ENVY 14-1102tx ENVY 14-1105tx
ENVY 14-1106tx ENVY 14-1108TX ENVY 14-1110ew
ENVY 14-1110NR ENVY 14-1110tx ENVY 14-1111nr
ENVY 14-1111tx ENVY 14-1113tx ENVY 14-1114ef
ENVY 14-1116tx ENVY 14-1120er ENVY 14-1150ca
ENVY 14-1154ca ENVY 14-1155ca ENVY 14-1160se
ENVY 14-1163SE ENVY 14-1163se ENVY 14-1190ea
ENVY 14-1190eg ENVY 14-1195ea ENVY 14-1199ez
ENVY 14-1200 (all models) ENVY 14-1200ea ENVY 14-1200eg
ENVY 14-1201ea ENVY 14-1204tx ENVY 14-1208tx
ENVY 14-1210nr ENVY 14-1211nr ENVY 14-1212ef
ENVY 14-1214tx Beats ENVY 14-1260se ENVY 14-2000 (all models)
ENVY 14-2000ea ENVY 14-2000eg ENVY 14-2001xx
ENVY 14-2002ea ENVY 14-2002tx Beats ENVY 14-2005tx
ENVY 14-2010tx ENVY 14-2020nr ENVY 14-2050se
ENVY 14-2054se ENVY 14-2070nr ENVY 14-2090ca
ENVY 14-2090ef ENVY 14-2099sf ENVY 14-k Series
ENVY 14-k010US ENVY 14-u Series ENVY 14-u001tx
ENVY 14-u002tx ENVY 14-u003tx ENVY 14-u004tx
ENVY 14-u005tx ENVY 14-u006tx ENVY 14-u010tx
ENVY 14-u011tx ENVY 14-V Series ENVY 14t-1100 CTO
ENVY 14t-1200 CTO ENVY 14t-2000 CTO ENVY 14T-U Series
ENVY 14T-U100 Series ENVY 15 ENVY 15-1000
ENVY 15-1000se ENVY 15-1001tx ENVY 15-1001xx
ENVY 15-1002tx ENVY 15-1002xx ENVY 15-1003tx
ENVY 15-1007tx ENVY 15-1008xx ENVY 15-1009tx
ENVY 15-1011tx ENVY 15-1013tx ENVY 15-1014tx
ENVY 15-1015tx ENVY 15-1018tx ENVY 15-1019tx
ENVY 15-1021tx ENVY 15-1022tx ENVY 15-1050ca
ENVY 15-1050nr ENVY 15-1055se ENVY 15-1066nr
ENVY 15-1067nr ENVY 15-1099xl ENVY 15-1100
ENVY 15-1101tx ENVY 15-1102tx ENVY 15-1102xx
ENVY 15-1103tx ENVY 15-1104tx ENVY 15-1105tx
ENVY 15-1106tx ENVY 15-1107tx ENVY 15-1108tx
ENVY 15-1109br ENVY 15-1109tx ENVY 15-1110tx
ENVY 15-1111tx ENVY 15-1150nr ENVY 15-1155nr
ENVY 15-1200 ENVY 15-3000 Envy 15-3000tx
Envy 15-3001tx Envy 15-3001xx Envy 15-3002tx
Envy 15-3003tx Envy 15-3005tx Envy 15-3006tx
Envy 15-3010tx Envy 15-3011tx Envy 15-3012tx
Envy 15-3014tx Envy 15-3016tx Envy 15-3017tx
Envy 15-3018tx Envy 15-3020tx Envy 15-3021tx
Envy 15-3023tx Envy 15-3033cl Envy 15-3040nr
Envy 15-3047nr Envy 15-3090ca Envy 15-3090la
ENVY 15-3100 Envy 15-3200 Envy 15-3205TX
ENVY 15-3300 ENVY 15-AE100 ENVY 15-J017CL
ENVY 15-K Series ENVY 15-k000ng ENVY 15-k000nl
ENVY 15-k001tx ENVY 15-k002tx ENVY 15-k003nl
ENVY 15-k003nx ENVY 15-k003tx ENVY 15-k004nf
ENVY 15-k006nl ENVY 15-k008ng ENVY 15-k017tx
ENVY 15-k018tx ENVY 15-k019tx ENVY 15-k025tx
ENVY 15-k026tx ENVY 15-k030tx ENVY 15-k031ng
ENVY 15-k035nd ENVY 15-k046nd ENVY 15-k048nd
ENVY 15-k050nz ENVY 15-k060nz ENVY 15-k061no
ENVY 15-k063no ENVY 15-k069nz ENVY 15-k078nz
ENVY 15-K100 Series ENVY 15-k102ng ENVY 15-k103ng
ENVY 15-k109TX ENVY 15-k110TX ENVY 15-k111nf
ENVY 15-k111nl ENVY 15-k112nl ENVY 15-k113nl
ENVY 15-k118nr ENVY 15-k200 Series ENVY 15-u0100ng
ENVY 15-u010dx ENVY 15-u011dx ENVY 15-u050ca
ENVY 15-u111dx ENVY 15-u170ca ENVY 15-u270ca
ENVY 15T ENVY 15t-1000 ENVY 15t-1100
ENVY 15t-1200 Envy 15t-3000 CTO ENVY 15T-K Series
ENVY 15T-K100 Series ENVY 15T-V Series ENVY 17
ENVY 17-1000 Series ENVY 17-1001xx ENVY 17-1003xx
ENVY 17-1006tx ENVY 17-1007tx ENVY 17-1010nr
ENVY 17-1010tx ENVY 17-1011nr ENVY 17-1011tx
ENVY 17-1012nr ENVY 17-1181nr ENVY 17-1190ca
ENVY 17-2000 Series ENVY 17-2001xx ENVY 17-2050ep
ENVY 17-2090ep ENVY 17-K Series ENVY 17-N Series (all Models)
ENVY 17-N000 ENVY 17-N100ni ENVY 17-N199NP
ENVY 17t-1000 CTO ENVY 17t-1100 CTO ENVY 17t-2000 CTO
ENVY 17t-3000 ENVY 17T-K Series (all Models) ENVY 17T-K100
ENVY 4-1000 Series ENVY 4-1001tx ENVY 4-1001tx
ENVY 4-1008tx ENVY 4-1009tx ENVY 4-1013tx
ENVY 4-1015dx ENVY 4-1043cl ENVY 4-1105dx
ENVY 4-1110us ENVY 4-1115dx ENVY 4-1130us
ENVY 4-1215dx ENVY 6-1000 (All Models) ENVY 6-1010us
ENVY dv4-5200 ENVY dv4-5200 CTO ENVY dv4-5201tu
ENVY dv4-5201tx ENVY dv4-5202tu ENVY dv4-5202tx
ENVY dv4-5203tx ENVY dv4-5204tx ENVY dv4-5205tx
ENVY dv4-5206tx ENVY dv4-5208tx ENVY dv4-5209tx
ENVY dv4-5211tx ENVY dv4-5213 ENVY dv4-5213CL
ENVY dv4-5213tx ENVY dv4-5214tx ENVY dv4-5215tx
ENVY dv4-5216 ENVY dv4-5216ET ENVY dv4-5216tx
ENVY dv4-5217tx ENVY dv4-5218 ENVY dv4-5218ET
ENVY dv4-5220 ENVY dv4-5220US ENVY dv4-5260
ENVY dv4-5260NR ENVY dv4-5264la ENVY dv4-5266la
ENVY dv4t-5200 ENVY dv4t-5200 CTO ENVY dv6-7200
ENVY dv6-7200 CTO ENVY dv6-7200ea ENVY dv6-7200ei
ENVY dv6-7200ej ENVY dv6-7200eo ENVY dv6-7200et
ENVY dv6-7200sa ENVY dv6-7200sl ENVY dv6-7200st
ENVY dv6-7201eg ENVY dv6-7201tu ENVY dv6-7201tx
ENVY dv6-7202ax ENVY dv6-7202ee ENVY dv6-7202eg
ENVY dv6-7202se ENVY dv6-7202ss ENVY dv6-7202tx
ENVY dv6-7203ax ENVY dv6-7203es ENVY dv6-7203ss
ENVY dv6-7203tu ENVY dv6-7203tx ENVY dv6-7204ax
ENVY dv6-7204ee ENVY dv6-7204se ENVY dv6-7204tu
ENVY dv6-7204tx ENVY dv6-7205ax ENVY dv6-7205ee
ENVY dv6-7205se ENVY dv6-7206tx ENVY dv6-7207tx
ENVY dv6-7208tx ENVY dv6-7210 ENVY dv6-7210EI
ENVY dv6-7210TX ENVY dv6-7210US ENVY dv6-7211
ENVY dv6-7211NR ENVY dv6-7211TX ENVY dv6-7212TX
ENVY dv6-7213 ENVY dv6-7213NR ENVY dv6-7213TX
ENVY dv6-7214 ENVY dv6-7214NR ENVY dv6-7214TX
ENVY dv6-7215 ENVY dv6-7300 ENVY dv6-7300ea
ENVY dv6-7300sa ENVY dv6-7331sa ENVY M4 -All Models
ENVY M7 ENVY M7-N Series ENVY M7-N101dx
ENVY M7-N109dx ENVY Spectre XT 13 Series ENVY VM247UA
ENVY VM250UAR# ENVY Voodoo NV133 ENVY x360 Series
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HP Pavilion g4 g6 g7 g32 g42 g56 g62 g72 Battery
List Price: $169.99
Our Price: $79.90
HP Pavilion G Series Battery
HP Pavilion G Series Laptop Battery

