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Dell Latitude E7240 E7250 Battery

Dell Latitude E7240 E7250 Battery

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Dell Latitude E7240 E7250 Battery Replacement

Replace your worn out laptop battery with a new battery for Dell Latitude E7240 E7250 series of laptops. This battery is a 4 cell thin battery but it also comes in a 3 cell version. This is the higher capacity battery pack which is the same size as the 3 cell battery, but is a much better value as it runs 25% longer than the 3 cell battery.

We use the highest quality lithium-ion battery cells that charge faster, last longer and weigh less. Our batteries last nearly 6 times longer than cheaper, lower quality batteries. We're so confident in our quality that we back each Dell battery with a 2 year warranty and 30 day money back return.

  • Brand:
  • Voltage:
  • Battery Capacity:
  • Battery Type:
  • Cell Origin:
  • Color:
  • Warranty:
  • Guarantee:
  • Useful Life:
  • Xtend
  • 7.4 Volts
  • 45 Whr
  • 4 Cell Li-ion
  • Samsung (South Korea)
  • Black
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 30 day full satisfaction guarantee
  • 300-500 recharge cycles

This battery replaces these Dell battery part numbers:


Care and Use for your Dell Latitude E7240 E7250 Battery

You can extend the life of your laptop battery significantly through the proper care and handling of your battery.

  • Any new laptop battery should first be fully charged by leaving it plugged in overnight. Once a computer battery is fully charged it will no longer accept any more power. It is a common practice to leave laptops plugged in after they have been turned off so that the battery has a full charge the next time you use your laptop. It is probably fully charged within 5 hours.
  • Try to recharge your battery before letting it get to 20% battery life. This is the optimum time to recharge lithium-ion cells (this is true for your phone, too).
  • Don't run your battery all the way to empty as it can damage the li-ion cells

How can I extend my Dell Latitude E7240 E7250 battery run time?

You can extend your battery run time by minimizing the power drain on your battery. A 4 cell battery will run approximately 4 to 8 hours when the battery is new. Even longer times can be achieved by minimizing the power consumption of your laptop. Here are the top ways to reduce your power consumption.

  • Reduce the brightness of your laptop screen. This is the main drain on your Dell Latitude E7240 battery by far.
  • Turn off your wireless finder if you are not using the internet.
  • Remove any devices plugged into your USB ports or other ports.
  • Close any unused programs or applications

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