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15-AC142DX Pavilion 11-all models Pavilion 11-e000
Pavilion 11-e004au Pavilion 11-e005au Pavilion 11-e009au
Pavilion 11-e012au Pavilion 11z-e000 Pavilion 10-all models
Pavilion 14-N000 Pavilion 14-N000 Touchsmart Pavilion 14-n010sc TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-N100 Pavilion 14-N200 Pavilion 14-n201sf TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-n203se TouchSmart Ultrabook Pavilion 14-n204sa TouchSmart Pavilion 14-n204se TouchSmart Ultrabook
Pavilion 14-n204sf TouchSmart Pavilion 14-n205sf TouchSmart Ultrabook Pavilion 14-n206ej TouchSmart Ultrabook
Pavilion 14-n206sa TouchSmart Pavilion 14-n206sf TouchSmart Ultrabook Pavilion 14-n206ss TouchSmart
Pavilion 14-n206ss TouchSmart Ultrabook Pavilion 14-n212ex TouchSmart Ultrabook Pavilion 14-n220ed TouchSmart Ultrabook
Pavilion 14-n230ed TouchSmart Ultrabook Pavilion 14-n255eo TouchSmart Ultrabook Pavilion 14z-N100
Pavilion 14z-N200 Pavilion 15-N000 Pavilion 15-N100
Pavilion 15-N151XX Pavilion 15-N200 Pavilion 15-N200NR
Pavilion 15T-N100 Pavilion 15T-N200 Pavilion 15Z-N100
Pavilion 15Z-N200 Pavilion Touch 14-n060br Ultrabook Pavilion Touch 14-n070br Ultrabook
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n003eia Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n003ek Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n003sia
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n003sk Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n004eia Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n004ej
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n004ek Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n004sia Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n004sk
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n005eo Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n005ss Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n006es Ultrabook
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n006sa Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n006ss Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n007ej
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n008sa Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n009sa Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n010sc
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n011ax Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n011tx Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n012ex Ultrabook
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n013sa Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n014nr Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n018us
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n019ee Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n019ej Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n019nr
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n019se Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n020ed Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n020ee Ultrabook
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n020se Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n022sia Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n023sia
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n023tu Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n026tx Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n028ca
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n030ed Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n032tx Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n033tx Ultrabook
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n034tx Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n039tu Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n039tx
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n040tu Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n041tx Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n042tx Ultrabook
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n044tx Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n047ca Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n048ca
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n048tx Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n049tx Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n050sf Ultrabook
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n050tx Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n052sf Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n053ef Ultrabook
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n053tx Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n054ef Ultrabook Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n054tx
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n055ea Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n055sa Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n056ea
Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n056sa Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n060br Ultrabook Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n060sf Ultrabook
Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n064tx Pavilion Touchsmart 14-n070br Ultrabook Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n072tx Ultrabook
Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n073ca Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n090sf Ultrabook Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n151xx
Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n248ca Pavilion TouchSmart 14z-n100 CTO Pavilion TX1000
TouchSmart 10-e000es TouchSmart 10-e000sf TouchSmart 10-e000ss
TouchSmart 10-e001sf TouchSmart 10-e002el TouchSmart 10-e002sl
TouchSmart 10-e003au TouchSmart 10-e004au TouchSmart 10-e010nr
TouchSmart 10-e011au TouchSmart 10-e013au TouchSmart 10-e019nr
TouchSmart 10-e020au TouchSmart 10-e020ca TouchSmart 10-e021au
TouchSmart 10-e022au TouchSmart 10-e029sf TouchSmart 10-e030ef
TouchSmart 10z-e000 CTO TouchSmart Series Touchsmart Sleekbook 15
Touchsmart Sleekbook 15-b149ca Touchsmart tm2-1000 Touchsmart tm2-1100
Touchsmart tm2-2000 Touchsmart tm2-2100 Touchsmart tm2-2150
Touchsmart tm2t-1000 Touchsmart tm2t-1100 Touchsmart tm2t-2000
Touchsmart tm2t-2100 Touchsmart tx2 1000 CTO Touchsmart tx2 1001au
Touchsmart tx2 1002au Touchsmart tx2 1003au Touchsmart tx2 1004au
Touchsmart tx2 1005au Touchsmart tx2 1006au Touchsmart tx2 1007au
Touchsmart tx2 1008au Touchsmart tx2 1009au Touchsmart tx2 1010au
Touchsmart tx2 1010ea Touchsmart tx2 1010et Touchsmart tx2 1011au
Touchsmart tx2 1012au Touchsmart tx2 1012nr Touchsmart tx2 1013au
Touchsmart tx2 1014au Touchsmart tx2 1015au Touchsmart tx2 1015ea
Touchsmart tx2 1016au Touchsmart tx2 1017au Touchsmart tx2 1018au
Touchsmart tx2 1019au Touchsmart tx2 1020au Touchsmart tx2 1020ca
Touchsmart tx2 1020ea Touchsmart tx2 1020us Touchsmart tx2 1021au
Touchsmart tx2 1022au Touchsmart tx2 1024ca Touchsmart tx2 1025dx
Touchsmart tx2 1027ca Touchsmart tx2 1030cm Touchsmart tx2 1031cm
Touchsmart tx2 1032cm Touchsmart tx2 1035ee Touchsmart tx2 1035ei
Touchsmart tx2 1040br Touchsmart tx2 1050ed Touchsmart tx2 1050ef
Touchsmart tx2 1050ej Touchsmart tx2 1050el Touchsmart tx2 1050eo
Touchsmart tx2 1050ep Touchsmart tx2 1050es Touchsmart tx2 1050ew
Touchsmart tx2 1055ee Touchsmart tx2 1070br Touchsmart tx2 1075ee
Touchsmart tx2 1080la Touchsmart tx2 1099eg Touchsmart tx2 1100 CTO
Touchsmart tx2 1101au Touchsmart tx2 1101et Touchsmart tx2 1102au
Touchsmart tx2 1103au Touchsmart tx2 1104au Touchsmart tx2 1105au
Touchsmart tx2 1105ee Touchsmart tx2 1105ei Touchsmart tx2 1106au
Touchsmart tx2 1107au Touchsmart tx2 1108au Touchsmart tx2 1109au
Touchsmart tx2 1110au Touchsmart tx2 1111au Touchsmart tx2 1112au
Touchsmart tx2 1113au Touchsmart tx2 1114au Touchsmart tx2 1115au
Touchsmart tx2 1115ee Touchsmart tx2 1116au Touchsmart tx2 1117au
Touchsmart tx2 1118au Touchsmart tx2 1119au Touchsmart tx2 1120au
Touchsmart tx2 1121au Touchsmart tx2 1122au Touchsmart tx2 1123au
Touchsmart tx2 1125au Touchsmart tx2 1125ee Touchsmart tx2 1150ed
Touchsmart tx2 1150ef Touchsmart tx2 1150eg Touchsmart tx2 1150ep
Touchsmart tx2 1150es Touchsmart tx2 1160ea Touchsmart tx2 1160eo
Touchsmart tx2 1165ea Touchsmart tx2 1200 CTO Touchsmart tx2 1201au
Touchsmart tx2-1200 Touchsmart tx2-1200 Touchsmart tx2-1201
Touchsmart tx2-1202 Touchsmart tx2-1204 Touchsmart tx2-1205
Touchsmart tx2-1208 Touchsmart tx2-1209 Touchsmart tx2-1210
Touchsmart tx2-1211 Touchsmart tx2-1212 Touchsmart tx2-1216
Touchsmart tx2-1219 Touchsmart tx2-1224 Touchsmart tx2-1230
Touchsmart tx2-1244 Touchsmart tx2-1270 Touchsmart tX2-1270US
Touchsmart tx2-1274 Touchsmart tx2-1275 Touchsmart tx2-1277
Touchsmart tx2-1300 Touchsmart tx2-1300 Series Touchsmart tx2-1301
Touchsmart tx2-1304 Touchsmart tx2-1305 Touchsmart tx2-1307
Touchsmart tx2-1308 Touchsmart tx2-1310 Touchsmart tx2-1312
Touchsmart tx2-1314 Touchsmart tx2-1316 Touchsmart tx2-1322
Touchsmart tx2-1323 Touchsmart tx2-1326 Touchsmart tx2-1340
Touchsmart tx2-1350 Touchsmart tx2-1360 Touchsmart tx2-1370
Touchsmart tx2-1375 Touchsmart tx2-1377 Touchsmart tx2-1380
Touchsmart tx2-1399 Touchsmart tx2z 1000 Touchsmart tx2z 1000 CTO

HP TouchSmart Series Batteries and Chargers

Get longer battery life and improved laptop performance with a replacement HP TouchSmart Series battery and charger. We use the highest quality lithium-ion battery cells and components that charge faster, last longer, and weigh less. Our batteries are manufactured specifically to replace the original battery or charger that came with your HP laptop.

All our HP TouchSmart Series batteries and chargers are tested, inspected, and backed by a 2 year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Get the best service, price and advice on HP TouchSmart Series batteries and chargers from Laptop Battery Express.

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HP Pavilion Touchsmart SleekBook 14 14t 14z 15 15t Battery
HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14 14t 14z 15 15t Battery
List Price: $129.90
Our Price: $79.90

Replaces Battery No. VK04