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Have you wondered...
microsoft tip sheets How can I type faster by keeping my fingers on the keyboard and not the mouse?
microsoft tip sheets How do I change the default font in Word?
microsoft tip sheets How do I Freeze Pane and Slit Screens in Excel?
microsoft tip sheets How can I display multiple windows at once in Win XP?
Tip Sheets are the answer!

Learn to set up new Microsoft Excel worksheets and edit existing worksheets with basic formulas in addition to functions formulas such as SUM, MIN, MAX, and AVERAGE. Use AutoFill to quickly copy formulas and text to adjacent cells. Learn quick tips to paginate and print worksheets, workbooks, and ranges and sort and filter data. Use workbooks to set up large worksheets and group sheets for consistent formatting. Additional topics include navigation techniques and several quick keystrokes.

Learn to utilize the applications included with Windows XP such as My Computer, the Recycle Bin, and various accessories. Learn quick navigation techniques to start applications and multitask between them. Learn to create shortcuts on the desktop for quick access to applications and files, and understand how data files are saved and organized into folders using the Windows Explorer. Learn to create folders to organize files and copy and move files between them. Search for files based upon name, extension and the text inside.

Learn the Microsoft Word shortcuts to set line spacing, incorporate automatic bullets and numbering, change margins and indents, display toolbars, and create AutoText and AutoCorrect entries to quickly insert commonly used text and graphics. You learn several quick keystrokes, selection techniques, and formatting shortcuts that save time.

Tip Sheets by Professional Educators (440) 967-9368 Customized online training classes are available for businesses and individuals seeking greater productivity.

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