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Laptop Models
Amilo A1640 Amilo A1645 Amilo A1645G
Amilo A1650 Amilo A1650G Amilo A6600
Amilo A7600 Amilo A7620 Amilo A7640
Amilo A8600 Amilo A8620 Amilo D CY23
Amilo D6800 Amilo D6830 Amilo D7800
Amilo D7830 Amilo D8800 Amilo D8820
Amilo D8830 Amilo EL Amilo EL6800
Amilo EL6810 Amilo K7600 Amilo L6810
Amilo L6820 Amilo L6825 Amilo M1405
Amilo M1424 Amilo M1425 Amilo M1437
Amilo M1439 Amilo M3438 Amilo M4100
Amilo M4438 Amilo M6100 Amilo M6300
Amilo M6500 Amilo M6800 Amilo M7405
Amilo M7424 Amilo M7425 Amilo M7800
Amilo M8800 Amilo Pi 2530 Amilo Pi 2540
Amilo Pi 2550 Amilo Pi 3525 Amilo Pi 3540
Amilo Pro V2020 Amilo Pro V2040 Amilo Pro V2045
Amilo Pro V2060 Amilo Pro V2065 Amilo Pro V2085
Amilo Xi 2428 Amilo Xi 2528 Amilo Xi 2550
Amilo Xi1526 Biblo 172 CELSIUS H250
E8420 FMV-6113NA9/B FMV-6120NA
FMV-Biblo LOOX P70R FMV-Biblo LOOX P70S FMV-Biblo LOOX S80
FMV-Biblo LOOX T50 FMV-Biblo LOOX T50E FMV-Biblo LOOX T50E/W
FMV-Biblo LOOX T55 FMV-Biblo LOOX T55G FMV-Biblo LOOX T60
FMV-Biblo LOOX T60D FMV-Biblo LOOX T60D/W FMV-Biblo LOOX T70
FMV-Biblo LOOX T90D FMV-Biblo MG12 FMV-Biblo MG17
FMV-Biblo MG50 FMV-Biblo MG50H FMV-Biblo MG50K
FMV-Biblo MG50K/T FMV-Biblo MG50KN FMV-Biblo MG50L
FMV-Biblo MG50L/T FMV-Biblo MG50LN FMV-Biblo MG50S
FMV-Biblo MG50SN FMV-Biblo MG50W FMV-Biblo MG55
FMV-Biblo MG55S FMV-Biblo MG55SN FMV-Biblo MG57SN
FMV-Biblo MG70 FMV-Biblo MG70S/T FMV-Biblo MG70SN
FMV-Biblo MG75S FMV-Biblo MG75SN FMV-Biblo NB50J
FMV-Biblo NB50K FMV-Biblo NB50KP FMV-Biblo NB55J
FMV-Biblo NB55J/T FMV-Biblo NB55K FMV-Biblo NB55K/T
FMV-Biblo NB55L/T FMV-Biblo NB7/750R FMV-Biblo NB7/80C
FMV-Biblo NB7/80R FMV-Biblo NB70E FMV-Biblo NB70G
FMV-Biblo NB70H/T FMV-Biblo NB75G FMV-Biblo NB75G/T
FMV-Biblo NB75H FMV-Biblo NB75H/T FMV-Biblo NB75HAV
FMV-Biblo NB75J FMV-Biblo NB75K FMV-Biblo NB75K/T
FMV-Biblo NB75L/T FMV-Biblo NB75L/TS FMV-Biblo NB8
FMV-Biblo NB8/1000L FMV-Biblo NB8/100AL FMV-Biblo NB8/900L
FMV-Biblo NB8/90D FMV-Biblo NB8/90DR FMV-Biblo NB80J
FMV-Biblo NB80K FMV-Biblo NB9 FMV-Biblo NB9/1000L
FMV-Biblo NB9/1130H FMV-Biblo NB9/1600L FMV-Biblo NB9/90R
FMV-Biblo NB9/95 FMV-Biblo NB9/95L FMV-Biblo NB90J
FMV-Biblo NB90J/T FMV-Biblo NB90J/TS FMV-Biblo NB90K/T
FMV-Biblo NB90K/TS FMV-Biblo NE7 FMV-Biblo NE7/1000H
FMV-Biblo NE7/75 FMV-Biblo NE7/75W FMV-Biblo NE7/800
FMV-Biblo NE7/800W FMV-Biblo NE7/850H FMV-Biblo NE8
FMV-Biblo NE8/1000 FMV-Biblo NE8/1000H FMV-Biblo NE8/85
FMV-Biblo NE8/900 FMV-Biblo NE8/900W FMV-Biblo NE9
FMV-Biblo NE9/1000 FMV-Biblo NE9/1130 FMV-Biblo NE9/1130M
FMV-Biblo RS FMV-Biblo RS18D FMV-Biblo RS18D/D
FMV-Biblo RS18D/ST FMV-Biblo RS18D/T FMV-Biblo RS50
FMV-Biblo RS50E/T FMV-Biblo RS50G/T FMV-Biblo RS55
FMV-Biblo RS55E/T FMV-C8200 FMV-E8110
FMV-E8200 FMV-E8210 FMV-E8300
FMV-E8310 FMV-LifeBook 270LS FMV-LifeBook 270LS/W1
FMV-LifeBook 7090MT4 FMV-LifeBook 715NU3/B FMV-LifeBook 716NU3/B
FMV-LifeBook 7180NU4/BX FMV-LifeBook 718NU4/B FMV-LifeBook 718NU4/BX
