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Select your Laptop model for batteries & Power Cords:
5033 6033 6120
8011 8050 8060B
8080 8080F 8080P
8081 8089 8089P
8090 8170 8175
8222J 8375 8375P
8399 8575 8599
8630 8640 8889
MilNote 8375P MiNote 8011 MiNote 8060
MiNote 8060B MiNote 8080 MiNote 8080F
MiNote 8080P MiNote 8081 MiNote 8089
MiNote 8089P MiNote 8090 Minote 81709
MiNote 8375 MiNote 8375P MiNote 8381
MiNote 839 MiNote 8575 MiNote 8599
Minote 8630 MiNote 8640 MiNote 8640D
MiNote 8640D4 MiNote 8640DH MiNote 8640G4
MiNote 8640GH MiNote 8640HC MiNote 8640L
MiNote 8640M MiNote 8640M4 MiNote 8640MP
MiNote 8640P MiNote 8640P4 MiNote 8640S
MiNote 8640SC MiNote 8640SH MiNote 8650G
MiNote 8677 MiNote 8889

A replacement Mitac Laptop Battery you can count on
You'll find dozens of separate listings of Mitac notebooks which use a wide variety of laptop batteries. Once you find your machine model listed to the left, a simple click on the model number will take you right to your exact replacement Mitac laptop battery.
- Easy to use cross reference listing
- Long lasting premium notebook battery cells
- Designed for precise fit & compatibility
- Full 12-month warranty
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