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Xtend Universal External Portable Battery Pack for Laptops Tablets and Cell

Xtend Universal External Portable Battery Pack for Laptop Tablet and Cell phones
The Xtend brand Universal External Laptop Tablet Cell Phone Power Bank Battery adds up to 4 more hours of run time. Works with nearly all brands. Only a half inch thick! Only at LaptopBatteryExpress.com.

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Xtendô Universal External Laptop Battery

Business Travelers, College Students...
learn more about why you need to pack a XTEND UNIVERSAL EXTERNAL LAPTOP BATTERY.

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Our Price: $99.90

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Xtend Universal External Portable Battery Pack for Laptops, Tablets and Cell Phones

This lithium-polymer universal external laptop battery from LaptopBatteryExpress.com is the ultimate in portable power pack technology. Scroll farther down the page to see a video description of the battery!
The XtendTM universal external laptop battery is compatible with these brands of laptops:
* Acer external laptop battery
* Apple iPads and iPods (not Apple laptops)
* Asus external laptop battery
* Compaq external laptop battery
* Dell external laptop battery
* Gateway laptop battery
* HP external laptop battery
* IBM external laptop battery
* Lenovo external laptop battery (X1 Carbon and UltraBook models connector) Sold separately
* Panasonic external laptop battery
* MSI external laptop battery
* eMachines external laptop battery
* Sony external laptop battery
* Toshiba external laptop battery
* iPad external laptop battery
* Cell phone external battery
* Portable gaming device external battery

An ultra sleek design combining cutting edge lithium-polymer technology and an advanced power system, all in a sleek, brushed aluminum case. Rated at 5500 mAh this external laptop battery power pack charger promises uninterrupted power of up to 4 hours or more for most laptops. You'll get even longer runs times with tablets an cell phones since they consume much less power than a laptop.

How To Use The Universal External Battery
1.) To charge the battery, simply connect it to the portable ac adapter (included with Power Bank) to the input port identified on the Xtend battery pack.

2.) Once charged, choose from among the supplied 7 tips to connect the external battery to your notebook computer using the supplied 30-inch cable. The 7 tips make the external battery compatible with just about every brand of laptop on the market today, except Apple laptops. {Will work with Apple iPhones & Tablets}

Bonus - Charge iPods, Cell Phones, etc.
The universal notebook battery features a USB connector port which can be used to re-charge devises that use a USB cable such as an iPod or other MP3 player, and cell phones. (USB cable not included with the external battery.)

This external battery for laptops is not compatible with Apple laptops. Find an APPLE LAPTOP BATTERY.

As an alternative to a universal external laptop battery, some notebook brands can run on extended run batteries that are made to fit a specific model. Learn about EXTENDED RUN LAPTOP BATTERIES for specific laptop brands that are *not* external.
Compatible Laptop Models:
  • 7 tips are included to fit different wall charger ac adapters for the purpose of charging the external battery.
  • 7 tips are included for connecting the external battery to a notebook using the supplied 30-inch cable. These 7 different tips make the battery compatible with just about every brand of laptop except Apple Laptops.
  • Output rating of 5500 mAh capacity when operating in laptop mode of 19 volts.
  • Compact, light, ultra slim design for easy traveling and handling.
  • A little over a 1/2 inch thick and about 1.5 lbs.
  • Metallic design will satisfy even the most discriminating taste.
  • 1-Year manufacturer's warranty.

Compatible Laptop Chargers:
AC adapter dongle 4.5mm-3.0mm connects to 7.5mm-5mm tip
Our Price: $8.00

Dongle connector cord for HP laptops 4.5 mm-3.0 mm connector to standard hp ac adapter plug size of 7.5mm-5.00 mm

Compatible with the following models:

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