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460 460D 460DX
460UX 460X 91NMS17LD4SU1
91NMS17LF6SU1 957-173XXP-101 957-173XXP-102
A4000 A4000-068US A4000-069US
A4000-078US A4000-092US A4000c
A5000 A5100 A5200
A5220 A6000 A6005
A6200 A6300 A6300-234US
A6400 A6400-042US A6500
A7200 BK-32/2200 S BP-M173
CR400 CR400X CR420
CR420X CR500 CR600
CR610 CR620 CR640
CR640-035US CR650 CR700
CR720 CX410 CX420
CX420MX CX420X CX600
CX605 CX640 CX640
CX640-013US CX640-071US CX650
CX700 E6603 E6603-454
E6603-499 E7235 ER710
ER710X ER710X EX400
EX400X EX410 EX460
EX460X EX465 EX465X
EX600 EX600X EX610
EX610X EX620 EX620X
EX623 EX623X EX625
EX625X EX628 EX628X
EX629 EX629X EX630
EX630X EX700 EX700
EX700X EX700X EX710
EX710 EX710X EX710X
EX720 EX720X FR400
FR600 FR610 FR620
FR700 FR720 FX400
FX600 FX600MX FX603
FX610 FX620 FX620DX
FX700 FX720 GE40
GE60 GE600 GE600X
GE603 GE62 GE70
GE72 GP60 GP60 2OD-052US
GP60 2OD-072US GP70 GP70 2OD-027US
GS60 GS70 GT60
GT60 0NC-004US GT60 0NC-007 GT60 0NC-008RU
GT60 0NC-016 GT60 0NR-004US GT627
GT627X GT628 GT628X
GT640 GT640X GT660
GT660-003US GT660-004CA GT660-448PL
GT660-i7-740QM GT660R GT660R-003
GT660R-004 GT660R-004US GT660R-205NL
GT660R-494US GT663 GT663-004
GT663-415NE GT663-417CS GT663-436NL
GT663-437BE GT663-626XID GT663R
GT663R-i7468BLW7P GT670 GT680
GT680-035UK GT680-037UK GT680-055AU
GT680-057AU GT680DX GT680DXR
GT680R GT680R-008US GT683
GT683-246US GT683-278au GT683-279au
GT683-441AU GT683DX GT683DX-461RU
GT683DX-470NL GT683DX-475XPL GT683DX-603
GT683DX-608NE GT683DX-619BE GT683DX-631XPL
GT683DX-648NE GT683DX-690CS GT683DX-804UK
GT683DX-i71691BLW7H GT683DX-i789blw7h GT683DXR
GT683DXR-423US GT683DXR-427US GT683DXR-455FR
GT683DXR-473US GT683DXR-478FR GT683DXR-479UK
GT683DXR-489US GT683DXR-600FR GT683DXR-603US
GT683DXR-633US GT683DXR-634US GT683DXR-I002PL
GT683DXR-i7810BLW7H GT683DXR-S1 GT683R
GT683R-242US GT685 GT685-818US
GT685-822AU GT685R GT685R-837NL
GT70 GT70 0NC-002US GT70 0NC-008US
GT70 0NC-011US GT70 0NC-012US GT70 0NC-013US
GT70 0NC-014FR GT70 0NC-015UK GT70 0NSR-008US
GT70 0NSR-015UK GT70 0NSR-016UK GT70-008
GT72 GT720 GT720X
GT725 GT725X GT729
GT729X GT735 GT735X
GT740 GT740X GT760
GT760R GT780 GT780-051AU
GT780-221US GT780D GT780DX
GT780DX-215US GT780DX-263US GT780DX-406US
GT780DX-i7169 GT780DX-i7810BLW7H GT780DX-X1
GT780DX-X8 GT780DXR GT780DXR-095US
GT780DXR-096US GT780DXR-099US GT780DXR-200US
GT780DXR-278US GT780DXR-279US GT780DXR-290UK
GT780DXR-405US GT780DXR-446US GT780DXR-447US
GT780DXR-609UK GT780DXR-619UK GT780DXR-621UK
GT780R GT780R-012BT GT780R-012US
GT780R-014US GT780R-221US GT783
GT783-625US GT783-639AU GT783-659FR
GT783-662NL GT783-680UK GT783R
GT783R-625US GT783R-658US GT783R-679US
GT783R-685US GX400 GX400X
GX403 GX403X GX600
GX600X GX610 GX610X
GX620 GX620X GX623
GX623X GX630 GX630X
GX633 GX633X GX640
GX640X GX660 GX660-0523US
GX660-053US GX660-076EU GX660-249NL
GX660-251BE GX660-253EU GX660-260US
GX660-262IT GX660-266NE GX660-495XPL
GX660R GX660R GX660R-060US
GX660R-060US GX660R-075FR GX660R-075FR
GX660R-284UK GX660R-284UK GX660R-474UK
GX660R-474UK GX660R-i54510Q GX660R-i54510Q
GX660R-i7468LW7P GX660R-i7468LW7P GX660R-i7488LW7P
GX660R-i7488LW7P GX675 GX675X
GX677 GX677X GX680
GX680-204JP GX680-245US GX680R
GX680R-i548LW7P GX680R-i748LW7P GX700
GX700 GX700X GX700X
GX701 GX701 GX701X
GX701X GX705 GX705
GX705X GX705X GX710
GX710 GX710X GX710X
GX720 GX720X GX730
GX730X GX740 GX740X
GX780 GX780-011US GX780-013US
GX780R GX780R-024CS GX780R-i548LW7P
L735B L735X L740X
L745 L745B L745X
M655 M660 M670
M673 M675 M677
MegaBook L710 MegaBook L715 MegaBook L720
MegaBook L725 MegaBook L730 MegaBook L735
MegaBook L740 MegaBook L745 Megabook M1034
MegaBook M520 MegaBook M522 Megabook M655
Megabook M660 Megabook M662 Megabook M670
Megabook M673 Megabook M675 Megabook M677
MegaBook S250 MegaBook S260 MegaBook S262
MegaBook S270 MegaBook S271 MS-1003
MS-1016 MS-1022 MS-1024
MS-1034 MS-1035 MS-1036
MS-1039 MS-1047 MS-1432
MS-1451 MS-1454 MS-1481
MS-1613 MS-1632 MS-1633
MS-1634 MS-1636 MS-1637
MS-163D MS-163K MS-163K
MS-1642 MS-1644 MS-1651
MS-1652 MS-1656 MS-1674
MS-1681 MS-1682 MS-1683
MS-16D2 MS-16D3 MS-16F4
MS-16G1 MS-16G4 MS-16G5
MS-16Y1 MS-1715 MS-1716
MS-1717 MS-1718 MS-1719
MS-171A MS-171B MS-171C
MS-171F MS-1721 MS-1722
MS-1727 MS-1731 MS-1734
MS-1751 MS-1753 MS-1754
MS-1756 MS1022 MS1024
MS16F3 MS1762 PR600
PR600X PR620 Professional P600
Professional S6000 PX600 PX600X
S240 S425 S430
U100 VR430 VR430X
VR440 VR440X VR600
VR600X VR601 VR601X
VR602 VR602X VR603
VR603X VR610 VR610X
VR620 VR620X VR630
VR630X VR700 VR700A
VR700X VR705 VR705X
VX600 VX600X Wind U100
Wind U100 Wind U115 Wind U120
X-Slim X620 X320 X320-007CA
X320-037US X320X

