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Winbook M100 M200 M300 M400 Packard Bell Easy Note Mitac 8630 8640 & Sager Laptop battery CGR-B/T19SE-MSL NBP001310-00 442673400015 40004852 40004852 442673400003 442673400004 442673400008 442673400016 442673400027 442673400028 442673400029

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This Mitac laptop battery replacement features Li-ion chemistry within its cells. Li-ion battery technology provides longer run times with less weight. In addition, Li-ion batteries are not subject to memory effect common with older battery chemistry nor do they contain the toxic chemicals found in some older battery technologies.  This laptop battery replacement is 100% compatible with the original battery specifications and is individually tested and backed by a 1 year warranty. Specifications for this battery are: 12 cells Li-Ion 14.8V 6600 mAh capacity. This battery fits a wide variety of laptops, including:  Actina Champion, Advent 7035, Advent 7045, Advent 7048, AJP 8640, AMS Roadster 21C, BlueDisk Artworker MH-6, BlueDisk Artworker MH-6-266, BlueDisk Artworker MS6, BlueDisk Artworker MS6-260, EI Systems 4416, EI Systems 4417, EI Systems 4430, EI Systems 4431, Gericom 1st Supersonic Force, Gericom 1st SuperSonic Force XL, Gericom 8640, Gericom Supersonic Force 2540XL, Gericom SuperSonic Force XL, HighLander HighLander HL-86, HighLander HighLander HL-86/8640, HighLander HighLander HL-8640, HyperData 8640D, HyperData 8640D4, HyperData 8640DH, HyperData 8640SH, IPC Web@Note 8640D, IPC WebNote 8640M, Issam SmartBook i-8640, Jetta JetBook 7964 Plus Series, Jetta JetBook 7964 Series, Lion Sarasota 8640, Lion Sarasota 8640C, Lion Sarasota 8640D, Lion Sarasota 8640DH, Lion Sarasota 8640DM, Lion Sarasota 8640HC, Lion Sarasota 8640M4, Lion Sarasota 8640S, Lion Sarasota 8640SC, Lion Sarasota Artworker 8640, Medion MD40675, Medion MD41039, Medion MD41050, Medion MD41060, Medion MD41191, Medion MD41272, Medion MD41273, Medion MD41274, Medion MD41983, Medion MD42032, Medion MD42193, Medion MD42413, Medion MD42414, Medion MD42416, Micron Transport V2000, MITAC 6033, Mitac 8630, Mitac 8640, Mitac Minote 8630, Mitac MiNote 8640, Mitac MiNote 8640D, Mitac MiNote 8640D4, Mitac MiNote 8640DH, Mitac MiNote 8640G4, Mitac MiNote 8640GH, Mitac MiNote 8640HC, Mitac MiNote 8640L, Mitac MiNote 8640M, Mitac MiNote 8640M4, Mitac MiNote 8640MP, Mitac MiNote 8640P, Mitac MiNote 8640P4, Mitac MiNote 8640S, Mitac MiNote 8640SC, Mitac MiNote 8640SH, Mitac MiNote 8650G, MPC TransPort V2000, Netlux NX-8640, Netlux NX-8640DH, Packard Bell Easy Note G1 Series, Packard Bell Easy Note G1320, Packard Bell Easy Note G1340, Packard Bell Easy Note G1350, Packard Bell Easy Note K5 Series, Packard Bell Easy Note K5266, Packard Bell Easy Note K5280, Packard Bell Easy Note K5283, Packard Bell Easy Note K5285, Packard Bell Easy Note K5300, Packard Bell Easy Note K5303, Packard Bell Easy Note K5305, Packard Bell Easy Note K5542, Packard Bell iPower 5000 I Series, Packard Bell iPower 5000 II Series, Packard Bell iPower 5138, Packard Bell iPower 5254, Packard Bell iPower 5264, Packard Bell iPower 5305, Packard Bell iPower 5541, Packard Bell iPower 5542, Packard Bell iPower 5641, Tsunami Moover 8640, Winbest Platinum 8640, Winbook M Series - 8640, Winbook M100, Winbook M105, Winbook M200, Winbook M201, Winbook M203, Winbook M300, Winbook M321, Winbook M351, Winbook M353, Winbook M401, Winbook M402, Winbook M404, Winbook M406, Winbook M412, Yakumo Q7M 2.8 DVD-RW XD
Replaces these OEM laptop battery part numbers:  NBP001310-00, 442673400015, 40004852, 40004852, 442673400003, 442673400004, 442673400008, 442673400016, 442673400027, 442673400028, 442673400029, 442674600002, 4426746100001, 442679900001, 442679900002, 442679900003, 442679900004, 442679900007

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