FMV-LifeBook 7190NU4/B FMV-LifeBook 720NU5/B FMV-LifeBook 720NU5/BX
FMV-LifeBook 7220NU5/B FMV-LifeBook 722NU5/B FMV-LifeBook 7515NU5/B
FMV-LifeBook B8200 FMV-LifeBook B8220 FMV-LifeBook C6200
FMV-LifeBook P8210 FMV-LifeBook S8205 FMV-LifeBook S8220
FMV-LifeBook S8225 FMV-LifeBook S8305 FMV-Stylistic TB10/B
FMV-Stylistic TB10/S FMV-Stylistic TB11/B FMV-Stylistic TB11/R
FMV-Stylistic TB11/S FMV-Stylistic TB80 FMV-Stylistic TB93/B
LifeBook 270DX LifeBook 280DX LifeBook 30N3
LifeBook 3700X LifeBook 400 LifeBook 420
LifeBook 420D LifeBook 435DX LifeBook 470
LifeBook 600 LifeBook 635T LifeBook 635TX
LifeBook 655 LifeBook 655TX LifeBook 656TX
LifeBook 675TX LifeBook 690TX LifeBook 695
LifeBook 735CDT LifeBook 735DX LifeBook 735TX
LifeBook 755TX LifeBook 756TX LifeBook 765DX
LifeBook 765TX LifeBook 770TX LifeBook 780TX
LifeBook 785TX LifeBook 790TX LifeBook 990TX2
LifeBook A1010 LifeBook A1110 LifeBook a1220
LifeBook A170 LifeBook A3040 LifeBook A3110
LifeBook A3120 LifeBook A3130 LifeBook A3210
LifeBook A4170 LifeBook A4177 LifeBook A4178
LifeBook A4187 LifeBook A4190 LifeBook A530
LifeBook A531 LifeBook A6010 LifeBook A6020
LifeBook A6025 LifeBook A6030 LifeBook A6110
LifeBook A6120 LifeBook A6210 LifeBook A6220
LifeBook AH530 LifeBook AH531 LifeBook AH550
LifeBook B112 LifeBook B142 LifeBook B2130
LifeBook B2131 LifeBook B2132 LifeBook B2133
LifeBook B2154 LifeBook B2156 LifeBook B2175
LifeBook B2175A LifeBook B2175B LifeBook B2545
LifeBook B2562 LifeBook B2566 LifeBook B2610
LifeBook B3000D LifeBook B3010D LifeBook B3020
LifeBook B3020D LifeBook B5010 LifeBook B5020
LifeBook B6000D LifeBook B6110 LifeBook B6110D
LifeBook B6210 LifeBook C1010 LifeBook C1020
LifeBook C1110 LifeBook C1110D LifeBook C1211
LifeBook C1211D LifeBook C1212 LifeBook C1212D
LifeBook C1320 LifeBook C1320D LifeBook C1321
LifeBook C1410 LifeBook C2000 LifeBook C2010
LifeBook C2110 LifeBook C2111 LifeBook C2210
LifeBook C2220 LifeBook C2230 LifeBook C2240
LifeBook C2310 LifeBook C2320 LifeBook C2330
LifeBook C2340 LifeBook C25 LifeBook C325
LifeBook C340 LifeBook C342 LifeBook C345
LifeBook C350 LifeBook C352 LifeBook C353
LifeBook C4023 LifeBook C4120 LifeBook C4135
LifeBook C4155 LifeBook C4157 LifeBook C4175
LifeBook C4235 LifeBook C5110 LifeBook C5130
LifeBook C6135 LifeBook C6140 LifeBook C6170
LifeBook C6175 LifeBook C6177 LifeBook C6185
LifeBook C6310 LifeBook C6320 LifeBook C6325
LifeBook C6525 LifeBook C6535 LifeBook C6545
LifeBook C6547 LifeBook C6555 LifeBook C6556
LifeBook C6557 LifeBook C6577 LifeBook C6581
LifeBook C6597 LifeBook C6637 LifeBook C7651
LifeBook E2010 LifeBook E330 LifeBook E335
LifeBook E340 LifeBook E342 LifeBook E350
LifeBook E351 LifeBook E360 LifeBook E362
LifeBook E370 LifeBook E380 LifeBook E390
LifeBook E4010 LifeBook E4010D LifeBook E6520
LifeBook E6530 LifeBook E6541 LifeBook E6550
LifeBook E6555 LifeBook E6575 LifeBook E6577