A Replacement MSI Battery you can trust

Does your MSI battery not last as long as it used to? Replace your worn-out MSI laptop battery with a brand-new replacement from Laptop Battery Express. Our MSI batteries use the highest-quality lithium-ion cells that charge faster and last longer.

We carry dozens of laptop batteries made specifically to replace the original MSI battery, including the CR, EX, GT, GX and MegaBook models. A full list of compatible MSI laptop models is listed above.

When replacing your laptop battery, quality is key. We at Laptop Battery Express use only the highest quality lithium-ion cells that are light weight, last longer and charge faster. Each battery is tested and is backed by a 2 year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

One of the largest listings we have on Laptop Battery Express is the MSI laptop battery listing. This makes a lot of sense, to be frank. MSI seems to release a new model every quarter. This can make shopping around for the right laptop battery a hassle—how are you expected to keep track?! Fortunately, the folks here know that speed and convenience is the key to maintaining a good relationship with our customers, which is why it is easy to find the MSI laptop battery you need.

We go to great lengths to ensure simplicity for you. Our listing is cross-referenced to make it easier for you to find the right laptop battery you need. You can rest assured that each MSI laptop battery in our inventory will fit your computer and hold a long charge before dying out. We specialize in only premium designs made for a snug fit and quick charging, so you are getting more than your money’s worth for your replacement battery.

Laptop Battery Express pairs our fantastic prices and fantastic products with fantastic guarantees as well! Each MSI laptop battery is equipped with full 12-month warranty, which allows you to send it back in the event it doesn’t hold a charge. In addition, we also include a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our products in case you are displeased with the quality of the product or the service. Rush shipping is included with the purchase so you can expect your order to arrive within one business day; this way, you will never have to wait forever for your replacement battery to show up.

Speed is our mantra here at Laptop Battery Express, and we take that promise of speed very seriously with all of our customers. We strive to provide the easiest and best shopping experience on the Internet. So browse around and see what you can find. Happy shopping!

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MSI BTY-M66 BTY-M67 BTY-M68 Laptop Notebook Battery AC adapter for MSI Laptops 19V-3.42A 65 Watts 957-1039P-001 957-1057P-001 MSI A4000 MS-1451 Laptop Battery
List Price: $169.99
Our Price: 79.90
List Price: $99.00
Our Price: 49.00
List Price: $145.90
Our Price: 79.90
MSI BTY-M66 BTY-M67 BTY-M68 Laptop Battery AC power adapter for MSI laptops 957-1039P-001 957-1057P-001 MSI A4000 MS-1451 Laptop Battery
Laptop Battery Part No. 957-14XXXP-103 957-1722T-101 MSI-MS-1722 MSI-MS-1721 MS-1651 MS-1652 MS-1451 AC power adapter for MSI laptops
19 Volts
3.42 Amps
65 Watts
5.5mm-2.5mm connector
Replaces these AC Adapter Part numbers: 957-1039P-001 957-1057P-001 ADP-65HB
laptop battery part numbers: 957-14XXXP-103  957-173XXP-101  957-14XXXP-107
MSI cr650 cx650 fr400 fr600 fr610 fr700 fx400 fx600 fx610 fx700 Battery
List Price: $145.90
Our Price: 65.90
MSI CR650 CX650 FR400 FR600 FR610 FR700 FX400 FX600 FX610 FX700 40029150 40029231 40029683 BTY-S14 BTY-S15 E2MS110K2002 E2MS110W2002 E2MS115K2002
laptop battery part numbers: BTY-S14 BTY-S15