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Sony Error - Battery Not Properly Connected

Dell Battery Errors and Fixes

Dell Error Message: Warning: This battery cannot be identified. This system will be unable to charge this battery.

This issue is common among Dell laptops when installing third party hardware such as laptop batteries. To fix this, you need recalibrate your battery. You can find out how to recalibrate your laptop battery or follow the steps below:

1. Run the laptop with battery power only until the battery is completely empty

2. Remove the battery from the laptop

3. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds then release

4. After a few hours, put the battery back in and charge overnight with the computer still off and unplugged

5. Power on the laptop

If the issue still persists, you may need
update your Dell BIOS driver

Lenovo Battery Errors and Fixes

Lenovo Error Message : Genuine Lenovo battery not attached

IBM and Lenovo laptops have a program installed within their laptops that check for genuine Lenovo/IBM parts. When you install a new battery you will get an alert that you are not using a Lenovo brand laptop battery. This does not prevent you from using a non-Lenovo battery.

Computer manufacturers
want to increase the sales of their laptop accessories. Many laptop makers install software in the laptop that alerts you when they do not detect their product. Our batteries are 100% compatible with Lenovo laptops and are often superior to the Lenovo brand batteries, but the pop-ups incorrectly give customers the perception that batteries other than the Lenovo brand are sub-standard.

Here is how to disable the "Genuine Lenovo battery not attached" message:

1. Go to the Control Panel located in the Windows Start Menu

2. Navigate to: ThinkPad Configuration > Power Manager > Power Scheme

3. On the Power Scheme screen click "Options" and then uncheck the box with "Periodically show messages about battery charge capacity" and Click Ok.

4. Restart your laptop. On startup you will no longer receive pop-ups regarding battery compatibility

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