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Gateway Long Run Battery For T P & M Series Squ-720 Squ-716 W35078Ld

Gateway W35044LB for T P & M series laptop battery

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9 Cell Extended Run Battery for Gateway T, P, and M series Laptops

This is a brand new Gateway Extended Run Laptop Battery for T P & M series battery replacement battery. The larger capacity of this battery will cause the battery to extend to the rear of the laptop chassis about 1 inch. When your lid is closed, the battery pack will appear to be part of the laptop chassis. The larger capacity of the battery will give you an extra hour of run time. In total, you can expect about 3-4 hours of run time with this battery. There are two key components inside your battery pack to look for when buying a new computer battery. The quality of the battery’s lithium-ion cells and the quality of the computer chip set in the battery pack. This battery is built with the best components, not the cheapest.
This battery contains the very best Li-ion cells on the market from Samsung. An important specification to look for with rechargeable batteries is the mAh (mili amp hour) rating or Whr (Watt Hour). This battery is rated at 6600 mAh or 84 Whr. This is the highest rating available for a 9 cell battery pack. The higher the mAh rating, the longer your battery will run before it needs to be recharged again. There are no compatibility issues if your existing battery is rated at 4400 or a lower Whr. Simply put, more is better. And yes, this battery is probably better than your original!

The other key component inside the battery pack is the computer chip set that contains the program interface with your laptop’s battery meter software and important safety features that monitors when to charge and stop charging your battery. We use Texas Instruments top notch components for this.

When choosing a laptop battery, cheaper is not better. Cheaper batteries use inferior Chinese cells that typically wear out in just 3 to 6 months. The main indicators of inferior Chinese cells are the low price of the battery and a lower mAh rating. Inferior batteries also use inferior computer chip sets inside that can lead to compatibility issues with your laptop. Although every brand of laptop battery is hand assembled in China, the key to getting a great battery is knowing what components are inside.
Laptop Battery Express is a US based business with knowledgeable support staff to assist you before and after the sale. Yes, we have a phone number and real people answer your call! Free technical support is available if you need additional help in diagnosing power problems with your battery, ac power adapter or battery meter software.
All our products carry a full 2 Year warranty and every battery is charged and tested before it ships.
We provide a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. We are so confident in the quality of our batteries, we will pay for any and all shipping expenses if our product fails to perform in the first 30 days you have our battery, even if it is not our fault. (PS- if your laptop will not turn on at all when plugged –in, you need a new ac power adapter found at the bottom of this page) Feel free to call for tech support.

  • Brand:
  • Voltage:
  • Battery Capacity:
  • Battery Type:
  • Cell Origin:
  • Color:
  • Warranty:
  • Guarantee:
  • Useful Life:
  • Gateway replacement computer battery
  • 11.1 Volts
  • 6600 mAh
  • 9 Cell Li-ion (6 cell available here)
  • Samsung (South Korea)
  • Black
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 30 day full satisfaction guarantee
  • 300-500 recharge cycles

Not all computer batteries have the same capacity and run times. The higher capacity battery cells inside this cartridge have an energy capacity of 7800 mAh. These are the highest quality Li-ion batteries on the market today and superior to batteries rated at 6600 & 7200 mAh. This battery will deliver more run time than 6 cell versions of this battery. If you prefer the 6 cell battery, click here (our GAT-F6).

This battery replaces the Gateway T, P, and M series laptop batteries and additional machines which are listed at the extreme bottom of this web page.

Replaces these many Gateway laptop battery part numbers:

    SQU 715

Laptop Battery Express only deals with brand new premium computer batteries. We never carry recycled or used batteries. We only use the highest quality cells inside the battery pack so you will have a long service life (300-500 recharge cycles). We do not use cheaper battery cells which can wear out in a little as 3 to 6 months. Our inventory turns rapidly and you will always receive a freshly manufactured battery.

How to care for your Gateway Extended Run Laptop Battery for T P & M series battery.

You can extend the life of your laptop battery significantly through the proper care and handling of your battery.