HP Envy Series Laptop Batteries

The HP Envy series has undergone quite a few changes to keep up with the times. This means that the HP Envy series has several batteries that will function with them, but not all of them will function with every laptop. Finding the correct battery for your laptop is extremely important, as not all batteries will work, even if they appear, visually, to be compatible.

The most important factor to look for is the model number. Our high-quality HP Envy series laptop batteries are made to precise specifications and using highly specialized parts that have specific systems in mind. Once you find the model number, you can easily find which of our batteries you need.

Some of the differentiating factors in the HP Envy series laptop batteries are the amount of lithium-ion cells, the mWh rating, the battery chipset, and the voltage of the batteries.

Although all of our lithium-ion cells are high quality and directly from Samsung, the amount of cells is an important factor for each laptop because it directly effects the mWh rating, which is part of what determines how long your laptop will last on a charge. We provide the highest possible mWh rating with each cell so that your laptop has the longest life possible.

The voltage is another factor that changes between the laptops in the HP Envy series. If the voltage doesn’t match from the battery to the laptop, then the battery may not be able to power the computer or will overpower the computer, causing any number of problems.

At Laptop Battery Express, we install Texas Instruments chipsets that will always provide you with accurate battery readings and information about capacity and current charge, but are assembled differently in each battery and for each laptop.

One thing that doesn’t change from battery to battery is our dedication to quality. We stand behind our work with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a two-year warranty that will last nearly the life of the battery because we know that you should easily get 300 to 500 recharges out of any quality battery.