LifeBook E6595 LifeBook E6596 LifeBook E7000
LifeBook E7010 LifeBook E7110 LifeBook E751
LifeBook E752 LifeBook E752-8 LifeBook E780
LifeBook E8010 LifeBook E8010D LifeBook E8020
LifeBook E8020D LifeBook E8110 LifeBook E8210
LifeBook E8410 LifeBook E8410 LifeBook E8410
LifeBook E8420 LifeBook E8420 LifeBook E8420
LifeBook E8420E LifeBook E8420E LifeBook E8420LA
LifeBook E8420LA LifeBook i4120 LifeBook i4170
LifeBook i4177 LifeBook i4178 LifeBook i4187
LifeBook i4190 LifeBook L440 LifeBook L460
LifeBook LH52/C LifeBook LH520 LifeBook LH530
LifeBook M2010H LifeBook M2011 LifeBook M2011H
LifeBook N3010 LifeBook N3400 LifeBook N3410
LifeBook N3430 LifeBook N3510 LifeBook N3520
LifeBook N3530 LifeBook N5010 LifeBook N6000
LifeBook N6010 LifeBook N6110 LifeBook N6200
LifeBook N6210 LifeBook N6220 LifeBook N6400
LifeBook N6410 LifeBook N6420 LifeBook N6460
LifeBook N6470 LifeBook N7010 LifeBook N7010
LifeBook NH570 LifeBook NH751 LifeBook P1000
LifeBook P1030 LifeBook P1032 LifeBook P1035
LifeBook P1110 LifeBook P1120 LifeBook P1510
LifeBook P1510D LifeBook P1610 LifeBook P1620
LifeBook P1630 LifeBook P2000 LifeBook P2040
LifeBook P2046 LifeBook P2110 LifeBook P2120
LifeBook P5010 LifeBook P5010D LifeBook P5020
LifeBook P5020D LifeBook P7000 LifeBook P7000D
LifeBook P7010 LifeBook P7010D LifeBook P7120
LifeBook P7120D LifeBook P7230 LifeBook P7230D
LifeBook P7230P LifeBook P772 LifeBook P8010
LifeBook P8020 LifeBook PH531 LifeBook Q2010
LifeBook S2000 LifeBook S2010 LifeBook S2020
LifeBook S2110 LifeBook S2210 LifeBook S4510
LifeBook S4542 LifeBook S4546 LifeBook S5582
LifeBook S6000 LifeBook S6010 LifeBook S6110
LifeBook S6120 LifeBook S6120D LifeBook S6210
LifeBook S6220 LifeBook S6230 LifeBook S6231
LifeBook S6240 Black LifeBook S6310 LifeBook S6311
LifeBook S6410C LifeBook S6420 LifeBook S6510
LifeBook S6520 LifeBook S7000/D LifeBook S7010
LifeBook S7010D LifeBook S7011 LifeBook S7020
LifeBook S7020D LifeBook S7021 LifeBook S7025
LifeBook S710 LifeBook S710 LifeBook S7110
LifeBook S7111 LifeBook S7120 LifeBook S7120
LifeBook S7220 LifeBook S7220 LifeBook S7220
LifeBook S7220LA LifeBook S751 LifeBook S752
LifeBook S762 LifeBook T1010 LifeBook T1010LA
LifeBook T2010 LifeBook T2020 Tablet LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC
LifeBook T4000D Tablet PC LifeBook T4010 LifeBook T4010D
LifeBook T4020 LifeBook T4210 LifeBook T4215
LifeBook T4220 LifeBook T4310 LifeBook T4310
LifeBook T4410 LifeBook T4410 LifeBook T5010
LifeBook T5010 LifeBook T5010A LifeBook T5010A
LifeBook T5010ALA LifeBook T5010W LifeBook T5010W
LifeBook T580 LifeBook T730 LifeBook T730
LifeBook T730TRNS LifeBook T731 LifeBook T731
LifeBook T732 LifeBook T734 LifeBook T900
LifeBook T900TRNS LifeBook T900TRNS LifeBook T901
LifeBook T901 LifeBook T902 LifeBook TH700
LifeBook U1010 LifeBook U810 LifeBook UH900
S7220 Stylistic 1000 Stylistic 1200
Stylistic 2300 Stylistic 3400 Stylistic 3500
Stylistic 500 Stylistic LT Stylistic LT C-500
