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eMachines D520 D525 D725 G430 G525 G625 G627 G630 G725 E430 E525 E625 E627 E630 E725 Laptop Battery
AS09A31, AS09A41, AS09A56, AS09A61, AS09A70, AS09A71, AS09A73, AS09A75, AS09A90, MS2274, BT-00603-076, BT.00603.076, BT.00605.036

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6 Cell Replacement Battery for eMachines D520 D525 D725 G430 G525 G625 G627 G630 G725 E430 E525 E527 E625 E627 E630 E725

Has your eMachine laptop been running slowly? Or does it not last long without being on the charger? Chances are you need a new laptop battery. This battery is compatible with the eMachines D520, D525, D725, G430, G525, G625, G627, G630, G725, E430, E525, E527, E625, E627, E630 and E725 models. Additional compatible laptop models and eMachine battery part numbers are listed below.

When looking for a replacement battery for your eMachine laptop, quality is key. That's why we at Laptop Battery Express use only the highest quality lithium-ion cells from Samsung. Higher quality li-ion cells charge faster and last longer. Batteries also contain chips that communicate with the computer's power and safety software. Because the computer chips are so important, we use only premium Texas Instruments chip sets. Each battery is individually tested and comes with a 2 year warranty and 30 day guarantee.

  • Brand:
  • Voltage:
  • Battery Capacity:
  • Battery Type:
  • Cell Origin:
  • Color:
  • Assembly Origin:
  • Warranty:
  • Guarantee:
  • Useful Life:
  • eMachines replacement computer battery
  • 11.1 Volts - also compatible with 10.8 Volt systems
  • 4400 mAh; also compatible with 4800 & 5200 mAh batteries
  • 6 Cell Li-ion
  • Samsung (South Korea)
  • Black
  • Assembled in China
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 30 day full satisfaction guarantee
  • 300-500 recharge cycles

Compatible with the following eMachines laptop models:

    eMachines D520
    eMachines D525
    eMachines D725
    eMachines D727
    eMachines E430
    eMachines E525
    eMachines E625
    eMachines E627
    eMachines E630
    eMachines E725
    eMachines G430
    eMachines G525
    eMachines G625
    eMachines G627
    eMachines G630
    eMachines G725

Compatible with the following eMachine's battery part numbers:


Laptop Battery Express is a family-run, US-based business built on honest, integrity and trust. We are dedicated to delivering you only the highest quality laptop batteries and chargers. Our friendly and knowledgable customer support is here to help you before and after sale. If you have any questions about battery power issues or compatibility, don't hesitate to call.

eMachine's Battery Care and Usage

Extend the life of your laptop battery with these simple tips:

  • Fully charge your eMachine laptop before first use. It may take a few recharge cycles to warm-up the battery to get the full 2.5 hour runtime
  • Don't run your laptop battery on empty and try to recharge it before getting to 20%
  • "Exercise" your battery by letting it go unplugged at least a few hours each week
  • Never let your computer get below 3% as it can damage the battery
  • You cannot "overcharge" your battery. The software in the battery and computer know when to put the battery on "standby mode"

How to extend your eMachines battery life:

This battery will run up to 2.5 hours unplugged. Here are a few tips to get an even longer run time:

  • Reduce screen brightness (this is the biggest battery drain)
  • Avoid using disk drive as the motor consumes a fair amount of power
  • Turn off your Wifi and Bluetooth if not being used
  • Remove any devices plugged into your USB ports or other ports
  • Close any unused programs or software
  • Increase your memory to at least 4 Gigabytes. This creates less work for your hard drive and gives you better battery mileage.

Compatible AC Power Adapters designed for this product
AC adapter for eMachines Laptops 19V-3.42A 5.5mm-1.7mm
Our Price: $49.00

AC power adapter for Acer laptops

This battery & adapter are compatible with the following laptop models. If your battery or adapter part number is listed above, it will be compatible even if it is not listed below.

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