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AcerNote A series laptop battery

DR36 DR36-R DR36-S series battery

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This DR36 DR-36R Laptop Battery replacement is 100% compatible with the original battery specifications. Each laptop battery is individually Tested and backed by a 1 year warranty.
This is a NiMH rechargeable battery.
12.0 volts
4000 mAh capacity.

This battery also fits these laptop models:
Acer AcerNote A series, AJP Pentium 200, Alcam Designer 400, AMS Roadster 10CS, APP 87, APT Green 795, Aries 8002, Aspen 6200D, AST Ascentia A, Ast Ascentia A40, AST Ascentia A41, AST Ascentia A42, AST Ascentia A43, AST Ascentia A51, AST Ascentia A60 Plus, AST Ascentia A70 Plus, AST Ascentia M, AST Ascentia M6000, Atasi Model 175, BSI 6200D, BSI NB8600, Canon NoteJet III, Canon NoteJet III CX, Canon NoteJet III CX P120, Canon NoteJet IIICX P120, CHEM USA ChemBook 5400, CHEM USA ChemBook 5580, CHEM USA ChemBook 6200, CHEM USA ChemBook 6800, Clevo 6200, Clevo 860, Clevo 862, Clevo 96, Clevo 98, Clevo PortaNote 980, Clevo PortaNote 982, Clevo PortaNote 982A, Clevo PortaNote 982G, Commax NB8600, Commax SmartBook V, Commax SmartBook V-Exec, CompUSA CompPC, Computer Book 6200T, Consul 98, CTX 893-T-FK, CTX CompPC, CTX EzBook 800 Series, CTX EzBook FB2I233, CTX EzBook FB3I266, CTX FC2A300, CTX FC2A300A, CTX FC3A300, Cyberstar SE98, Daewoo 7550 Series, Dellcomp Allistra 6200D, DFI NB6600, DFI NB6620, DTK FortisPro TOP5A, Dual Technologies 6690, Dual Technologies AIO-6200, Dual Technologies MVA-6690, E-Machines DR-36S, E-Machines E-Slate 400K, E-Machines E-Slate 450K, Elgar DR-36, EPS E-Slate 400K, Epson 6200, Epson Vividy Note 510ET, Epson Vividy Note 512ST, Epson Vividy Note 513ST, Everex StepNote SC, Everex StepNote SE, Everex StepNote SK, Exone P120, Featron FT6720, FIC Notebook, FutureTech 6200D, Germantec Aliante, GreenNote Green 2, GreenNote NoteBook, Highlander HL-210, Hitachi Aquarius, Hitachi Athena, Hitachi ND, Hitachi ND1, Hitachi ND2, Hitachi VisionBook 133, Hitachi VisionBook Plus, Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4000, Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4000 Series, Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4100, Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4300, Hitachi VisionBook Pro, Hitachi VisionBook Pro 6000, Hitachi VisionBook Pro 6000 Series, Hitachi VisionBook Pro 6390, Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7000, Hitachi VisionBook Pro 7000 Series, Hitachi VisionBook Pro Series, Hyperdata HB952, Hyperdata HyperBook HB900, Hyperdata MediaGo 2010, Hyperdata MediaGo 950 Series, IDP 573D, IDP 87, IDP FMA862, IDP Model 86, IDP series 530, IDP Vaquero, Imerial 5120NTC, Intergraph 6200AT, IPC PowerNote 795, IPC PowerNote 797, IPC PowerTec LT2000, IPC StarNote 98, IPC TopNote F 200, IPC TopNote F 205, IPC TopNote F 210, IPC TopNote F 219, IPC TopNote G 795, IPC TopNote G 797, Jetta JetBook 8500 Series, Jetta JetBook 8700 Series, KDS Valiant 5000, KDS Valiant 5340, KDS Valiant 5340AS, KDS Valiant 5345, KDS Valiant 5347, KDS Valiant 5347AS, KDS Valiant 5350, KDS Valiant 5350AS, KDS Valiant 6000, KDS Valiant 6001, KDS Valiant 6370, KDS Valiant 6371, KDS Valiant 6380, KDS Valiant 671, KDS Valiant 671DP, KDS Valiant 681, Kiwi OpenNote 820, KTX 880, Lap-Note 98, Lap-Note Z200, Lap-Note Z300, Lap-Note Z350, Lightspeed Technology 6200D, Lion Electronics 8600T, Magitronic 600 Series, Magitronic 610, Magitronic 610 Series, Magitronic 620 Series, Magitronic 862, Magitronic 862 Series, Magitronic 864 Series, Mediabook Model 880 Plus - Valiant 5000, Mediabook Model 880 Plus - Valiant 5340, MegaImage Apollo Series, MegaImage MegaBook 911 CD, Micro Flex Tech FlexNote 795 Plus, Micro Flex Tech FlexNote 895 Plus, Micro international Mint 6200, Micro international Mint 6200AD, Micro international Mint 6200AT, Micro international Mint 6200D, MICRON MetroBook II, MicroStar 6200D, Mobiltech 6400AT, Multi-Media TopLine 86, Network NPB, Nimantics 6200T, Nimantics 6400T, Nimantics Orion 8x, Northgate NB86, Northstar Aries, NoteStar Aries Series, Nova MultiMedia NoteBook 86, Nova NP8100, Nova NP8320, Novatech MultiMedia Portable Computer 98, NTK Submarine, Olivetti Extrema 223S, Omnitek Notebook, ProScan 862, Quanson 660, Quanson 862, Quanson 87, Quanson 98, Sager 862, Sager 87, Sager NB8300, Sager NB8320, Sager NB8600, Sager NB8700, Sager NP6100T, Sager NP6200, Sager NP6200AT, Sager NP660, Sager NP7400, Sager NP8100, Sager NP8300, Sager NP8320, Sager NP8600, Sager NP862, Sager NP8620, Sager NP8623, Sager NP8700, Sager NP980, Sager PC-M200, Samsung SENSpro 500 Series, Smart-Tec GreenNote, Sony PC-M200, Sunrex HB850AGP, Sys-Tech Ranger i-Note, Tangent Shuttle 1000 - 7200, Target TNB 5500, Target TNB 5600, Tiger Designote Series, Tiger GT Series, Tiger Direct DESIGNote 5200, Tiger Direct DESIGNote 5200 GT, Tiger Direct GT, TJ Technologies Tekbook 822, Topline 8400, Trigem DreamBook 110DB, Trigem DreamBook 210DB, Trigem DreamBook Lite, Trigem GemLite 1075, Trigem GemLite TG8804, Trigem Mobilife V530T, Trigem MobiLife V540T, Trigem Pearl, Trigem Subnotebook, Trogon E.12 Series, Trogon E.22N, Trogon E.32, Trogon E.42, Trogon Green 797, Trogon TG-795, Trogon TG-8000, Vobis HighScreen XI 14 C1200, Vobis HighScreen XI 2000 Combo, Vortec 2040AX - new, Wedge Tech PowerBook 5CD, Wedge Technologies 6400AD, Wedge Technologies MP-968, Wedge Technologies Showbiz 9000P, Wedge Technologies TS30PH, Yakumo MediaPack 6100, Yakumo MediaPack 6200

Compatible with the following models:

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