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External Laptop Battery Now Available From LaptopBatteryExpress.com Keeps Laptop Computers Running

Cleveland OH, August 27, 2009 Business travelers, college students, road warriors and more who rely on their laptop computers fear the very real possibility of their laptop battery dying when they need it most. That's why those in the know wouldn't be without an external laptop battery.

“I need to work during flights, preparing for meetings, tweaking proposals. I can’t afford to be in mid-flight and have my laptop battery die,” states Tony Foglia. “An external laptop battery is the first thing I pack.” Mr. Foglia is a sales executive with a Fortune 100 company.

The normal run time for a laptop is roughly 2 hours. When its charge runs out, a re-charge is needed. This requires an available electrical outlet. And time. Explains Mr. Foglia, “By the time I’ve arrived at my destination, my laptop battery has usually died. That’s where my external laptop battery pack comes in. I run my laptop computer on that and keep working. I can land, run to my appointment and know I have additional run time left without worrying about re-charging my laptop's internal battery.””

College students taking notes in the middle of a class are another group that can not run the risk of a battery dying. Heavy use during a couple of classes in a row can drain any internal battery. Having that additional external battery for laptops helps eliminate the risk of being without power or having to re-charge from an electrical outlet, if one is even available.

External laptop batteries are usually universal. “They will fit, power and charge just about any notebook computer,” explains Fred DuBois, President, LaptopBatteryExpress.com http://www.LaptopBatteryExpress.com. “We sell an external laptop battery that ships complete with 7 different tips to fit nearly 10,000 laptop models.”

In essence, these laptop batteries extend run time by providing an additional 3-4 hours of run time, depending on the amount of power used during operation. They are slim, compact and sleek, about the size of a steno pad.

As a bonus, an external notebook battery will have a USB port enabling the charging of other small, portable devices like cell phones, iPods and more.

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LaptopBatteryExpress.com, a unit of Digital Day, Inc., provides replacement and extended run external laptop batteries as well as computer accessories. The correct replacement batteries for a specific laptop can be found in just 2 clicks. 2nd Day delivery is guaranteed.

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