Stylistic LT P-600 Stylistic LT P-600F Stylistic LT P-600T Pen Tablet
Stylistic Q550 Stylistic ST400 Stylistic ST4000P
Stylistic ST4110 Stylistic ST4110P Stylistic ST4120
Stylistic ST4120P Stylistic ST4121 Stylistic ST4121P
Stylistic ST5000 Stylistic ST5000/D Stylistic ST5010
Stylistic ST5010D Stylistic ST5011 Stylistic ST5011D
Stylistic ST5020 Stylistic ST5020D Stylistic ST5021
Stylistic ST5021D Stylistic ST5022 Stylistic ST5022D
Stylistic ST6012
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Genuine Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T901 T731 Tablet PC Battery Fujitsu LifeBook A530 A531 AH530 AH531 LH52/C LH520 LH530 PH531 S762 Battery Genuine Fujitsu Lifebook T902 Modular Bay tablet battery FPCBP365AP
List Price: $199.90
Our Price: $159.90
You Save$40.00!
List Price: $119.90
Our Price: $79.90
You Save$40.00!
List Price: $149.90
Our Price: $139.90
You Save$10.00!
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T731 T901 Tablet PC Battery FPCBP280 Fujitsu LifeBook A530 A531 AH530 AH531 LH52/C LH520 LH530 PH531 Laptop Battery CP477891-01 FMVNBP177 FMVNBP178 FMVNBP186 FMVNBP189 FMVNBP194 FPCBP218 FPCBP218AP FPCBP219 FPCBP219AP FPCBP220 FPCBP220AP FPCBP238 FPCBP238AP FPCBP250 FPCBP250AP FPCBP267 Genuine Fujitsu Lifebook T902 Modular Bay tablet battery FPCBP365AP
Battery Part No. FPCBP280AP Battery Part No.  CP477891-01 Battery Part No.  FPCBP365AP
Genuine Fujitsu Lifebook T902 Main Tablet PC battery FPCBP360AP Fujitsu LifeBook S6310 S7110 S710 laptop battery FMVNBP146 FPCBP145 FPCBP145AP Fujitsu Stylistic LT C500 P600 laptop tablet battery FPCBP48 Rebuild
List Price: $169.90
Our Price: $152.90
You Save$17.00!
List Price: $169.99
Our Price: $79.90
You Save$90.09!
List Price: $179.99
Our Price: $0.01
You Save$179.98!
Genuine Fujitsu Lifebook T902 main tablet PC battery FPCBP30AP Fujitsu LifeBook S6310 laptop battery FMVNBP146, FPCBP145, FPCBP145AP Fujitsu Stylistic LT P600 laptop battery FPCBP48 CA54200-0506, CP098635-01, FMP-BP12, FMP-BP6, FMW29BP1, FMW29BP2, FMW43B2
Battery Part No.  FPCBP360AP Battery Part No. FMVNBP146,  FPCBP145,  FPCBP145AP Battery Part No. FPCBP48 CA54200-0506,  CP098635-01,  FMP-BP12,  FMP-BP6,  FMW29BP1,  FMW29BP2,  FMW43B2
AC adapter for Uniwill Laptops 19V-4.74A 5.5mm-2.5mm Fujitsu Lifebook A1110 V700 V1010 V1020 V1040 Laptop Battery FPCBP192
List Price: $69.00
Our Price: $49.00
You Save$20.00!
List Price: $169.90
Our Price: $89.90
You Save$80.00!
AC adapter for Uniwill Laptops 19V-4.74A 5.5mm-2.5mm Fujitsu Lifebook A1110 V700 V1010 V1020 V1040 Laptop Battery FPCBP192 0644560 0644570 CP355510-01 CP355518-01 FPB0158-01 FPB0159-01 FPCBP192A FPCBP192AP
AC power adapter for Uniwill laptops
19 Volts
4.74 Amps
5.5mm-2.5mm connector
Fits The many laptop models listed at the bottom of this web page plus many more.
Replaces the many brand name AC Charger Adapter part numbers found on the cross reference tab:

battery number: FPCBP192 FPCBP192A FPCBP192AP

Fujitsu Laptop Batteries

As the owner of a Fujitsu laptop, you’ll be glad to find out that we have Fujitsu laptop batteries for nearly every model on the market. The purchase of a replacement battery is a simple and cost-efficient possibility for extending the lifespan of your laptop.

We have a vast range of batteries in stock and ready for shipment. Just take a look at the list of models to figure out whether we’ve got a Fujitsu laptop battery for your particular computer. Some of the products qualify for free, same-day delivery. Pay attention to these details – they’re available on top of the product page.

All of our Fujitsu laptop batteries are fully-compatible with the particular model. You’ll get the same quality and power output as the ones you were used to with the original battery. Laptop Battery Express is a reputable distributor and seller of quality replacement batteries. We don’t work with recycled or used products. This policy guarantees customer satisfaction and enables us to rank as one of the leaders in the field.

We have Fujitsu laptop batteries for a wide range of models. You’ll discover products for Fujitsu Amilo, Biblo, Celsius, FMV-Biblo, LifeBook and Stylistic series among many others. Each replacement Fujitsu laptop battery is provided with a 12-month warranty. You can rest assured that you’re buying the best possibility that the market has to offer at an optimal price.

The process of buying a replacement laptop battery is incredibly simple. Take a look at the list of models and pick the particular laptop you own. Laptop Battery Express will next take you to a page featuring all the products (replacement batteries and adapters) for the particular model. Visit the product pages to find out more about the price of batteries, voltage, capacity, cell origin, assembly origin and useful life.

The majority of high quality laptop batteries, like the ones available at Laptop Battery Express, have a useful life ranging between 300 and 500 recharge cycles.

Have additional questions about the compatibility of replacement batteries with your Fujitsu laptop? Need assistance for the selection of the right battery? Contact us today and we’ll help you select the product that’s just right for you.