  • Any new laptop battery should first be fully charged by leaving it plugged in overnight. Once a computer battery is fully charged it will no longer accept any more power. It is a common practice to leave laptops plugged in after they have been turned off so that the battery has a full charge the next time you use your laptop. It is probably fully charged within 5 hours.
  • A brand new notebook battery is in a weakened condition since it has not been conditioned yet. Condition and break in your new battery by performing 5 partial discharge and recharge cycles the first week you receive your new battery.
  • Run on battery power without the AC adapter cord at least once a week to keep the battery cells active and at their peak potential. When your laptop is plugged into the power adapter the battery goes to "standby mode" while your laptop runs directly on electricity from the wall outlet.
  • Even though your battery indicates it is fully charged, your battery will return to a weakened state again in a few months if it does not get some exercise through partial discharge and recharge cycles while running on battery power alone.
  • If your battery has not been actively used 2 months or more, condition your battery again with 5 partial discharge & recharge cycles to increase the batteries capacity and run time.
  • Don't run your battery all the way to empty. Your battery will have a longer service life if it receives shallow discharge and recharge cycles. Research has shown that the useful life of the battery will be much longer if you begin to recharge the battery any time before reaching 20% of the remaining power capacity. Recharging the battery even after 10 minutes will not reduce the battery's life span as lithium batteries do not have the memory effect which was found in older NiCad battery technology. NiCad batteries have never been used in laptops, even the earliest models.
  • Never run your battery below the 3% critically low warning point. If your battery is run below this point it may not have enough energy to recharge. This may effectively "kill" your battery.

How can I extend my Gateway Extended Run Laptop Battery for T P & M series battery run time?

You can extend your battery run time by minimizing the power drain on your battery. A 6 cell battery will run approximately 2 to 2-1/2 hours when the battery is new. Even longer times can be achieved by minimizing the power consumption of your laptop. Here are the top ways to reduce your power consumption.

  • Reduce the brightness of your laptop screen. This is the main drain on your Gateway Extended Run Laptop Battery for T P & M series battery by far.
  • Avoid using the CD or DVD drive as the motor consumes a fair amount of power.
  • Turn off your wireless finder if you are not using the internet.
  • Remove any devices plugged into your USB ports or other ports.
  • Close out programs you are not using. By minimizing the load on your CPU, sometimes you can avoid having the cooling fan turn to its high speed mode.
  • Increase your memory to at least 4 Gigabytes. This creates less work for your hard drive. Data is temporarily written to your hard drive when your memory is not sufficient to hold all the data on the many pages you may be accessing.

Compatible with the following eMAchines laptop part numbers:

    Gateway M-14
    Gateway M-1400
    Gateway M-1408j
    Gateway M-1410j
    Gateway M-1411j
    Gateway M-1412
    Gateway M-150
    Gateway M-150S
    Gateway M-150X
    Gateway M-150XL
    Gateway M-151
    Gateway M-151S
    Gateway M-151X
    Gateway M-151XL
    Gateway M-152
    Gateway M-152S
    Gateway M-152X
    Gateway M-152XL
    Gateway M-153
    Gateway M-153S
    Gateway M-153X
    Gateway M-153XL
    Gateway M-16
    Gateway M-1600
    Gateway M-1615
    Gateway M-1617
    Gateway M-1618
    Gateway M-1618N
    Gateway M-1618R
    Gateway M-1619j
    Gateway M-1622
    Gateway M-1622h
    Gateway M-1624
    Gateway M-1625
    Gateway M-1626
    Gateway M-1628
    Gateway M-1629
    Gateway M-1630j
    Gateway M-1631j
    Gateway M-1631u
    Gateway M-1632j
    Gateway M-1634
    Gateway M-1634U
    Gateway M-2000
    Gateway M-24
    Gateway M-2400
    Gateway M-2404U
    Gateway M-2408J
    Gateway M-2409J
    Gateway M-2410J
    Gateway M-2410U
    Gateway M-2414U
    Gateway M-2421U
    Gateway M-26
    Gateway M-2623U
    Gateway M-2624U
    Gateway M-2625U
    Gateway M-2626U
    Gateway M-6000
    Gateway M-6205m
    Gateway M-6207m
    Gateway M-6305
    Gateway M-6307
    Gateway M-6308
    Gateway M-6309
    Gateway M-6312
    Gateway M-6315
    Gateway M-6316
    Gateway M-6317
    Gateway M-6318
    Gateway M-6319
    Gateway M-6320
    Gateway M-6322
    Gateway M-6323
    Gateway M-6324
    Gateway M-6325
    Gateway M-6332
    Gateway M-6333
    Gateway M-6334
    Gateway M-6335
    Gateway M-6337
    Gateway M-6339u
    Gateway M-6340u
    Gateway M-6750
    Gateway M-6750h
    Gateway M-6752
    Gateway M-6753
    Gateway M-6755
    Gateway M-6801m
    Gateway M-6801mT
    Gateway M-6802m
    Gateway M-6803m
    Gateway M-6804m
    Gateway M-6805m
    Gateway M-6806m
    Gateway M-6807m
    Gateway M-6808m
    Gateway M-6809m
    Gateway M-6810m
    Gateway M-6811m
    Gateway M-6812m
    Gateway M-6813m
    Gateway M-6814m
    Gateway M-6815
    Gateway M-6816
    Gateway M-6817
    Gateway M-6821b
    Gateway M-6822
    Gateway M-6823
    Gateway M-6823a
    Gateway M-6824
    Gateway M-6825j
    Gateway M-6826j
    Gateway M-6827
    Gateway M-6827j
    Gateway M-6828b
    Gateway M-6829b
    Gateway M-6834
    Gateway M-6839j
    Gateway M-6840j
    Gateway M-6841
    Gateway M-6842j
    Gateway M-6843
    Gateway M-6844
    Gateway M-6846
    Gateway M-6847
    Gateway M-6848
    Gateway M-6849
    Gateway M-6850FX
    Gateway M-6851
    Gateway M-6854m
    Gateway M-6862
    Gateway M-6864FX
    Gateway M-6866
    Gateway M-6867
    Gateway M-6873h
    Gateway M-6874h
    Gateway M-6878
    Gateway M-6878h
    Gateway M-6879j
    Gateway M Series
    Gateway MG-1
    Gateway P-6301
    Gateway P-6302
    Gateway P-6311
    Gateway P-6312
    Gateway P-6822
    Gateway P-6825
    Gateway P-6831FX
    Gateway P-6860FX
    Gateway P SERIES
    Gateway SA6
    Gateway SQU-715
    Gateway SQU-719
    Gateway SQU-721
    Gateway T-1602m
    Gateway T-1603m
    Gateway T-1616
    Gateway T-1620
    Gateway T-1621
    Gateway T-1622
    Gateway T-1623
    Gateway T-1625
    Gateway T-1628
    Gateway T-1629
    Gateway T-6208c
    Gateway T-6307c
    Gateway T-6308c
    Gateway T-6311
    Gateway T-6313
    Gateway T-6313h
    Gateway T-6315c
    Gateway T-6316c
    Gateway T-6317c
    Gateway T-6318c
    Gateway T-6319c
    Gateway T-6320c
    Gateway T-6321
    Gateway T-6801m
    Gateway T-6802m
    Gateway T-6815
    Gateway T-6815h
    Gateway T-6816
    Gateway T-6816h
    Gateway T-6817c
    Gateway T-6818c
    Gateway T-6819c
    Gateway T-6820c
    Gateway T-6821c
    Gateway T-6822c
    Gateway T-6823c
    Gateway T-6828
    Gateway T Series
    Gateway W Series
    Gateway W35044LB
    Gateway W35044LB-6A-A
    Gateway W35052LB
    Gateway W350A
    Gateway W650A
    Gateway W650I
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AC adapter for Gateway laptops 19v, 4.74A, 5.5mm - 2.5mm
Our Price: $37.50

AC power adapter for Gateway laptop 6506058,6506058R,6506060,6506060R,6506104,6506104R,6857750100

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Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6318
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Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6320
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6322
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6323
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6324
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6325
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6332
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6333
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6334
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6335
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6337
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6750
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6750h
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Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6755
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Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6801mT
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6802m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6803m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6804m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6805m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6806m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6807m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6808m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6809m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6810m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6811m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6812m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6813m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6814m
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6815
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6816
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6817
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6821b
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6822
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Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6823a
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6824
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Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6826j
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6827
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6827j
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Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6844
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6846
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6847
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6848
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6849
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6850FX
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6851
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6854m
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Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6864FX
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6866
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6867
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6873h
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6874h
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6878
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6878h
Gateway Batteries > M Series > M-6879j
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