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Pavilion zv5000 Series Pavilion zv5000T Pavilion zv5000Z
Pavilion zv5001AP Pavilion zv5001US Pavilion zv5002AP
Pavilion zv5005AP Pavilion zv5006AP Pavilion zv5007AP
Pavilion zv5007LA Pavilion zv5008AP Pavilion zv5009AP
Pavilion zv5011AP Pavilion zv5013AP Pavilion zv5014AP
Pavilion zv5015AP Pavilion zv5016AP Pavilion zv5017AP
Pavilion zv5018AP Pavilion zv5019AP Pavilion zv5022AP
Pavilion zv5023AP Pavilion zv5024AP Pavilion zv5030ca
Pavilion zv5030US Pavilion zv5034US Pavilion zv5037WM
Pavilion zv5045ea Pavilion zv5101US Pavilion zv5102AP
Pavilion zv5103AP Pavilion zv5105 Pavilion zv5120US
Pavilion zv5142ea Pavilion zv5160US Pavilion zv5175ea
Pavilion zv5176ea Pavilion zv5177ea Pavilion zv5178ea
Pavilion zv5179ea Pavilion zv5180ea Pavilion zv5183ea
Pavilion zv5185ea Pavilion zv5188ea Pavilion zv5200
Pavilion zv5200T Pavilion zv5202US Pavilion zv5203AP
Pavilion zv5203ea Pavilion zv5204AP Pavilion zv5205AP
Pavilion zv5206AP Pavilion zv5207AP Pavilion zv5208AP
Pavilion zv5210ca Pavilion zv5210US Pavilion zv5211AP
Pavilion zv5212AP Pavilion zv5213AP Pavilion zv5214AP
Pavilion zv5215AP Pavilion zv5216AP Pavilion zv5217AP
Pavilion zv5220US Pavilion zv5226ea Pavilion zv5227ea
Pavilion zv5227WM Pavilion zv5230US Pavilion zv5235US
Pavilion zv5240 Pavilion zv5240ca Pavilion zv5240US
Pavilion zv5242QV Pavilion zv5245ea Pavilion zv5246ea
Pavilion zv5255US Pavilion zv5260US Pavilion zv5268ea
Pavilion zv5269ea Pavilion zv5271ea Pavilion zv5272ea
Pavilion zv5287LA Pavilion zv5290ea Pavilion zv5301AP
Pavilion zv5310US Pavilion zv5320ca Pavilion zv5320ea
Pavilion zv5320US Pavilion zv5325ca Pavilion zv5325caF
Pavilion zv5325ea Pavilion zv5325US Pavilion zv5330
Pavilion zv5330ca Pavilion zv5330US Pavilion zv5340US
Pavilion zv5342QV Pavilion zv5343US Pavilion zv5346US
Pavilion zv5347WM Pavilion zv5348RS Pavilion zv5360US
Pavilion zv5362ea Pavilion zv5364ea Pavilion zv5365ea
Pavilion zv5366ea Pavilion zv5367ea Pavilion zv5367WM
Pavilion zv5368ea Pavilion zv5369ea Pavilion zv5370US
Pavilion zv5371ea Pavilion zv5372ea Pavilion zv5373ea
Pavilion zv5374ea Pavilion zv5375ea Pavilion zv5376ea
Pavilion zv5390ea Pavilion zv5400T Pavilion zv5401AP
Pavilion zv5402AP Pavilion zv5403AP Pavilion zv5404AP
Pavilion zv5410US Pavilion zv5415ca Pavilion zv5415ea
Pavilion zv5420ca Pavilion zv5420US Pavilion zv5430US
Pavilion zv5434RS Pavilion zv5440US Pavilion zv5445US
Pavilion zv5450ca Pavilion zv5450ea Pavilion zv5450US
Pavilion zv5454RS Pavilion zv5455US Pavilion zv5470US
Pavilion zv5476CL Pavilion zv6000 Series Pavilion zv6000 (PN494AV)
Pavilion zv6001 Pavilion zv6003 Pavilion zv6004
Pavilion zv6005US Pavilion zv6007US Pavilion zv6009
Pavilion zv6010US Pavilion zv6100 (ea458AV) Pavilion zv6100 (ea459AV)
Pavilion zv6107WM Pavilion zv6130US Pavilion zv6131US
Pavilion zv6203CL Pavilion zv6209US Pavilion zv6233US
Pavilion zv6270ca Pavilion zv6270US Pavilion zv6302US

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AC adapter for Compaq Laptops 19V-6.3 5.5mm-2.5mm connector Compaq Presario R3000 R4000 X6000 & HP NX9100 zv5000 zx5000 zd8000 Laptop Battery
List Price: $69.99
Our Price: $59.00
List Price: $129.90
Our Price: $65.90
AC power adapter for select Compaq laptops Compaq Presario R3000 R4000 X6000 & HP NX9100 zv5000 zx5000 zd8000 Laptop Battery
AC power adapter for Compaq laptops. 19 Volts 6.3 Amps 5.5mm-2.5mm connector Fits Compaq Presario 3000, R3000, 3050, ZD7000
Fits The many laptop models listed at the bottom of this web page plus many more.
Battery Part No. 346970-001,  350836-001,  371914-001,  378859-001,  383968-001,  DP390A,  HSTNN-DB02,  HSTNN-UB02 and HP 350836-001,  371913-001,  371914-001,  378858-001,  378859-001,  383965-001,  383968-001,  DP399A,  HSTNN-DB02,  HSTNN-DB03,  HSTNN-IB04,  HSTNN-UB02