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Our Advanced Search Tool is located below. But first, let us provide some tips that will save you time.

Laptop Battery Search Tips

When searching by Battery Part Number:
- The search box works best when you enter the *battery part number* or the *machine model number* only. No brands, no adjectives. In other words, *do not* use "HP", "Dell", etc. combined with a battery part number.

- Do not include any other words, brands or terms with a battery part number.

- Only search for 1 battery part number at a time.

- Do not include spaces in battery part number searches.

- Enter the part number exactly as it appears on the battery cartridge, including any dashes or periods.

- Do not search by battery serial number, which is located on a white sticker along with a bar code. Serial numbers are *not* the same as *part numbers*, and search results using them will return zero results.

- Sometimes the letter "O" and the number "0" are easily confused as the print is small. If, using one of them returns no search results, or results that do not apply to what you need, try using the other. The number "1" and the letter "l" (lower case L) are also easily confused.

When searching by Computer Model Number:
-For best results, enter only the machine model only. Examples:
  • enter "CQ42" (without quotes) instead of "HP Presario CQ42"
  • enter "e1505 instead of "Dell Inspiron e1505"
  • enter "L455" instead of "Toshiba Satellite L455-S1591"
- If your battery does not display with itís long model name, (example: Satellite L455-S1591), try the short version "L455"), Try g7 instead of HP g7-1070;

- Do not include in your search the following words as every laptop battery includes them and so your search results will likely include laptop batteries that are not relevant to your needs: "battery", "voltage", "amperage".

- Do not include in your search words such as "notebook", "laptop", "replacement" or "computer".

- Do not include in your search words such as "model", "part number", "#", "PN" or "FRU"



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