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Laptop Models
2000 Series 2000-101XX 2000-104CA
2000-120CA 2000-129CA 2000-130CA
2000-140CA 2000-150CA 2000-151CA
2000-208CA 2000-210US 2000-211HE
2000-216NR 2000-217NR 2000-219DX
2000-224CA 2000-227CL 2000-228CA
2000-239DX 2000-239WM 2000-240CA
2000-250CA 2000-299wh 2000-2b20NR
2000-2d70dx 2000-300CA 2000-340CA
2000-350US 2000-351NR 2000-353NR
2000-363NR 2000-369NR 2000-369WM
2000-370CA 2000-373CA 2000-412NR
2000t Series 2000t-2b00 2000t-300 CTO
2000z Series 2000z-100 CTO 2000z-2b00
2000z-300 CTO

HP Pavilion 2000 Laptop Batteries

The HP 2000 series is known for being a good, low-cost solution for the average user. While they wonít necessarily deliver the most powerful processors, the most RAM, or the best graphics cards, they will provide users with a perfect everyday experience. If you are, in fact, an owner of an HP 2000 series whose battery is starting to go south then it is important to pick up another one as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your everyday computer activities while having a portable unit that works how you need it to and when you need it to.

Our HP 2000 series laptop batteries will fit into any 2000 series laptop and contains six quality lithium-ion cells that will ensure that you get several hours of usage time. Our batteries are made using real Samsung components, rather than cheaply made, low-quality items. This six-cell battery is a 5200 mAh model, which is the highest rating for a six-cell battery and an indication of the quality of the products we use in the battery and the quality of the manufacturing process. Itís likely that our HP 2000 series battery will actually give you more usage time than your current battery did when it came out of the box.

Our HP 2000 series laptop batteries are also fitted with Texas Instruments chipsets that will provide your laptop with valuable information about the condition and status of your battery, ensuring that you know everything you need to know about the continuing quality of your battery.

Although our HP 2000 series laptop batteries are 10.8 volts but will work with the HP 2000 series standard 11.1 volt systems. What this means is that our quality batteries will allow just enough energy to flow into your laptop to allow it to work, but not too much of a current so that it drains quickly or, worse, burns the laptop out.

At Laptop Battery Express, our HP 2000 series laptop batteries also come with a significant amount of support over a large portion of the life of the battery. Along with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, we offer a two-year warranty and the promise that your new battery will easily last between 300 and 500 recharge cycles.