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AC Adapter for Dell Inspiron Laptops 19V-2.64A 3 Special Pins connector 43

AC Adapter for Dell Inspiron 3 Pins connector

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Our Price: $49.00

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This AC adapter works with most Dell laptop and notebook computers.
You can cross reference your existing power supply by it's output voltage.
  • 90 watts
  • 4.62 amps
  • 19.5 volts
  • 7.4mm-5.0mm Barrel connector with Pin Inside
  • 3 Prong grounded power cord
  • Full 1 Year Warranty
This power adapter is the most common charger used with most Dell laptops.
We recommend the 90 watt and larger Amp capacity of this adapter since a 90 watt power supply will recharge your battery faster than a 65 or 70 Watt adapter.

You can double check your existing power output rating by referring to the output rating on the bottom of your ac power adapter. The input rating refers to the power rating of incoming electricity from your wall outlet.

This AC adapter is compatible with these Dell AC adapter part numbers: AC power adapter for Dell laptops 19 Volts 2.64 Amps 3 Special Pins connector

Compatible with the following models:

Laptop Chargers
Dell Laptop Batteries > Inspiron > Inspiron 2000
Dell Laptop Batteries > Inspiron > Inspiron 2100
Dell Laptop Batteries > Inspiron > Inspiron 2800