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Recycle Triangle Decal Black

Recycle Decal
For the white version of this decal, see the "Recycle Triangle Decal White" page.

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This small gift will add lots of style!

Treat friends, family, or treat yourself! This decal is made from laser-cut vinyl and will adhere with ease to a clean, dry laptop, or any other flat surface such as windows or notebooks. For the white version of this decal, see the "Recycle Triangle Decal White" page. See the Technical Specs section for product dimensions.

How to easily and effectively apply your new decal:

Step 1) Be sure you are trying to work with the right surface. Ideal surfaces are dry and flat, such as glass, plastic, or metal.
Step 2) Clean the surface to which the decal is being applied. The most effective cleaners are the simplest: rubbing alcohol or soap and water. More complex cleaners such as Windex or ammonia tend to leave a residue which interferes with the adhesive.
Step 3) Prepare the decal by using the edge of a credit card or squeegee to rub around the surface of the transfer sheet. This helps by getting rid of any air bubbles trapped in the sheets.
Step 4) Carefully peel the backing paper off of the decal.
Step 5) Lay the sticky side of the decal (which you just revealed by taking off the backing paper) down on the surface, trying to avoid trapping any air bubbles.
Step 6) Again use the credit card or squeegee to rub the surface of the transfer sheet to help the adhesive stick and to push out any trapped air bubbles.
Step 7) Slowly peel the transfer sheet from the decal. If the decal starts to come off along with the sheet, replace the sheet and repeat step 6.
Step 8) Enjoy your design!